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Victory for PF in the August 12, General elections is guaranteed-President Edgar Lungu.

Feature Politics Victory for PF in the August 12, General elections is guaranteed-President Edgar...

President Edagr Lungu has said that victory for PF in the August 12, General elections is guaranteed.

Speaking when he donated face masks and other Covid – 19 materials at Mwamfulilwa market in Samfya district, President Lungu said he will hit the ground running immediately after the swearing in ceremony in the quest to continue delivering development to the people of Zambia.

“This term we are starting on the 13th August, or after the swearing in ceremony, when we win on 12th August, on 13th August we will know the results and we will hit the ground running and continue on the development agenda we have embarked on.” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu says the people of Samfya will soon get a new modern market so that they also enjoy the facilities that Government is coming up with.

He has since tasked the market management to find alternative land where the new market will be built.

“I will work with your area member of parliament to construct a new modern market here. Find a proper place because if we try to be build a new market here people will say where are you taking us,” President Lungu said.

“The marketeers here don’t want to move because a day without selling they make losses and to avoid conflict with our partners who are the marketeers, you work with local authorities, the MP so that you find a place where you can put a modern market for Mwanfulilwa so that you also benefit from the facilities Government is setting up,” he said.

President Lungu Distributing Masks
President Lungu Distributing Masks


  1. Yes sir. I am on the ground and I have put in everything. I can assure you that we won these elections a long time ago. The upnd know this. ***DELETED***

  2. There Chagwa goes again, dreaming! Like what happened at the military parade, Chagwa azagwa again!

  3. Every man brags about his dick, no matter how small. I don’t think there’ll be a swearing in ceremony on 13 August 2021, may be later

  4. A deep look at the gentleman’s braii stand! shows the state of the economy bakateka. ifintu tafili bwino. Twachula! Lets try Bally #2021.

  5. Untrained, non-medical people who distribute masks can spread infection by the way they handle the masks. A lot of people do not even know how to put on masks. I have seen noses uncovered. I have seen masks pulled down below the chin. I have seen masks touched on the inside as they are being distributed. Thankfully, there is no real Covid pandemic in Zambia. Oh, yes a few hundreds of people have died, but did they die of Covid? Has there been any post mortem done in Zambia on a single Covid death? Positive Covid tests in a country where people are in contact with bats and other coronaviruses may be due to cross reacting antibodies.

  6. Still campaigning under the guise of distributing face masks while using the police to stop his opponent from doing so.

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