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Davies Mwila Flaunts PF Achievements Under President Lungu


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has flaunted the party’s achievement under President Edgar Lungu.

Speaking when he addressed a virtual rally in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mwila thanked President Lungu for the hard work he put into the national campaign.

“The 2021 election campaign was difficult and different because of the COVID 19 pandemic but the PF has always adhered to COVID 19 health guidelines. It is for that reason that PF was using other ways of reaching out to the Zambian people such as door-to-door campaigns, roadshows, and virtual rallies,” he said.

Mr. Mwila said President Lungu protected jobs after taking over Mopani Copper Mines and Konkola Copper Mines warning that the opposition received bribes to sell KCM again.

“The PF Government through the ZCCM- IH last week set aside 12 Million Kwacha to clear outstanding terminal benefits to over 5000 miners, at Mopani,” the PF Secretary-General said.

Mr. Mwila said the PF government also cleared similar amounts of terminal benefits to over 3, 500 miners at KCM.

“The PF Government lifted the debt burden of civil servants by entering into a Debt Swap with financial institutions. PF Government would clear outstanding arrears to civil servants, swap their debts and shift their liabilities to the Public Service Micro Finance Company which charges far lower interest rates,” Mr. Mwila said.

The PF Secretary-General said the PF Government increased the number of public universities from 3 to 7 namely Kapasa Makasa University, Palabana University, Kwame Nkrumah University, Michael Chilufya Sata Medical University, and Levy Mwanawasa Medical University.

“The PF Government has also built new technical and vocational colleges among them Mwense College, Kalabo Trades, Isoka Trades, Sesheke Trades, Lundazi Trades, Mporokoso and rehabilitation of Nkumbi College Lukashya Trades,” he said.

In the health sector, the Secretary-General stated that the PF recorded success in the health sector after building five specialised hospitals.

“The PF Government has rolled out infrastructure development such as airports, roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals to all parts of the Country without leaving anyone behind,” he said.

He said the PF Government built three international airports namely Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport and the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

“President Lungu is not segregative. He has taken infrastructure even to areas where he was not voted for. He has built Kazungula Bridge, Sioma Bridge, Mazabuka Road, Livingstone Bus Terminus. Today, Solwezi is done, Mansa- Luwingu, Luangwa – Mwami,” Mr. Mwila said.

He said in 2015, President Lungu found 250 000 beneficiaries but increased the number to one million people and recorded a bumper harvest.

“The PF Government has trained and recruited 25 000 health workers during its tenure,” Mr. Mwila said.

And Mr Mwila said that the PF will win elections by a wide margin and there would be no re-run, adding that credible opinions released so far have predicted that President Lungu would win the elections.

“Credible entities by Zambian thought leaders have predicted a clear win for President Lungu. These surveys are from academic institutions that placed President Lungu at 60% win, Zambia Decides 2021 Survey, which placed President Lungu at 56%; research by two international think – tanks that predicted President Lungu would win by 56.8%; Africa Confidential predicted that despite challenges Zambia was facing, President Lungu would win; the Economic Intelligence Unit which was a well respected global business magazine also predicted a clear win,” Mr. Mwila said.

Mr. Mwila said there would be no Government of National Unity.

The PF Secretary-General said the opposition realised that it had no numbers to win the August national polls thereby resorting to institutions of governance such as the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Zambia Police Service and the judiciary to discredit the outcome of the elections.

“Zambians must stand up and vote out political parties that promoted violence. Zambia is a Christian Nation and all need to condemn violence. It is unfortunate that the country continued to witness terrible acts of political violence, perpetrated by the UPND. We condemn the killing of two PF members by UPND criminals in Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka,” Mr. Mwila said.


  1. Wow, talking peace when your image is associated with violence is like a tough guy seen walking around with a Chihuahua instead of a pit bull. Thank you for condemning violence we all look forward to peaceful elections. Lead by example. One Zambia One Nation.

  2. How did that issue where Kambwili alleged that somebody wrote grade 12 examinations on behalf of David Mwila end. I am just asking

  3. Time fly’s PF Secretary General Davis Mwila can smile Mukobeko prison getting closer every day.
    Just like he told cabinet ministers and PF members of parliament that they will go to prison if they don’t work hard to win the 2021 general elections.
    Speaking during the Luapula Province party mobilisation launch which was broadcast on Prime TV, Mwila said Luapula Province should save ministers and members of parliament from going to prison.
    “Here in Luapula, we have a lot of support. We have 100 per cent support, but you bring five constituencies with 90,000 votes. Our friends (UPND) one constituency is 90,000 even if it’s in the village. Why are you not voting? That is why I am telling you that if you play, you will cry,” Mwila said.
    “… All the cells will be full. All these people you…

  4. So I read this article like a fifth grade child and mind! I was surprised that UPND is accused of wanting to sale KCM! Hmmm, KCM is a private company , the shareholders are yet to battle it in court! It is literally a cesspit!

