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President Lungu commissions Maposa secondary school


President Edgar Lungu says government will continue to work with the church in order to attain development in all sectors of the economy. President Lungu said contrary to assertion by some sections of society that the PF has taken over the affairs of the church, government is a strategic partner to the stimulation of development.

President Lungu said this when he commissioned Maposa Secondary school in Luanshya district whose construction works was funded by government and the church. President Lungu was happy that the school had been completed and that classes will commence in January 2022.

The President further pledged to meet the electricity bill once the school is connected to the national electricity grid adding that there is also need to construct dormitories to enable pupils especially girls access to education.

President Lungu said he is not ashamed that he has a solid relationship with the church and further challenged all faith based organisations wanting to participate in the development of certain sectors to feel free to approach him.

“The incoming political leadership in Luanshya district should work closely with relevant stakeholders and visit my office to ensure construction of dormitories is done,” he said.

The Head of State reiterated that the PF is the only party with a manifesto that spells deeply its relationship with the church.

Further, the President urged the church to continue standing in the gap to ensure peace and unity prevails in the country during and after elections

He said through prayer Zambia shall be saved from those who want to destroy its democracy.

And Vicar General of Ndola Dioceses Father Francis Mukosa expressed happiness that the school has been commissioned.

Meanwhile, the community through PF Roan aspiring candidate, Nathan Chanda said residents expressed happiness that the President has fulfilled the promises he made to the people of Maposa when he visited the area two years ago.

He thanked the President for having also degazzeted the land on which thousands of families have been squatting.

Mr. Chanda said the people of Maposa are also happy that they have also benefited from the health facilities that are being sprout out across the country and that construction of a mini hospital in the area is at 90 percent.

“Out of the love and passion that you have especially for the girl child that used to cover long distances to access secondary education, you have now constructed this secondary school which you are handing over to the Catholic Diocese of Ndola now, ” Mr. Chanda said.

He said the school will also lessen the unwanted pregnancies that rocked the area as pupils covered long distances in their quest to access secondary education.

And Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Bright Nundwe said the province has had a fair share of the ongoing development in the education sector.

Mr. Nundwe said having 46 primary and 24 secondary schools in the province is testimony to what the PF government has scored.


  1. Mr. President I am disgusted by this sudden rush of opening up new project during the last few days
    This not how our Zambian politics works or should be conducted
    you have brought a new dimension into politics and its not good
    Will it help you ?? I doubt

  2. There goes the ka worst president on earth, the theiving useless as they come mor0n who bankrupted a country, good for nothing 0 IQ loser

  3. Too late the hero, thanks for destroying our economy, go in peace, and start practicing issue based politics, not those individual targeted tantrums in Kitwe yesterday, pretend to be some statesman which obviously you cant be

  4. We will commission everything we have worked hard to develop. Whom do you want to come and commission if it’s not the President?. Kwaliba nokufwa. Elections don’t spell “STOP DEVELOPING”. Come next month we have a lot more work to be done.

  5. He said I have no vision and people voted, he recently even said the vision is with the people, total disaster. MMD left us a fairly decent economy only to end up with a junk economy under PF with excuse after excuse, climate change, drought, HH, Covid. No we cant continue, change is inevitable

  6. He’s very desperate now commissioning construction works for a school that opens in 2022 ….really laughable….the super spreader will be very busy this week. To the author if you writing an article about a construction project you need to state the project costs

  7. So many qualified professionals but are unemployed.

    My mind is made up, I never thought I would ever consider UPND but I have no choice.

  8. This punk has zero clue what’s going to unhappen to him on 12 August 2021. No presidency! Instead, a long prison sentence at Mukobeko or other creepy prison in our republic. The grassroots, the real king makers, are fed-up and disgusted by this thieving, no ideas bastar!d and are resolved to dump the garbage ku marabo. When even the Eastern people turn against you, you know you are done for! The east people vote for anything/body from the east. But now even these almost brain dead east people want the mukukulu out of state house! What a fresh breath of air when HH takes oath of office on 13th!

  9. Since you have pledged to pay for their electricity after the school is connected to the national grid please don’t forget to fulfill your pledge even when you are no longer president after next week.

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