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First Lady advises youths against engaging in criminal activities


First Lady Esther Lungu has advised the youths not to engage in violence as the country goes to the polls on August 12, 2021. Mrs. Lungu further urged the young people not to engage in any criminal activities such as drug abuse, vulgar language and other bad vices.

Mrs. Lungu was speaking during the finals of the football tournament sponsored by former Kanyama Members of Parliament (MP) Elizabeth Phiri held at Twashuka grounds in Kanyama constituency in Lusaka yesterday.

The final game was played between Chibolya Football club and Kanyama Lions which the latter lost 2-nil.

She stated that sports play a critical role in building one’s character adding that young people can make a living out of sports if they take it as a career.

Mrs. Lungu has since commended Ms. Phiri for organizing the youth football tournament which she said complements the government’s efforts to nurture young people into responsible citizens.

“It is my prayer that other communities will emulate this initiative of the former Member of Parliament for her determination to improve the living standards of the people of Kanyama, especially the youths,” she said.

The First Lady also thanked the tournament organising committee for making the event a success and ensuring that the Covid-19 guidelines were observed during football matches.

She congratulated all the participants who took part in the football tournament and presented them with wrist watches.

She also handed over football jerseys and footballs to both teams.

And former Kanyama MP Elizabeth Phiri said there were many young people that originated from Kanyama constituency who are now playing their various sports disciplines in local and international teams.

The football tournament, which ended yesterday, started on June 13 in Chibolya and it involved 32 local clubs drawn from various areas in Kanyama constituency.

She thanked the First Lady for finding time to officiate at the football tournament in her former constituency.

“President Edgar Lungu has told us to remember the grassroots by engaging them in various activities so that they do not engage in illicit behaviors,” Ms. Phiri stated.

The tournament ended with a 2-nil score win in favour of Chibolya FC.

The winning team walked away with K20, 000 while the runners-up, which is Kanyama Lions FC, got K15, 000.

Those in the third and fourth positions got K10, 000 and K5, 000 respectively.


  1. That is the way to go and not to use the youths to fight one another for those who are selfish and wanting to go to state house through dubious means.
    God is for all of us

  2. Mrs Lungu where have you been while your husband has been terrorising us. What kind of a woman and mother are you? Bana Lungu why, why why. Are you happy with your husband’s behaviour which is an embarrassment to us and the international community. What kind of a leader is he? Do you even sit down with him and just talk about what’s happening in the nation. Your husband has brought a curse on yourself and future generations. Please let him know that there’s life after state house. You are a mother why haven’t you condemned the police who assaulted honourable Nalumango a mother like you. There’s life after being a First Lady. Please have a heart.

  3. Immediately this old hen Ester leaves State House her Ester Foundation will be no more …it will disappear like Vera Foundation and Mpundi Trust

  4. Charity begins at home Mrs Lungu.

    Worth also telling your husband and step daughter to refrain from theft and abuse of office.

  5. Every youth in the country, irrespective of their ideological inclinations, should follow this advice. Crime never pays. It benefits only the handler and not the one who commits the crime.

  6. This message is actually aimed at the UPND. It is destroying the lives of millions of youths for its petty politics.

  7. Yes. This is the most precious piece of advice to youths of the country. Don’t get exploited by the selfish politicians. They will not waste even a moment to abandon you when you land in trouble.

  8. Please think twice before acting on provocation. This is the time when the vultures are hovering over youths to exploit them.

  9. Ms Eliabeth Phiri has set an example. This is the right way to channelize youth energy rather than using them for violence and crimes. But some politicians don’t realise this and keep on crying foul if people rejected them.

  10. This is how the true leaders think. For them the country is a family and they will never let the countrymen down. They will always want and think good for the family.

  11. What a stark difference between the leader and dealer. On one hand we have Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Esther Lungu who always keep the nation first and on the other there is Hakainde Hichilema who keeps everything after his personal interests. He is the one who is using youths for his politics.

  12. It is so assuring to have such leaders at the helm of affairs. Now I am confident that the country is in safe hands and will be so for next five years.

  13. Madam, please tell that to your theiving clueless husband, you know the one who is the ka worst president on earth, the ka man who bankrupted a country…. That id1ot

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