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PF says it is not happy with the conduct of Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

General News PF says it is not happy with the conduct of Inspector General...

The ruling Patriotic Front in Lusaka has expressed disappointment over Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja’s failure to curb violence being perpetrated by the opposition UPND.

PF Lusaka Province Chairperson MCC Kennedy Kamba wondered why the police service is paying a blind eye to violent acts by the UPND ahead of the August 12 polls.

MCC Kamba mentioned that the police are not doing enough to protect the lives of Zambians.

And the MCC reiterated that the UPND have resorted to violence because they don’t have any campaign message against the mighty PF.

He however appealed to the police to up their game as the country heads to the polls.

“Our colleagues from the UPND don’t have anything to tell the Zambian people and they have resorted to violence. So what happened yesterday along Kabwe Road, from Katuba, Kabangwe area up to Chisamba, people lost their merchandise, people were brutalized, people were beaten,” he said.

“As a party I want to put it very clear that we are disappointed with the leadership of Kanganja, the Inspector General of Police. The party is not happy with the way police are conducting themselves. Up to now we have not heard how many people have been arrested. Remember some few days ago our offices in Chawama were burnt?”

The Provincial Chairperson disclosed that cadres from the opposition party yesterday beat up people adding that they pulled down the PF Campaign Bill Board in Kafue.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Chairperson wondered why the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is not intervening in the matter by suspending the opposition party’s campaigns.

MCC Kamba said the Commission should have intervened in the matter like they did when PF Founder Member Dr. Chishimba Kambwili was accused of using tribal sentiments.

“When Chishimba Kambwili uttered what they called tribal sentiments, they were very fast to react because Kambwili was speaking against the UPND, against tribalism. Today they are failing to warn Hakainde Hichilema, today they are failing to ban the campaign of the UPND which is very clear that theirs is to beat people,” he said.

“What they want to do is to instill fear in the members of the public so that they don’t turn up in numbers when 12 August comes…..especially in our strongholds.”


  1. I don’t think we are going to hv a peaceful elections on Aug 12 and a peaceful Zambia after that. This is worrying me a lot and I may not turn up to vote.


  3. This violence is not beyond the capacity of Zambia Police to control. It’s interference in police operations which I suspect is annoying them. Police officers have no trade union to speak for them. So they craft their own way of reacting to situations they don’t like.

  4. We have already submitted a formal complaint to zp and will meet with them soon to iron out these issues. As for the upnd mothetfcukers your days are numbered. For me if any of you attack me, you will deal with my Gold pistol.

  5. The ban on campaigns has been lifted and PF has resorted to their usual tactic of forcing their stooge and appointee PIG Kanganya to put more pressure of opposition. They also know that their colonial masters the EU observers who supplement their budget are in the country to observe so they are putting on show.
    PF of Lazy Lungu can not play fair!!

  6. Again LT continue to let the UK based troll/impostor spew insults on their threads as he gets increasingly desperate for attention.

  7. What will happen later after Kanganja act based on Kamba`s allegations? Do you think UPND will sit idly? Nope, they also find a case where they will say Kanganja is not acting against PF, and the whole cycle starts over again and again.
    Its this stu.u.pid interference by politicians, that makes the police ineffective, and I think its an issue that Kanganja himself has allowed and tolerated for years. Now there is no returning back with this nonsense. Kanganja is yet to prove that the police is bi-partisan in this matter.

  8. Kanganja has a voters card right??
    Do expect expect him to vote for PF who are just bitter over his 2021 professionalism? Kanganja don’t want to go like Kapeso.

  9. One has to be a super stupid zealot to be swayed by Kamba accusing the opposition of violence! It’s been obvious all along that PF with assist by the IG Kanganja’s ‘boys’ in police uniform have rained violence and freedom restrictions on the opposition! Kamba now weeps victim to opposition violence mirage! Laughable but not laughable!

  10. Kanganja is blamed from both
    Parties so best is to resign. He has been put on test for a period
    So he will be judged after that.

  11. I hope Kangyanga has invested in a farm in rural Zambia far away from civilisation and mobile reception as he is going whoever wins… they will dump your fat **** like that officer the ZP operations officer.
    You foooools never learn

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