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Commissioning of Simon Kapwepwe International Airport in Pictures

Photo Gallery Commissioning of Simon Kapwepwe International Airport in Pictures


  1. Beautiful! please sort out a cleaning and maintenance contract to keep these airports in tip top conditions. Not ati toilet ya fwasa, let it be a thing of the past. The contractor should be responsible for daily cleaning inside and out including the landscaping. Tiyende pamozi ndi mutima umozi.

  2. Built infrastructure. I just pray the air traffic will increase so that we can manage to pay the huge debt incurred from China. Thanks to the people’s republic of China for making this a success.

  3. This thing is not ready, commissioning for elections, I flew from Ndola today why did we not use the old airport if this thing is ready

  4. So used to deceiving people, this airport is not yet ready, and when is Avic being paid the 100 million dollars government owes them for this incomplete structure

    • Very small dream this one, can this be an airport to be jealous of sure, we have seen airports, we are well travelled. Just bring back inflation and exchange rate where you found it when you took over from MMD, How can we be discussing airport surely, which will not even serve the marjority of our people

  5. Is this really an airport? No planes! Only that stup!d plane from Edgar China Lungu! Are there actually any scheduled flights to Ndola?

  6. #[email protected] Dedicated one
    We ought to realise that Africa is the next nexus for development and growth and Zambia being landlinked is poised to be the hub of air and road transport in the southern African region. So the airport is strategic when you consider business interests in the North western province, DRC and Angola. We must also factor in the African free trade areas which is likely to increase trade across Africa as it becomes one big market. This is foresight and also taking into consideration the increase in metal prices. Zambia is well able to manage the debt.

  7. Definately even with this premature commissioning for an airport which is clearly not yet ready, my bread and butter issues which are by far more important than this airport have not been answered by the PF

  8. Yes we welcome this development but with serious questions.
    1. Why build a new airport leaving the existing one?
    2. Was this project really necessary when less than 100,000 people, which is less than 1% of the Zambian population will benefit directly from it with insignificant downstream effects?
    3. The nation is entitled to know what the original priced BOQ was and the final actual cost including all variations and their justifications
    4. Alternative best utilisation of these wasted resources would have been to make quality foot and cycle paths and roads 30 kilometers on each major and busy outlet in each town from rural areas beginning with Livingstone and award existing or newly empowered local contractors but not PF cadres as the case may be today.

  9. The stupidity of PF and Lungu is truly gutless. Anyway, African leaders only realize people are fed up with them when they are deposed and shot dead! This man’s failures are monumental, just why would a loser like him still want to remain in power? It’s only to steal and kulimobesha ta! Kweli ye Lungu unyelile!

  10. 3 flights a day, that is what will happen. 100,000 passengers a year. People do not visit Zambia because there are no airports, they don’t because there is really nothing to see there. Zambians cannot afford to fly. Foreigners who fly to the CB go to the mines. KK built Mfuwe airport. In spite of being the gateway to one of Africa’s finest game reserves, Mfuwe is empty. I am not saying that it is a bad idea to build this airport, but where there any feasibility studies done to show how profitable it will be? Or was it just one of the many ways the PF wanted to enrich themselves in the usual overpriced infrastructure buildings?


  12. Is there any reason why Kitwe, the second largest city after Lusaka, is always being overlooked in the infrastructure development sweepstakes despite its central geographical location on the Copperbelt? The international stadium is in Ndola, the new airport is in Ndola, the proposed Cancer Disease Hospital is to to be located in Ndola! If a big project is not in Lusaka, it is in either Ndola or Livingstone? Kitwe, like other copper mining towns like Chingola, MufulIra, and now Solwezi are the major producers of the wealth fueling the country’s economy, but all they get are crumbs from the table – reminiscent of the Salisbury syndrome when all copper wealth in Northern Rhodesia went to develop Southern Rhodesia! ! have yet to see a large-scale greenfield infrastructure project in Kitwe!

  13. This is a masterpiece. Hire purchase, laybye, are both a form of credit facility. The only honourable way to deal with it is to pay up.

  14. WHITE ELEPHANT. And next week Edgar China Lungu will cut the ribbon of an even WHITER ELEPHANT namely KKIA where currently there are FIVE FLIGHTS PER WEEK! Huge sums of money out of the window for an election ploy??? What a joke. But it’s NOT FUNNY!

  15. At a cost of $371 million.
    Yet the PF fails to pay retirees,
    Fails to pay arrears for Doctors and Nurses,
    Defaults on loan repayments.
    Has not saved any money for the $750 million bullet Euro bond payment due next year in 2022
    Who does the PF think its fooling?

  16. WHITE ELEPHANT. And next week another even WHITER ELEPHANT namely KKIA. BRIDGE TO NOWHERE. Huge sums of money squandered FOR NOTHING. Expensive election ploy….. Thank you Mr President!!!

  17. WH!TE ELEPHANT. Next week KKIA, an even WH!TER ELEPHANT, while at the moment just FIVE FLIGHTS PER WEEK. Just like the Heroes stadium, and the Ndola stadium with two matches per year. Huge sums of money squandered. Who is to blame? I think I know somebody!

  18. All these projects were deliberately delayed so this lazy man Edgar commissions then with days to go to Polling day despite the hefty loan on £400m …when you look at it from someone involved construction it doesn’t look anyway near to that figure. Next week he will be commissioning KKIA…which has also been delayed to dupe simple minds

  19. These chaps have no respect for construction project completion times and that these expensive inflated have to pay for themselves hence the need to open them quickly…BUT all Edgar is interested in is elections

  20. In the photo of the three flags, the Chinese is the largest and the Zambian the smallest, just showing that China is our colonial master.

  21. Well a few days later, ECL was booted out of power.
    The Zambian voters were fed up with the PF government and its so called “infrastructure”


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