Monday, June 24, 2024

President Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu cast their Votes


Zambian President Edgar Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu this morning cast their votes at at Andrew Mwenya polling station at Crawford school in Chawama in Lusaka.

Speaking after casting his vote, President Lungu said that the Patriotic Front will emerge victorious in today’s general elections and called for peace to prevail in the country during and after elections.

President Lungu who was accompanied by the first lady Madam Esther Lungu, who also cast her vote, urged all the voters not to hang around polling stations but vote, return home and use available media platforms to be informed about the outcome of the results.

“I hear some politicians have asked people to stay around polling station. That will just bring chaos, confusion, and unnecessary anarchy” President Lungu warned.

President Lungu has urged all voters to watch out for electoral mistakes such as lack of stamping of ballot papers and other lapses and called for competence at all levels.

The President who is impressed with the voter turnout so far, has further called on voters to come out in numbers and exercise their right to vote and “let the best candidate win”


  1. He cast his ballot in RED box . . voting for UPND.
    His wife can’t betray women, she voted for all women on ballot, unless nga takwata amano.

  2. While waiting in that queue, think about Mukula saga, Chitotela, social cash, fire trucks… Or what are you thinking about?
    Play Knack Unity -Samfya boys music

  3. Has Bally already voted? Let him guard his vote few metres from polling booth.This advice does not make sense.They should put
    Two representative from each party at the
    Polling stations.

  4. @vote him out
    No wonder you always lose elections…so much hate and evil minded…if you think HH will be dishing out money and buying you steak every day then you will be very disappointed…

  5. The electoral act allows voters to stand 100m from the polling station.Who is Lungu to disregard the law.
    What chaos? We are watching every move you make.
    Protect the vote.


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