    PF are practicing modern piracy never seen in the world over. We are all patiently waiting for the ending of this story!

  5. If PF and lungu were so proud and confident about lungus so called archivments, why are they blocking HH from freely campaigning ????

    What they are not saying is anyone can do what lungu has done , with borrowed money that he has even failed to pay back

  6. Don’t forget the the fire trucks 1 million USD per unit and the ambulances that cost 275000 USD per unit and the new one 8 million USD on scooters for covid response… Looted, you and that ld1ot Lungu are gone

  7. “The PF Government through the ZCCM- IH last week set aside 12 Million Kwacha to clear outstanding terminal benefits to over 5000 miners, at Mopani,” the PF Secretary-General said.

    Look at this daft man he is bragging about getting money from ZCCM-IH to pay off 5000 miners …what he is not telling you is that Mopani didnt generate this money but some other subsidiary of ZCCM. This is how Parastatals work and this is how the collapse because the above average performing are subsiding the loss-making entities. Mopani can’t pay these terminal benefits as all the money is going to pay off Gencore who are getting a big chunk of the copper sales.

  8. PF inflation 22% MMD 6%
    PF exchange rate to a dollar K23 MMD K6
    PF Fuel per liter K17 MMD K6
    PF Reserves 1 month MMD 1 Year
    PF Price of Mealie meal K130 MMD K30
    PF Unsustainable debt MMD Sustainable debt
    Due to lack of space I cant continue

  9. The game is tough (bola nykosa) from shutting air space now you are shutting even ZESCO electricity. We thought it was just Internet and Social Media to facilitate Election Rigging.

    Kazungula was planned in the UNIP era then MMD commenced it but it was completed in corrupt pf time. The Zambian govt. still owes the Botswana govt millions of dollars.

  11. The PF sent cadre has needlessly been attacking diplomats, and today the American diplomat responded. Because these PF people are people who can not been advised, to be advised that you cannot been campaigning whilst stopping others, as true as this is, they don’t want to be told. Careful once Americans(world super powers) start talking, pay attention

  12. “Kabili, kabili ubikepo nefikansa uleima by air”
    Sooo sobelenge mayo!
    Soo sobelenge mayo.
    Sooo sobelenge mayo!
    Soo sobelenge mayo.
    Soo sobelenge PF naiwina mayo.
    Naiwina nayamba nokuteka mayo0
    Ngoletalika soimwene pa 8/12
    Kabili, kabili ubikepo nefikansa uleima by air”
    Sooo sobelenge mayo!
    Sooo sobelenge mayo.
    Sooo sobelenge mayo!
    Sooo sobelenge mayo.

    Fire fall on me, fire fall on me
    Kamagogi, kamagogi nikukaimwa.
    Nakukataya uko, fire fall me
    Kasatana, kasatana ni kukaimwa
    nokukaposauko, fire fall me

  13. This Panga and violent party is really evil. Ba Lungu himself is the most evil man on planet earth and his disciples like Davis Mwila, Antonio Mwanza, kaizar Zulu, and the rest of them are just like him. One minute he is humble and praying for peace love and forgiveness and the next minute he is wishing death on Hakainde Hichilema. This is weird.After PF is out we need to build a museum for all these people who have oppressed us and reduced us to beggars. Our future generations need to know about this because we don’t want to have a repeat of this.. We need a movie made out of this.
    Patriotic Front Party has made history as the worst ruling party.

  14. @19 Kazungula bridge construction started in 2014. Guy Scott as Vice president did the ground breaking. All works started and ended within the term of PF in power.

  15. Zambians should vote for His Excellency President Lungu for continued stability. With the pandemic, ongoing, a new government will flounder, economically simply because there are no quick solutions or extra incoming resources for funding a better economy as world problems continue. The expertise and experience PF has gained cannot be matched by any other party. If anything at all a coalition which includes PF is necessary. God Bless His Excellency, Zambia and its people. Peace and togetherness is key for continued growth. PF has been spectacular in its tenure.

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