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President Lungu commends traditional leadership for supporting the Kafue Gorge Lower Power project.

General News President Lungu commends traditional leadership for supporting the Kafue...

President Edgar Lungu has commended the manner in which traditional leadership have rallied behind the government in the implementation of the Kafue Gorge Lower Power project.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on chiefs in Chikankata shortly before commissioning the first 150-megawatt power generation unit of the Kafue Gorge Lower power station, President Lungu said the collaboration between traditional leadership and government should be a model others must emulate.

The traditional rulers President Lungu paid a courtesy call on are Chief Naluama of Chikankata, Chieftainess Sikongo of Chirundu, and Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo the second of the Soli people in Chongwe

President Lungu said without the help of chiefs, the project would not have been a success because the Kafue Gorge Lower power project stretches across all three chiefdoms.

The President added that his government believes in inclusivity stating that no one should be left behind.

“It’s difficult to deliver projects of this magnitude because of squabbles between communities, between chiefdoms and so on, but here we are. It’s a grand project located in more than four or five chiefdoms but we agreed and you allowed us and your people cooperated,” Mr Lungu said.

And Chief Naluama says he is proud that such a huge energy project is located in his chiefdom.

And Chief Naluama said he is delighted that the locals have gained employment owing to the Kafue Gorge Lower power project.

Chief Naluama said his subjects will now have access to electricity.

“I have no doubt that people around such as the Shamubobo village to mention a few will receive power as soon as possible,” the traditional ruler said,

And speaking in a speech after the commissioning of the project, Chieftainess Mukamambo the Second disclosed that she gave out more than 5,000 hectares of land for the implementation of the Kafue Gorge Lower Power project.


  1. Like I said this desperate moron will simply go to Kafue to bribe Chiefs …everywhere he is going now wants to dish out taxpayers money he has no care whether they will not be any money in the coffers.

  2. How does the President commission an incomplete project out of the 5 generating units only 1 is complete and 4 are yet to be installed. And today he is off to Mumbwa to commission other projects. Next ?

  3. Thank you sir. You are the first president since the late father KK, to commission a power station. Great development. Only a frustrated tribal upnd monkey like the one commenting above can see this in negative light. For it, it will only appreciate when such things are done by its fellow t.o.n.g.a

  4. And Edgar China Lungu did absolutely NOTHING about the Kafue Lower Gorge project! Nothing at all! It was kicked off by Rupiah Banda, paid for by the Chinese, and connected to the Zesco grid by the Italians! Hypocritical BULL!

  5. And of course KZ the UK based troll and y is licking the boots of his former boss! Are you trying to get back into his limelight? Well, only 18 more days, and you can accompany him in Lusaka Central Prison!

  6. Kafue Gorge Lower power station and dam ………………..750MW at a cost of $2.1 billion
    Julius Nyerere power station and dam in Tanzania …..2,115MW at a cost of $2.6 billion.
    That is the purest form of corruption in Zambia.

  7. True, President Mwanawasa was very consultative and chiefs were truly consulted before embarking on this project, they were supportive, thanks ECL for mentioning it

  8. This was initiated by mwanawasa.The same pf protested against the arrival of China president when he came to zambia to sign agreement for building the power station.now pf is saying its their project. The project stared in 2007..

  9. The Kafue Gorge Lower Power project will change the face of the region and country. It will end the load shedding soon. Thanks a lot President Lungu!

  10. All the traditional leaders in the country are really patriotic. They know what is best for their subjects. They will never obstruct anything that is for the larger good of the society.

  11. Traditional chiefs are the bridge between people and government. They have been complementary to the development of the nation.

  12. Sir, you have set the ball rolling. Now it is unstoppable. No one can stop Zambia from developing now.

  13. You have done the impossible. It wouldn’t have been possible to complete the project without support and cooperation by the traditional chiefs. They deserve a praise for the being supportive to the project of national importance.

  14. We have to salute Chieftainess Mukamambo the Second who donated more than 5,000 hectares of land for the project. On one hand we have such dedicated Chiefs and on the other there are some who connive with corrupt politicians to grab national assets.

  15. @Tarino Orange Like I said, you will never change. You will find faults even in your father for giving you birth.

  16. @Independent You know what, you are not as smart as you present to be. You need to improve a lot. Start with writing genuine comments and not copy paste from others. Don’t be HH, be yourself.

  17. HH, UNPD and alliance learn, this is how it is done to create an enabling environment for economic growth. Mwanawasa and others preferred fattening the reserves to building developmental infrastructure. PF presidents do not tell us to tightened our belts like the previous presidents, instead PF is helping everyone to loosen the belt. He, ECL, is investing wisely. No one has to travel long distances to go to school, hospital, shopping mall. Investors are falling on each other rushing to invest in Zambia. As of now, there is no proud poem for HH as his intentions are to sale our natural resources for a song. HH with plenty of farm land dribbled poor people of their farm land, really no good poem for HH. VOTE PF FOR BETTER TOMORROW.

  18. @Garlic kwena ulishilu lyamwana kabili ulichipuba sana fye. PF don’t mean well. ..why all of a sudden we got all these major projects completed in one swoop when the country has no money to pay the doctors or nurses for example. Oh now I see, it’s an ELECTION YEAR what a stupid ploy by PF and ECL… in trying everything possible to win votes hence remain in power and shield all corrupt thugs who have looted the country of its treasury.
    No matter how much you wanna rig the campaign and then rig the elections that that will not come to pass. HH’s time now.

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