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Government aligned CSOs Welcome the debt swap for civil servants

General News Government aligned CSOs Welcome the debt swap for civil servants

A consortium of Political parties and Civil Society organization has commended President Edgar Lungu for the debt swap meant to relief civil servants in debt from various financial institutions.

Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said the debt swap will ease financial pressure of public service workers and ultimately benefit the private sector by increasing the availability of financial resources to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

He said the debt swap is another measure by the state to cushion the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the public service workers, SMEs and the Zambian Economy.

Mr Mulemwa told ZANIS in an interview that deductions from civil servants have adversely affected their productivity and service delivery.

“Since the breakout of the COVID-19, government has implemented such measures of easing liquidity in the economy, which includes among others, paying off retirees and provision of COVID-19 stimulus packages,” said Mr Mulemwa.

The consortium has also saluted President Lungu for being consistent in implementing pro-poor policies since they took over government in 2011.

“It’s worth noting that the PF Government under the able leadership of President Lungu is the first ever in the Zambian history to have demonstrated a tacit commitment to improve civil servants and the general citizenry’s welfare by introducing the inaugural civil servants debt swap in an effort to rescue civil servants from the shackles of debt-trap that gobbles a large chunk of their income,” he said.

Mr Mulemwa further suggested an extension of the debt swap to be extended to the private sector workers.


  1. So all these CSO’s got a phone call from state house to express their support for the debt swap – otherwise they would lose their jobs! That’s not only CORRUPT but also BLACKMAIL!

  2. These are not CSO but government stooges. We used to have them also during MMD like Edwin lifwekelo, chifire and the like but today you can’t even find them.

  3. Ati CSO’s headed by a foolish fool Spuki Mulemwa who was recently insulting the Americans and yet they are the ones bringing vaccines this ***** is lining up to get vaccinated.A cadre like mulemwa should NOT be allowed to talk about national affairs coz you might as nation bite the fingers that feeds you just like the way that ***** mulemwa was yapping.This government can not afford to procure vaccines to meet the country’s demand AS they can not even afford tissue paper to give it’s citizens then a foolish fool in form of the so called ntewewe comes on board to start yapping about something he does not understand.

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