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First ever bus station opened in Kasama


Government has reiterated its commitment to improve the transport and transportation infrastructures as they are critical for the improvement of the livelihood of the people of Zambia.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Royd Chakaba, says the transport sector and transportation infrastructures, which include public and passenger vehicles and trains, railways and roads, will remain priority on the government’s agenda.

Mr Chakaba was speaking in a speech read on his behalf by acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Grace Sinkolongo, during the ceremonial opening of the first-ever bus station in Kasama districts today.

Mr Chakaba noted that the transport sector and transportation infrastructures will drive wider economic benefits accelerate movement of goods and passengers in businesses.

“The transportation infrastructures like the Kasama bus station will support economic growth, enhance well-organised transport systems and create job opportunities among other benefits,” he said.

He also stated that the good roads and passenger shelters including conducive bus terminals, are important for efficient transportation of goods and services and to improve economic growth of any country.

“I urge the Kasama community to work in collaboration with the local authority in order to keep this infrastructure clean and protect it from all manner of vandalism. It is not the pride of Kasama but the province as a whole,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Luis Liye a representative of China Geo Construction, the firm contracted to build the bus station, thanked government for awarding his firm to construct the state-of-the-art bus terminus in the Provincial Capital of Northern Province.

Luis Liye noted that China Geo worked well with the local community and appealed to government to award his firm more of such projects as he promised to showcase good workmanship.

“During the construction stage, we enjoyed good relations with the government officials and the local people. We are ready as China Geo to take up any construction contract and we will work according to people’s expectation,” he said.

And Northern Province President for Taxis and Buses Association, Janny Yambayamba, said the opening of the new bus station for public use will provide more employment for youths in the district.

Mr Yambayamba also noted that the infrastructure is well located for the traveling public as it is centrally positioned and closer to the market.

“This means more employment for youths in the district and the province as a whole because there will be more traders, taxis and mini buses at the terminus which has resulted in a well-structured and formalised transport system,” he said.

The government constructed the bus station at cost of K10 million.


  1. They call that a busstation? Just some roofing sheets on poles! Toilets? Waiting area? Typical PF project, had to be completed before election day! Well, if I would live in Kasama, and I would not have made up my mind on who to vote for, I would now know NOT to vote Edgar China Lungu!

  2. Kuli sensela-sensela! Kwaila ma fella! Elo doing such things when you are broke just makes you come up with mediocre stuff. Kunta umutwe! Tumone pankoto!

  3. No seats, no toilets, no ticket stands, inflated costs, off you go PF. You have perfected the art of stealing

  4. That is just bus station shelter no toilets no, ticket machines, and also I can’t see any seats around!! By the way is that completed or its under construction!! Just asking Mmmmm!!!

  5. Ati no ticket machines… as if we ever had any in Zambia? If the K10 million includes the tarring of the road, I think it’s a reasonable price.

  6. With my toilet cleaning money in the UK, i have built a chicken coop for less and its lost better than this shed….kikiki

  7. When you are poor, you watch your wallet. What could benefitted people more; that shade or something else? Engage locals otherwise we will be making the same mistake over and over.

  8. In this modern day building something like a workshop repair shade without ticket booths and conviniences near by. The people of Kasama deserve something better and modern befitting a provincial town. At least some thing modeled on Livingstone type. No wonder PS had to delegate his deputy to commission.

  9. Enemies of progress. Zambia shall never go forward if these people are allowed to come into government. So if we blame such developments then what do you exactly call national development?
    Libingi has been given something better than this but you people have kept on blaming the government. You simply can’t appreciate because presidents name doesn’t start with H.

  10. K10 million for putting roofing sheets on poles! Yaba. Anyway uwakalema takaleka. Howmuch were those road toll boxes, Fire trucks, roads like Ndola mufulira

  11. ???…my country is really full of what comes out the backside of a cow.k10 million for this. Really ..sure..but some things when your quoting even though u know ATI ni wrong deal…please put a value that is a bit believable.any normal engineering company can make this for k2 million using reinforced concrete at the base and roofing fellow engineers in Zambia; what are u doing???..this is why don’t pay for EIZ. equally a useless body

  12. Thank you God who remembers his people and meets them at the point of their needs. and thank you Mr President for being faithful to do his work, those who will benefit are grateful. Those who spew in envy and jealousy will stew in their own political hatred.

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