Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zambia wins 3 awards at Cannes World Film Festival


Zambian movie ; Maria Kristu – The Buumba Story won 3 awards at the 2021 Cannes World Film Festival. The movie was directed by Paul Wilo Shawil.

These awards include:

  • Best African Film
  • Best Indie Feature
  • Best Director Indie Film Feature




Movie synopsis: 

Aspiring writer and curious 16-year-old Buumba is a traditional follower of the Maria Kristu church. Since childhood, she has been taught that her place in this world as a woman is beside her husband.

In her quest for freedom, Buumba must go against the norms and doctrine of the church, doing everything in her power to stop from sinking into a world of brainwash, misogyny and favouritism, as she fights to create a better place for both her and other young women. She comes to the harsh realisation that freedom comes at a price, and only those willing to stand up for themselves acquire it.


  1. It is a ZAMBIAN who won, not Zambia. The film festival is not a national contest.
    Congratulations for the individual effort.

  2. This is great. We need more of such breakthroughs also in music, arts but also in other areas like science, technology and innovation. There’s no limit to what people can achieve when they believe in themselves and are given a chance to tell their own story.

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