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HH has ethnically poisoned the people of Southern Province to believing that tribalism was the only strategy for him to be elected-Kambwili

Feature Politics HH has ethnically poisoned the people of Southern Province to believing that...

Chishimba Kambwili has maintained that Hakainde Hichilema has ethnically poisoned the people of Southern Province to believing that tribalism was the only strategy for the United Party for National Development (UPND leader to be elected president despite his deficiency in leadership qualities.

Speaking at the fourth Patriotic Front (PF) virtual rally at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Mr Kambwili said that the UPND was a regional political grouping that Mr Hichilema has been unsuccessfully using to ascend to the country’s presidency.

Mr Kambwili cautioned Zambians against ever allowing Mr Hichilema to come close to State power because the opposition leader would allegedly divide the country into the regional grouping. He said the people of Southern Province were not tribal but that the UPND leader had poisoned the Tonga people to believing that regional politics could change the government.

Mr. Kambwili cautioned Zambians against being euphoric in choosing the leadership of the country because there is a real danger that a change of government would reverse the economic and developmental gains the country has achieved.

Mr Kambwili, who was National Democratic Congress (NDC) president, said Mr Hichilema and the UPND wanted to use him as a springboard to get into State House and dump him immediately after. He claimed that the UPND plans to amend the Constitution should Zambians inadvertently vote for Mr Hichilema to introduce a clause that would give power to the president to fire the vice president.

Mr Kambwili also said that UPND have secretly been admitting and envying President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s successes on his developmental accomplishment, which has forced the opposition party to launch its campaigns based on propaganda and malice and that, as he was in an alliance with the UPND, Mr. Hichilema used to admit that, indeed President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) had delivered development which had made the opposition party campaigns difficult.

“You know, when I was in alliance with the UPND, Mr Hichilema and his senior leaders used to secretly admit that President Lungu had performed to the expectation of Zambians and it had become difficult for the opposition to campaign. If the UPND and its leadership were sincere, they would have openly admitted that the PF has indeed worked and delivered. But they have embarked on a trajectory of cheating Zambians about the cost of living which propaganda has since beaten the dust and become redundant,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili explained that Zambia had in the last few years suffered from a serious power deficit which had led the country to import electricity at high costs which had negatively affected production in all sectors. He said President Lungu had worked tirelessly to resolve the power deficit and that Zambians were no longer subjected to load shedding.

Mr Kambwili stated that Zambia was currently generating about 2800MW of power but that it was surprising that the UPND was still claiming that President Lungu had done nothing for the country.

Meanwhile, former UPND Vice President Dr. Canisious Banda has said that Zambia is a food secure country not only pleasing domestic market but now one of the leading exporters of grain within the continent. Dr. Banda, who is now a Patriotic Front member, said that the country has recorded a bumper harvest and will meet the local demand.

Speaking during the fourth Patriotic Front virtual rally at Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka this afternoon, Dr. Banda said the agriculture sector is performing well under President Lungu and his administration.

“We have a bumper harvest. Tanzanians are buying soya from here. Zambia is now a food secure country, not only have we pleased the domestic market but now we are one of the leading exporters of grain on the continent. Now the Millers Association of Zambia is giving permits, dollars are coming in, the kwacha will strengthen,” he said.

He also observed the need for the prices of goods and services to be reduced following the appreciation of the Kwacha and further noted that Malawians are bringing their grains into Zambia because the price is competitive and attractive.

Dr. Banda also took time to appreciate the PF manifesto saying it is progressive as compared to the one that was produced by the UPND.

“Let me quickly look at the UPND manifesto 2021 to 2026. If you read Number 8, they talk about eradicating Zesco blackouts. I have told you that their manifesto is redundant, it requires revision. Because what they talk about have been delt with accordingly by President Lungu. UPND manifesto is moribund and it should be thrown into a bin or revised,” he added.


  1. True that. People will not like you for telling the truth. The tribalist HH should not be allowed in power. Let the T0ngaz vote for him and the rest of us vote for Lungu.

  2. This man and his tribalism makes me sick. Why should politics be centred on tribalism? I am of the view that this man is a danger to this nation. Everything for him is centred on tribalism. He is the worst tribalist I have ever known. Its clear that PF is a tribal party because they tolerate a tribalist to campaign for them.

  3. He was in PF then formed his own party and constantly condemned PF and it’s leaders and then he went back to his vomit!

