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Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit incurring huge costs in transporting Stranded cadres

General News Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit incurring huge costs in transporting Stranded...

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit DMMU says the unit is incurring a huge cost of transporting political party cadres who are left behind after party events.

DMMU National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe disclosed that the trend of transporting cadres has proved to be a huge cost to DMMU as cadres are left stranded after the events.

Mr. Chanda has called on political parties to desist from ferrying cadres from one district to the other if they have no means of taking them back.

“The government through DMMU is compelled to transport stranded cadres back to their various districts after being used and left stranded by mostly the opposition political parties,” he said.

He said political parties should be responsible enough to take care of their cadres after their political activities as opposed to what has been happening where cadres are left stranded with no food and transport.

Mr. Kabwe mentioned incidents such as the nominations of Presidential candidates for the August 2021 elections where the DMMU repatriated over 100 cadres to Northwestern Province after they were left stranded by a named party leader and the recent incident in Chipata where the Unit has had to make arrangements to repatriate cadres to various districts of Eastern Province after they were left stranded.

He has since directed Eastern Province DMMU Regional Coordinator and Chipata District Commissioner who is the District Disaster Management Committee Chairperson to identify where the stranded cadres hail from and the cost implication for their repatriation.

Mr. Kabwe has since appealed to members of the public not to fall prey to political parties whose aim is to use them to show popularity and later dump them on the streets.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kabwe has expressed regret at the political violence which led to the demise of two alleged Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township, allegedly murdered by cadres from a named opposition political party saying government will render support to the two families.

This was contained in a statement issued in Lusaka today by Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit Senior Communications Officer, Mathews Musukwa.


  1. Whatever party these cadres are from, I would just leave them to look after themselves! If I am stranded wherever next time I know who to call! What total nonsense! I guess it’s campaign time? With elections around the corner?

  2. How does DMMU even find itself engaging in this task? There is something seriously wrong with this country. It’s not the job of DMMU to ferry cadres…where is the disaster in that? Let’s be serious. This man should be taken to task for wasting tax payers money on irresponsible individuals

  3. There are still schools with some classrooms without roofing sheets in Zambia after storm damage. DMMU has still not responded up to now. But DMMU is prompt whn it comes to political relief. Sad really.

  4. This boy is a joker this is not the work of his unit, this is the pblm when you get political Cardes in jobs no clue

  5. When will you grow up Kaizer? It is a pity Edgar picks savages like you to advise him. No wonder our country is in shambles.

  6. And this is typical of HH….this HH just want to use people and dump them but fortunately he is losing come August 12th

  7. What are the rules of engagement for DMMU? People are murdered every day but since when did the DMMU come to assist families of victims? Even when Nsama and Kaunda were short by the government, did the DMMU assist the families? The DMMU is not a PF organ. When there is a new government the leading officers at the DMMU who gave these instructions should be arrested and tried in court for abuse of authority and misuse of taxpayers’ money. Let them prove their innocence in court that what they did was right.

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