Monday, June 17, 2024

Hospitality businesses call on Ministry of Health to lift restrictions as Covid cases decline


Dear Editor

The government through the Ministry of Health has been very unfair and playing populist politics by allowing markets and street vendors in to carry on business as usual but closing hospitality businesses under the guise of covid-19 restrictions.

These businesses have literally been closed since last year yet it doesn’t require any science or intelligence to see that hospitality businesses are more controlled in terms of compliance with health regulations than markets or “inspection of development projects” and political campaigns.

The Ministry of Health should immediately lift this unreasonable suspension or closure of hospitality business  as there is no justification.”

By Small business owner


  1. Indeed why lift the ban on filthy cadres who do not even follow the rules. Why go and campaign in the markets in the guise of distributing masks when its not even your job to do so. What are u afriad of kanshi. When the opposition try to reach the market ati COVID-19 rules are in place and u cant go there. Come rain come sunshine you are losing these elections to someone you dislike so much – HH!
    Hospitality business is really in trouble and these people also have families to take care of. Listen to them before its too late.

  2. That’s why the Bar Owners’ Association told the PF that they will tell their members not to vote for them. Lusaka PF Chairman Kennedy Kamba reacted angrily. While the threat by the Association was wrong, the counter reaction from Kamba was equally wrong. It’s a cry from citizens about their plight and Kamba should’ve shown more concern and seeked dialogue from the Association than threaten them back-he’s a leader who must handle concerns and cries from citizens just like the way our friends in the western world have taken care of this sector in their countries. The writer is correct and only factual. If one owns a bar, how does that person even afford school fees for his/her children if you are closed for 1 year???

  3. It is not only covid killing business, look at ZESCO power in Chibombo, Zani muone, Kabangwe,Chazanga, Chipata ,Chunga, Ngwerere ,Kabanana, these areas under go maintenance every other week every year. Maintenance is important but you cant have down time every other week, so what is the difference with load shedding. And does ZESCO have a regulator, is ERB closed.

  4. Businesses were already suffering even before Covid. I just don’t understand why we kicked out MMD who were doing relatively well and brought people who came to worsen things

  5. Complaint is valid. You dont need even a basic certificate in health science to know that our markets are more prone to infections than those licenced hospitality facilities


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