  4. Let HH come out in the open and convince the people that he is not a tribalist when he conveniently kept quiet when one Sejani said “Only a Tonga should be UPND President” and also when he told Panji Kaunda that “a lot of people have approached and persuaded me to be Vice President to Mr. Sata just because they don’t want a Tonga to be Republican President” Post Newspaper dated 27th May 2011 in a story entitled “Panji reveals his dealings with HH”

  5. It all started with that painful quote that only a t.o.n.g.a can rule upnd. That was the first sign of tribalism. I hate tribal people. For me during my single years at school I only dated t.o.n.g.a women because I am not ignorant. Upnd will never rule. Mark my words.

  6. Southerners are more united and coordinated than Northerners. Neither Kambwili nor any other person can take away this trait from them.
    Some people in the North are constantly fighting among themselves while the South is consolidating. We all have something to learn from our T.o.n.g.a lads. Divided, you fall. When Kambwili left PF, little did he know he was strengthening, invigorating UPND.

  7. Shameless convict just trying to escape going to prison!! Interestingly, a lot of people who vowed never to vote for HH this year have changed their vows to vote for him and him only because of what the PF has been doing to him. Every reasonable person has seen through the PF and their brutal way of governing this nation. If God gives us a Tonga to govern this country, well and good. Tongas are also human who aspire for top political leadership of this country. They should not be treated like aliens from another planet. And this thing of considering every Tonga as UPND is not healthy for the nation. There are lot of Tongas who voted for Lungu in 2016

    • The problem is not even the Tongas…The issue is the leader of upnd.Mr HH is not flexible , Mazoka was a flexible tonga…if HH can be humble , he can make a good president , however , pride and bitterness is killing Mr HH , if only he can work on that and learn from others , I ll vote for him in the 2026 election , for now we maintain ECL and the Pf ..

  8. Is Kambwili is now best friend of Findley, guy he accused of being a drug dealer on Presidential trips.
    Can Kambwili explain what is going on with a ship intercepted operated by Russians loaded with “illegal” firearms, flying Zambian and PF flag? It is believed those guys were once seen with State House officials back in the day when Kambwili knew all information, since he was Information minister?
    Kambwili knows this latest story…. Explain.

  9. Kishimba Kambwili has lost relevance to our current politics whatever comes out of his mouth does add value to the PF agenda. He is completely scrap. After 12/08/21 he will be a lonely man and what others in action from the sidelines.

  10. Zambians are FED UP with these so called “vote winners” while the only thing they can do is lying, fantasizing and making up stories. “Ethnically poisoning”…? That surely must be an invention of one half of the Obese Brothers…! Sure, PF, you believe that CK will win you voted – let me tell you that voters will turn their backs to this misconstrued id!ot!

  11. And yes KZ the UK based troll and imposter, I have marked your words – as a teacher: WITH A BIG FAT ZERO…..! And like that other zero Edgar China Lungu on August 13 you will end up in JAIL…!

  12. HH this HH that, please enough is enough, cant these PF politicians honestly talk about what they will do for the many suffering Zambians in the next 5 years in voted in to power than wasting their energy talking about HH? We are sick of hearing nonsense all the time. No matter how black you will paint HH this time Zambians have grown in making right decisions in terms of voting and we will vote for him. Come 12th August you will be shocked!!!

  13. It’s painful to swallow your own medicine.See how sticky your tribal stuff is.Your friends are coating you very well.Why only t should inherit AKM?Yakosa bola

  14. I used to admire uncle Kambwili’s political life when he was in the Sata pf and when he was the NDC leader as an opposition. Now my uncle has lost it all in that all he talks about are issues that do not give hope to the voter. Tribalism all the time instead of telling us what the pf Will do for us if given another mandate to govern Zambia

  15. It’s sad what’s happening to our nation.Seeds for genocide are being planted by PF while using the departed President Kaunda who stood for national unity.
    What is depicable is PF saying they stand for national unity while practicing blantant tribalism.

  16. Actually we used to vote because we feared what the chief would do after he wakes up from sleeping at the grave….but when his wife was picked up and he issued that empty threat we now see he is just a human being….so they in for a rude awakening….No more positions freedom of choice…we told you under 5 we dont want the candidates in choma, mazabuka, pemba..you imposed them on us….so we shall pay you back in kind….

  17. But the question is, where is ECZ in this, condoning such garbage? Abena Kristu Ba Edgar na Ba Sumaili, where are you???

  18. Kambwili is right – HH is synonymous with tribalism.. you know it… we all know it. Some people want to be politically and spiritually correct to a point where we encourage upnd tribalism

  19. The problem is with journalists who goes to cover this shameful moron of a human being with no sense of shame at all.

  20. Tribalism accusations From Kambwili? Nabantu baleumfwa sure? Nabekalafye tondolo!

  21. My word bro @Zed retire them permanently and forever but then be answerable for misdeeds while in government. We don’t have to joke. We have to set the precedence and it goes from there.

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