Uphold the rule of law, armed Forces urged

Isaac Mwanza
Isaac Mwanza

Members of the armed forces authorised by Republican President Edgar Lungu must uphold the rule of law and balance up enforcement of lawful measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with respect for human rights, Center for Constitutionalism and Legal Justice (CCONLEJ) has said.

Welcoming the decision by President Edgar Lungu to allow the armed Forces to partner with the police to curb political violence, Center Director Isaac Mwanza said the decision has been long overdue and meant to protect loss of lives.

“Zambia is currently confronted with two battles, one in which we must win against and stop the spread the COVID-19 and another where we must isolate these blood-thirsty cadres from our democratic process,” he said.

He said the Zambia Police on their own have proven inadequate to deal with the two battles and bemoaned the continued violation of the COVID-19 health regulations.
“So while the Constitution provides for freedom of movement and Assembly, Articles 21 and 22 of the Zambian Constitution allow the imposition of restrictions when they are reasonably required in the interests of public safety, public order, and public health,” said Mwanza.

He said reckless politicians who are promoting large gatherings against the COVID-19 regulations have no justified reasons to cry foul when their freedom of movement and Assembly is being restricted in the interest of public health and public safety.

“The framers of our Constitution had envisaged a situation where public health would be in danger and some human beings would abuse freedom of movement and assembly to endanger the safety measures, hence the Constitution allowing restrictions on these freedoms,” he said.

Mr Mwanza has called on the Armed Forces to fairly ensure lives of citizens are protected, large gatherings are prevented while allowing citizens to enjoy their rights within the confines of the existing laws and regulations.


  1. Well said Mwanza. Army must respect rights but politicians who can’t protect public must be restricted

  2. The police are failing to work in a professional manner because they have been compromised by the PF and this violence they are amplifying has not reached levels needing deployment of soldiers to beef the police service. These incidents are isolated and police service can contain such incidents. The violence that is taking place is containable and the deployment of soldiers. In any case the soldiers are trained as combatants and operate in formations from section to company strength level whilst the police are trained to deal with civilians and operate loosely. All such deployments are last attempts to salvage winning chances which have slipped out of the once mighty PF hands. These guys have been to UN peace keeping operations and know what has caused civil strife in other countries and…

  3. The soldiers should beat the hell out of this trouble makers. There should be no mercy what so ever. Kick their as.se.s until the sheet blood. We have had too much of this nonsense.

  4. This Kaizar may actually not be a Zambian citizen. I have never known anyone whose name is “Zulu” or anyone from Eastern Province whose brains are saturated with profanity. I also don’t think the same moron who is clearly intoxicated by the name “HH” is actually a PF supporter; if he is, then I condemn the party as a party of riff-raffs, for how can they not censure him?

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