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Brazilian organisation ready to grow agriculture in Zambia

Economy Brazilian organisation ready to grow agriculture in Zambia

The Brazilian International Center for Innovation and Transfer of Agricultural and Livestock Technology (CITTA) has expressed interest to partner with Zambia in advancing agricultural research and technology in the country.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil Alfreda Mwamba said the call for partnership by CITTA is a welcome development as it will strengthen and grow the country’s agriculture sector.

Dr. Mwamba said this during a virtual meeting held in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil.

She said Zambia’s policy of developing the agriculture sector will be further strengthened by CITTA as the organisation is specialised in advanced technology and research mechanisms that have yielded positive results in most of the African countries such as Nigeria that are in partnership with CITTA.

She disclosed that small and medium scale farmers stand to benefit through technological transfer initiatives, training and capacity building.

Ambassador Mwamba is impressed that CITTA, which has worked with a number of African countries, has shown interest to incorporate Zambia in the agricultural technology and research projects.

And CITTA President Cleber Lima Guarany said once the agreements are actualised with the Ministry of Agriculture, his organisation will provide advanced technology transfer for the production of seeds, inputs, cattle genetics, and breeding.

Mr. Guarany further said CITTA will also provide knowledge transfer in key areas such as sustainable agriculture and livestock sectors.

He disclosed that technology in the agricultural sector has provided economic sustainability through wealth and employment creation for the people in his country.

“CIITTA’s mission is to provide technical support for agricultural projects on the African continent and ensure the successful implementation of the ventures through technical training and technological transfer, such as the production of high-quality seeds,” he said.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in Brazil, Grace Makowane.


  1. How long hv we been teaching agricultural science in Zambia at certificate, diploma and degree level up to PhD? This is laughable. The agricultural industry is normally the traditional first stage of economic take off. If we cannot even farm productively, wht on earth can we possibly do? The ministry of agriculture and its research institutes has several technocrats. The problem is not that the Brazilians aren’t here. The problem is ourselves. Sorry Ambassador Kansembe, try something else.

  2. This is just another ploy from the shameless corrupt PF government to obtain illegal money from unsuspecting Brazilian officials. Don’t do it! Wait until August 13 when a different government takes over!

  3. This woman also….always coming up with useless ideas….Agriculture and Zambia wants foreigners to come and do it…come on now….anyway she’s a useless PF appointee so this is normal for her

  4. You have fertile land and you are waiting for foreigners to come and cultivate it…during KK’s time my Grandfather who is farmer was sent with other group of Zambian farmers to tour and network with farmers in Holland, England and Ireland…when he came back he was inspired and did well for himself on his land. Now we have these useless ambassadors who have no brains just want to make investors rich whilst enjoying tax parachutes

  5. This woman is churning out rubbish every month just to be relevant …I hope all these cadres are sent back home together with Anthony in Germany, Mwamba in Ethiopia and that moron Father Bwalya in Oz.

  6. Do you remember the USELESS Kambwili was first PF Minister of Foreign Affairs? He was fired really fats…

  7. Nostra…. – Kambwili was a vile loudmouth BUFFOON before he was appointed and a BUFFOON when he was appointed …he started giving ultimatums to the Chinese ambassador. …really laughable …it had to take all ambassadors to protest

  8. This is good news for farmers in the country. As the government has put many reforms in place, this expert assistance will only strengthen our farmers.

  9. This is the result of President Lungu’s statesmanship that countries across the world are willing to help Zambia. It is the outcome of diplomatic relations we have developed with the world.

  10. @Tarino Orange, what is shame in it? Going by your logic, seeking help from friends who are more resourceful would also be a shame.

  11. @Nemwine how many products we use today are made in Zambia or how many were invented in Zambia? It is the usual practice of the world to share knowledge and help the less equipped countries. And as far as agriculture sector in Zambia is concerned, let me tell you, there have been lot of improvements. Record break harvest, export of agriculture products…. is it is the result of sustained training of people and meticulous planning by government.

  12. Those criticising PF government over this, should first spell out the detail plan of Hakainde Hichilema and his party for agriculture sector. What has he done for the farmers in the UPND stronghold? Has be brought any innovative project or scheme to help the farmers? Now, no one should say that he is not in power. This is lame excuse. Stop hiding behind it now. Give the accounts of CDF, UPND MPs got for their constituencies.

  13. @Tarino, you too are a motor mouth buffoon. None of your arguments hold any merit. You need to do a lot of homework before commenting here.

  14. @No Corruption Zambia, the new government of your dreams might take over after 2031. Till then your master Hakainde Hichilema needs to learn a lot about administration and governance.

  15. Good job! After bumper harvest, the agriculture export to get much needed impetus once the farmers have access to the new technology.

  16. @Anonymous I think you can read English. Why don’t you take pains to read the news completely? It is said that CIITTA will transfer technology and knowledge to Zambian farmers, especially small and medium scale farmers will be benefited. Where did you get this idea of foreigners coming to Zambia to do farming? Day dreaming or used to this thinking because Hakainde Hichilema wants to sell off everything to foreigners?

  17. Dear farmers, get ready for yet another round of revolution. It will soon rain business in agriculture sector.

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