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Chief Matipa counsels subjects on voter apathy

Rural News Chief Matipa counsels subjects on voter apathy

Chief Matipa of the Bisa people in Chilubi district of Northern Province says he will encourage his subjects to turn up in numbers to votes in the August 12th General Elections.

The traditional leader has noted with concern that the people of the Chilubi district had been shunning going for voting in the past elections.

ZANIS reports that the chief said a lot of people have opted to spend their time on the fishing camps and do not return to cast their votes.

“This time around I have already taken it upon myself to direct them to return from their camps and cast their votes during the August 12 elections because they are very important,’ he said.

The Chief has since ordered every fisherman to return home on the 6th of August so that they can choose their leaders in this year’s general elections.

Chief Matipa said this is to curb the voter apathy the district has been experiencing in the past elections.

“Voter apathy has been experienced in this district in the past elections but I will make sure that this time there will be massive turnout,” he said.

He was speaking when Northern Province Presidential Campaign Manager, Geoffrey Mwamba, paid a courtesy call on him at his place.

And Mr Mwamba has welcomed the chief’s decision of taking part in fighting voter apathy which the country has experienced in some parts.

Mr Mwamba explained that it is sad that despite a lot of people registering as voters only few take their time to go and cast their votes.

“I am happy that you have taken this important move to encourage your subjects to turn up in large numbers to cast their votes in this year’s general elections,” he said.

He said if traditional leaders start to take the lead in the fight against voter apathy it might encourage a lot of electorates to cast their vote.

The Campaign Manager has noted that citizens should know that it is their right to choose leaders of their choice.

“It is their right to vote and choose leaders of their choice hence the need for them to cast their votes for representatives who should bring development to this area,” he added.

He also appealed to other traditional leaders to explain to their subjects that they should choose leaders who are God-fearing in this year’s general elections.

Mr Mwamba said some of the leaders have been rejected by the citizens in the past because they do not have leadership qualities.


  1. They know that even if they vote, their lives do not take a positive turn. Even me, I vote for the sake of it. Let’s put our hope in God and not in mere mortal politicians. All what politicians care about are lies and their bellies.

  2. Where it is possible and practical help the villagers with transport and help consider losses they incur during time spent on voting.

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