Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Former Sierra Leon President Ernest Bai Koroma to lead AU election observer mission to Zambia


Following an invitation from the Zambian Government, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat, has approved the deployment of an African Union (AU) Short-Term Election Observation (STO) Mission to Zambia to observe next week’s general elections.

The STO Mission is led by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, and composed of former and current African ambassadors accredited to Ethiopia, members of election management bodies in Africa, members of civil society organisations, and independent electoral experts.

The Mission’s objective is to provide an independent and impartial assessment of all aspects of the 2021 electoral process, including the legal framework, the political context and the transparency and effectiveness of the electoral preparations, and will operate in accordance with relevant AU and international standards and obligations for democratic elections such as the 2007 African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance; the 2002 AU/OAU Declaration on Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa; 2002 the AU Guidelines for Elections Observation and Monitoring Missions.

The Mission will present its findings at a press conference in Lusaka shortly after the conclusion of the elections, where a Preliminary Statement will be issued.

This will be followed by a more detailed Final Report that will include recommendations for improvement of future elections in Zambia.


  1. Another one on an all-expenses-paid holiday in Zambia by an organisation that cannot even be contacted by international news broadcasters on the situation in Ethiopia, Nigeria, eSwatini, Cameroun and Mozambique. What is the AU for? It’s the resident multilateral body in Africa but it doesn’t even get in the news except during lavish summits.

  2. Great! Another president well known for corruption coming to assist his brother-in-arms Edgar China Lungu! Corruption helps corruption!

  3. You see Ba Edgar, you will still have value after next week. Don’t be sad that you are losing elections next Friday.
    Next you it be you Ba Edgar going to monitor elections in West Africa.

  4. Completely no impact, even now we have observer missions and yet the President is campaigning with huge water melon crowds and yet is stopping the opposition using the Police, and the observer missions are stoning quite, with a feeble voice that they will issue statements after the elections, but elections are a process and not a one day voting event

  5. The best observer mission is to mark our votes that they are never stolen. The incoming President must come and assist move our country out of poverty. At least we all agreed as Zambians.

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