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The country must remain peaceful, elections are just one day, thereafter, we remain Zambians-Chief Chikanta

General News The country must remain peaceful, elections are just one day, thereafter,...

Chief Chikanta of the Tonga-speaking people in Dundumwezi, has said that every political leader has the responsibility to restrain their cadres from engaging in political violence during and after elections.

Speaking when President Lungu paid a courtesy call on him and chief Mapanza in Choma, Chief chikanta said the country should not disintegrate because one person wants to be President.

The traditional leader said the country must remain peaceful even after the August 12 General elections.

“We will surely take that responsibility of maintaining peace seriously, the country can not disintegrate because one person wants to be President whether you or the opposition.

The country must remain peaceful, elections are just one day, thereafter, we remain Zambians,” Chief Chikanta said.

“So we must not destroy the country by engaging in political violence, everybody must take account of their actions. It’s people who make choices,” he said.

President Lungu meeting chief Mapanza and Chief Chikanta
President Lungu meeting chief Mapanza and Chief Chikanta

And Chief Chikanta said President Lungu is free to visit any part of Southern province because claims by some opposition parties that it’s their stronghold does not hold.

“When in Lusaka people deceive you that Southern province is UPND stronghold, but you can see how people are happy to see you outside as the Head of State. If it was not for Covid – 19 you would have seen a lot of people who want to see you. Issues of strongholds do not hold, we want to see you more in rural areas. Let’s play our roles responsibly otherwise you are welcome to any part of Southern province,” Chief Chikanta said.

President Lungu meeting chief Mapanza and Chief Chikanta
President Lungu meeting chief Mapanza and Chief Chikanta

And speaking earlier President Lungu said he was happy with a warm welcome accorded to him by the people of Southern province.

“Your Royal Highnesses, I can see alot of joy outside and it reflects the love of our people. Sir, this country has been a peaceful country, one Zambia one Nation, so mostly my prayer is talk to these people, these two political groups who are fighting, who are killing each other, destroying properties, it is not worthy dying for President Lungu or Hakainde Hichilema, you will lose your life,” President Lungu said.

“Destroying properties should not be tolerated. Those who are known call them and talk to them and tell them what you are doing is wrong because you have an important role to play in maintaining law and order, security and development, so don’t underestimate your role to maintain peace,” the Head of State said.

Chief Mapanza said he was happy with the developmental agenda embarked on by President Lungu and the PF Government.

“We are behind you because of your development in this country we are so happy. Continue your journey and we want you to continue governing even after August 12,” Chief Mapanza said.

President Lungu at  late politician Mainza Chona's gravesite in Southern Province
President Lungu at late politician Mainza Chona’s gravesite in Southern Province

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has hailed the formidable team that late first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda constituted in his leadership hierarchy.

President Lungu said that there is a need to give credit to past leaders who played a critical role in the country’s development.

Speaking shortly after visiting late politician Mainza Chona’s gravesite in Southern Province, the head of state described the late diplomat as a true hero who played a pivotal role in the country’s development.

Mr Mainza was a politician and diplomat who served as the third vice president of Zambia from 1970 to 1973 and Prime Minister on two occasions, from 25 August 1973 to 27 May 1975 and from 20 July 1977 to 15 June 1978 and was instrumental in the formation of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) under which he was the Secretary-General.

Mr Mainza also held various government positions, including Justice Minister (1964–1968), Home Affairs Minister (1968–1969) and Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney-General (1975–1978). He was also Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China from 1984 to 1989 and later served as Ambassador to France until 1992.

President Lungu therefore called for the need to emulate the kind of leadership exhibited by Dr Kaunda, which embraced all tribes across the country.

“We need to learn from the exemplary and humble leadership of Mr Mainza Chona who was instrumental in the formation of UNIP” President Lungu recalled and reminded other leaders to do good for others as opposed to claiming ownership as founder members of a party at the expense of unity.


  1. Tell them papa. Us we just win like we have in the past. It’s that professional losing party upnd who always can’t take the results. They will cry again

  2. That caption should read President Lungu displays his trademark fake humbleness in clasping his hands as he meets chief Mapanza and Chief Chikanta

  3. Lungu praises the formidable team that Kaunda assembled and praises Kaunda’s acceptance of all tribes. It takes a person with a very dead conscious to say such a thing and still sleep well at night knowing that he himself filled almost all cabinet and senior
    civil service positions with people from only two regions. Unbelievable!!

  4. Wasted time by Edgar China Lungu. You might as well stay home until August 12. These Chiefs were just being polite to the current president. It’s over ECL, GBM, CK, KZ, AM, EN and all the other PF liars: time to prepare for time after election day, whether it is inside Lusaka Central Prison or outside!

  5. Why have some Chiefs lost it. Even endorsing some parties, the challenge is to break down inflation, exchange rate, reserves, GDP into local language for them to understand how terrible the situation currently is on the ground.

  6. When some of these chiefs see a health post built, even without health personnel and drugs, to some of the un informed chiefs it is development, no idea that their great great great great grand children are in the York of debt

  7. Though he is stopping his opponents from campaigning which himself is doing, it does not help, he is going. I am PF and I have assessed our chances on the ground, extremely slim. People are hungry, I wish I could eat a fly over bridge for my breakfast, lunch and supper

  8. I appreciate the chief’s concern for peace but would like to point out that democracy is not about only election day. That’s why citizens should fight for their inalienable rights. For example freedom of speech has to be maintained 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Freedom of association too We should judge a government not by how peaceful election day was but by how it protects citizens’ rights and how it develops the country.

  9. Kaizar Zulu Nyirenda : pf must be paying you a very good stash. Your hatred is nauseating. You sow hatred and you will reap hatred. That reaping may not be today or tomorrow, but you will definitely reap. If you don’t your children will reap it. You have sown a curse on your family and sin will find you out. There’s a very bad hateful spirit in PF. Just check how your humble leader hates HH. A spirit never dies and it will continue to breed in PF forever. Even the so called Christians for Lungu e.g Dan Pule saying if HH becomes president he will hang up his boots on preaching. This is what your hatred is doing. Repent kaizar nyirenda Zulu. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Tomorrow you might be facing your maker.

  10. Fellow Zambian’s how did we find ourselves in this messs. Look at what SHAMELESS LUNGU is busy perpetuating using tax payers money – Chishimba Kambwili has maintained that Hakainde Hichilema has ethnically poisoned the people of Southern Province to believing that tribalism was the only strategy for the United Party for National Development (UPND leader to be elected president despite his deficiency in leadership qualities.

  11. Going to Mainza Chona’s grave yard wont help, who ever is cheating you must be punished, we pray for your earliest exit out of government. Here we are voting for HH and it is our democratic right,

  12. For sure campaigning in Southern Province is a waste of time for ECL, Mark my words other than Livingstone ECL will get less than 20 000 in Southern province

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