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ECZ calls for calm as poll results are being awaited


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has expressed sadness at the isolated incidents of political violence that were recorded in some parts of the country yesterday, resulting in two deaths.

ECZ Chief Electoral Officer, Kryticous Shindano has since called on Zambians across the country to remain calm and peaceful as the country awaits election results.

Patriotic Front (PF) chairman for Northwestern province, Jackson Kungo and a brother to Northwestern province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Chihili, were killed yesterday by suspected opposition political party members.

In a briefing at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, which is a national totaling centre, Mr. Shindano also announced that there were people that were still voting in some polling stations that at midnight.

He said these are places where polling stations delayed to open due to some challenges.

He said as a result, the polling stations extended voting beyond 18 hours, which is a stipulated time for closing voting.

Mr. Shindano said the next briefing at the national totaling centre will be at 10:00hours this morning.

Yesterday, Zambians flocked to polling stations to vote in the presidential, parliamentary, mayoral, council chairperson and local government elections.

There are a total of 7,023,499 registered voters in Zambia.


  1. Shindano you can only help by doing your job properly and do it as quickly and transparent as you can – thank you

  2. Name the said areas so people do not start making assumptions and which ones closed at what time, so now we are anxious for 10am announcement better not have some miracle surprise.

  3. ECZ has shown good leadership so far in this electoral process . As Zambians we should be patient with the ECZ and let them carry out their constitutional mandate. Only one person shall be declared winner . All the Zambians have an obligation to recognise and support whoever shall be declared as winner.
    He /she shall be the President for all Zambians.
    God bless our nation.

  4. We know that Lungu and his PF band have lost.
    Out with the old, In with the New

    Thank you very much Zambian people, thank you very much.

  5. Well that was the 10:00 hours announcement: New announcement at 15:00 hours.
    Things must be going bad for PF otherwise there would have been upbeat news!
    I sincerely hope that Edgar China Lungu is packing his bags, on his way to the airport to flee from the country.
    You can keep the presidential jet as long as you NEVER COME BACK.

  6. Lungu Chi colour is gone, he should take those stinking yellow teeth of his with him to chawama… I heard he is writing on the walls at State house , LUNGU WAS HERE… Kwalala, the ka worst president we ever saw in Zambia. Now that they are gone we now start hunting them, KZ chi colour for shooting at those kids, don’t wonder around alone … ur days are number chi colour chob3 na Lungu

  7. Mr ECZ, this is a reflection of the fallures of ECZ. One of the most powerful institutions in the country has allowed itself to be hijacked by the ruling parties of the day. You have failed to inspire confidence in the electoral process and therefore people feel the need to take Upon themselves to do your job ie assuring free and fair credible election outcome. I am not a card carrying UPND member but yesterday as I stood in the queue and I saw someone walking with suspicious looking documents in a polling station, I might have reacted (maybe differently) but still react. people react in different ways I might’ve spoken to the people but for people to see the need to go physical Says a lot more about the state of affairs in the country. By the time this event took place, Rumors about…

  8. From the list of MPs who have lost…i can say that Bandit President Edward chagwa lungu is gone……but UPND this is not time for celebration and taunting others….2026 is not far better start working on your promises others you will be shown the door very quick



  10. Congrats ba UPND all the best. PF did its part do your part as well. We will watch you and advise and criticize. that’s the game

  11. Anonymous, let them celebrate. You could have been blowing your trumpet by now had PF won. Leka bashaneko nabobantu. I have seen notable PF commentators have disappeared at LT. How times change! “Alebwelelapo, alebwelelapo pamupando.” Alebwelelapo kwisa? Zambians are different breed of Africans. They strike when you’re carried away with self worship, self praise and overindulgence. Mwalapila.

  12. @Kryticous Shindano how do you expect people to be calm when you are deliberately delaying the results. The more you delay releasing the results it is causing people to become more and more suspicious and it will eventually lead to accusations of rigging. I bet you if ECL was winning in the polls ECZ would by now have already announced the results. The fact that they keep changing the time when results will be revealed to the nation means ECZ knows HH won the election, but are just are dilly-dallying releasing results.

    Kudos to Zambia’s young generation for delivering Zambia back to the People – One Zambia One Nation

  13. ECZ, you guys you wasted the whole day yesterday stilling on your hands and today you want to be telling people about being contious of time. Mr Shindano, you have to some humility and stop beingis arrogant when engaging with stakeholders and learn to accept mistakes. Being given the mandate to announce results doesn’t mean you need to take everyone else at ransom. You need to be effecient and professional at your work. Counting election results of 7 million ballots is a 4 hrs job. Maybe you need to send your officials for training or observing how results are tallied. You are lucky Zambians have alot of patience in other countries with that level of incompetence & arrogance you would be out of work. You must understand that you are a servant of the people and learn to apologise when you…

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