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Chief Katyetye says President Lungu is an exceptional leader and he will be voting for him


Chief Katyetye of the Tambo Speaking people of Muchinga Province has reaffirmed his support for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in next week’s general election.

Chief Katyetye said only president Lungu can lead the country effectively and improve the living standards of Zambians.

Speaking when Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Leader Edith Nawakwi paid a courtesy call on him, Chief Katyetye warned Zambians against listening to lies by the opposition who are just desperate to rule Zambia.

Chief Katyetye further urged his subjects to ensure they vote for President Lungu and all PF candidates for the development that the area has received.

He said the President has always put the interest of the Zambian people at heart hence the construction of schools and health centers in the area.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has built us schools and hospitals. He makes sure that people don’t go hungry by delivering farming inputs on time,” he said.
“President Lungu is an exceptional leader. This is why President Lungu already has my vote.”

The traditional leader further said that the UPND Leader can not rule the country the way President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has.

Meanwhile, Chief Kafwimbi of the Iwa speaking people of Muchinga province has called for leaders to work together to bring development to the people.

Chief Kafwimbi further denounced violence by some leaders in the country.

And Senior Chief Matanda of Mansa district in Luapula Province says he is disappointed by a spate of violence by the opposition which led to the death of two Patriotic Front Supporters.

Chief Matanda described the killings of innocent citizens by power hungry politicians as devilish.

“We cannot be killing our own people like animals. What is happening in Lusaka is totally unacceptable. You can slaughter a goat or a chicken but not your fellow human being .” He lamented .

And the traditional leader has encouraged President Edgar Lungu to continue upscaling measures aimed at curbing political violence as the country goes to the polls .
He welcomed President Lungu’s decision to deploy the Army across the country , saying the move will help curb political violence .

Meanwhile Chief Matanda says there is no need to change government because his chiefdom has benefited greatly from development projects that government rolled out.

The traditional leader was speaking to Luapula Province Presidential Campaign Coordinator who is also the Incoming Mansa Central MP Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya at his palace before allowing him to continue with his door to door tour in the Chiefdom on Thursday.

And Dr. Chilufya said President Lungu was cognizant of the critical roles that traditional leaders play in fostering peace and unity .

He said it is the reason why he was working with them to ensure that peace is preserved Pre and Post elections .

He further called on the traditional leader to ensure that people in his Chiefdom continued supporting the Patriotic Front so that it continues working on development projects even after elections.

Meanwhile Chief Chansa under Chief Matanda praised President Lungu for improving health and educational infrastructure in the area .


  1. Hahaha ….what he was actually saying between Edith Nawakwi and Lungu I would choose Lungu. But if give me more than what Lungu gave me I’Il definitely change my mind.

  2. And how much “empowerment” did you get from the worst president the country has ever had?

  3. I think traditional leaders should keep the choice of their candidates to themselves. And we know some of them do not mean what they openly proclaim. The vote is a secret, after all. We are aware that after every visit by a Government official these chiefs receive brown envelopes

  4. Ask this Chief he understands and can articulate things like inflation, GDP, exchange rate, GDP per capita, reserves, balance of pay, then from there we can take it up

  5. “Chief Katyetye warned Zambians against listening to lies by the opposition who are just desperate to rule Zambia.” Well, is Lungu not desperate to continue ruling Zambia when he bribes the Chief and other chieftains and varsity students with gifts and donations?

  6. Well said ba Chief and let everyone know how you feel about the current Government

    No one should say anything about you feel and see.

  7. It’s fine. That’s why they aware called elections. Despite that he has erected his in public shamelessly even when it should be a secret.

  8. I we Laban
    ‘Ask this Chief he understands and can articulate things like inflation, GDP, exchange rate, GDP per capita, reserves, balance of pay, then from there we can take it up’

    The Chief and indeed other voters does not need all of them to first understand all this staff for them to choose who to vote for. The Chief have said ECL and PF have constructed Schools in chiefdom in appreciation they will vote for ECL 12th August it is Lungu.

  9. Some UPND die hards were busy thankingly praising Joe Imakando for telling his congregants to vote for HH. Today the same lads are condemning Chief Katyetye for siding with ECL. Question is, why must something ethically wrong be right when it pleases a political group?

  10. Every Zambian needs to understand what Chief Katyetye has realised. He is absolutely right when he says, only President Lungu can lead the country. I agree completely Chief!

  11. Has anyone noticed that the voice of dissent against HH is growing day by day! The number of people rejecting him is going up!

  12. President Lungu has set the bar very high. It is utterly impossible for HH to cross that. It is better, he learns a few things and tries his luck after 10 years.

  13. @Tikki do you mean everyone who is supporting HH has got bags of money? He is the richest man in Zambia, he can and could have done this in last five elections too. Then why did he lose all the time?

  14. @Quest You are right. Chief is doing his duty and we will do our duty to vote ECL. The one who has South Africa flag as his DP, should not speak about Zambia.

  15. The way people are reacting to this, is surprising. I have not seen them reacting in the same way when some chief or priest expressed support to HH and UPND. What do we make out of it? Pay the people and get the favourable comments. And, other option is to have an army of trolls, fake accounts and bots.

  16. @Writer Would you tell this to all those chiefs who are supporting HH also? Have balls to tell this to HH too!

  17. @Laban Chiefs need not articulate things like inflation, GDP, exchange rate, GDP per capita, reserves, balance of pay. They need to take care of their subjects and guide them on what is good and what is bad for them. Chief Kateytye is doing exactly the same. Why are you boiling? Has he set your backside on fire?

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