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HH takes an early lead in 15 constituencies, next update will be today at 11:00hours


United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has taken an early lead in the presidential race ahead of his closest rival Patriotic Front (PF) candidate and incumbent President Edgar Lungu in Thursday, August 12, 2021 general election.

According to official consolidated results from 15 constituencies announced by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chief Electoral Officer, Patrick Nshindano at the National Results Centre in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Hichilema polled 171,604 votes followed by President Lungu who got 110,178.

Democratic Party (DP) leader Harry Kalaba is in the third position with 1, 244 while People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) candidate Andyford Banda is trailing closely at 1, 241.

Socialist Party (SP) candidate Fred Mmembe has so far amassed 824 votes while Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) candidate Highvie Hamududu polled 629.

The only female candidate in the presidential race, New Heritage Party leader Chishala Kateka received 496 votes from the 15 constituencies and behind her UPPZ’s Charles Chanda who polled 350 votes.

Zambia United for Sustainable Development (ZUSD) candidate, Lazarus Chisela got 293 while Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) leader Nevers Mumba only managed got 238 of the votes cast from the 15 constituencies.

Enoch Tonga of the Third Liberation Movement has polled 234 votes while United National Independence Party (UNIP)’s candidate Trevor Mwamba has 193 votes and Steven Nyirenda of the National Restoration Party (NAREP) polled 170 votes followed by Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) candidate Sean Tembo with 149.

Leadership Movement Party’s (LMP) Richard Silumbwe with Economic Freedom Fighters candidate (EFF) Kasonde Mwenda are at the rear with a paltry 68 votes each.

ECZ chairperson Esau Chulu, vice chairperson Emily Sikazwe, Commissioners Ali Simwinga, Ndiyoi Mutiti and Major General Vincent Mukanda (Rtd) took turns in announcing different constituency results before Mr. Nshindano announced consolidated results from the 15 constituencies.

The constituencies are Kaumbwe and Malambo in Eastern province, Mwansabombwe in Luapula, Moomba in Southern, Lufubu and Mkushi North in Central province, Zambezi West, Ikelengi, Manyinga and Kabompo in North-western, Nchanga in the Copperbelt province, Lupososhi in Northern and Chirundu and Rufunsa in Lusaka province.

Mr. Nshindano said the total number of registered voters in the 15 constituencies is 412, 830.

“Valid votes cast are 287,996, rejected votes are 8,214. Total votes cast 296, 210. That represents the percentage turnout of 71.75 percent in the 15 constituencies,” he announced.

Meanwhile, Justice Chulu announced that the next update will be at 11:00 hours on August 14, 2021 at the national results centre in Lusaka.

There is still a total of 141 constituencies that are yet to be received and announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to determine the winner of the presidential race, which has 16 contenders. Zambia has a total of 7,023,499 people who registered to vote in this year’s general election.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a disagreement when the commission was about to announce results for Feira constituency but UPND chairperson for elections Gary Nkombo objected.

Mr. Nkombo alleged that the results which ECZ was about to announce were not verified and did not tally with the ones opposition political parties had received from their polling agents on the ground.

This prompted ECZ officials to walk away from the briefing and only to return close to nine hours later after resolving the dispute with the aggrieved parties.


  1. Brace yourselves PF, this will be the trend of the results. It will get even more shocking as the gap widens. We told you that we will retire you on Aug 12th. Even thieves have a shelf life. You cannot always be a hero.

  2. Pack your bags Edgar China Lungu, and flee the country, go to that palace you built in Eswatini from taxpayers money. You can keep it. You can keep the presidential plane. BUT DON’T EVER COME BACK!

  3. By the way, Edgar, when you fly out, take your PF friends with you: the Obese Brothers GBM and CK, EN, DM, AM, KZ and all the other liars. We don’t want them anymore!

  4. The best UPND can do is relax, don’t set unnecessary standards of being impatient. Reality will kick in because the tables will turn. It took PF a long time to transition from opposition to actually governing. We want to see a change in behaviour. Start healing the nation and allow PF some space to concede in peace. This is a standard you refused to set during the times UPND lost elections. Remember, this is not about UPND, it’s about Zambians being fed up with PF taking the people for granted.

  5. Whoever did belong to UPND as of August 12th 2021 shouldn’t be allowed to join for the next 10 years….NO REJECTED CANDIDATES….

  6. This will be my only message for HH…no REJECTS for the next 10 years…UPND has no vacancies….every reject please stay in your lane

  7. Let these thieves go, fortunately, he will go down in history of country as having presided over the most corrupt, most illiterate, most incompetent regimes the world has ever seen. For a country to flourish economically, you need professionals to run the systems. You don’t employ cadres or your relatives.

    How do you surround yourself with cadres surely? Cadres in this country are running all the ministries, Finance, Health, Lands Mines, Justice.

    I want to see all these thieves in prison, that is when I will say that my vote has worked.

  8. Those rejects are nonrecyclabel, bring them back at your own peril. I’m sure the president is in shock because he thought people would be happy with all the last minute infrastructure projects. The simple fact is that PF spent a good 7 years destroying the country and mocking the electorate in the process. Let this election be a lesson to the likes of Chimbwili & Co who have mocked the Zambian people with impunity. HH should gauge the mood of the people and not listen to these job seekers. We need fresh blood and fresh ideas.

  9. All PF musicians stay with PF…all PF ‘commanders’….stay where you are…all PF cadres….all PF ‘ soldiers’…. stay where you are… joining UPND you will only be eligible 35 years from August 12th 2021 to join UPND

  10. Hichilema must calm down his supporters. It’s shocking that the UPND despite being a leading opposition Party for many years doesn’t know how the ECZ operates. They also don’t know the electoral process. At which stage can one insert pre-marked ballot papers? This misconception will come back to haunt them. Innocent lives have been lost because of misinformation and that isn’t good

  11. All PF musicians stay with PF…all PF ‘commanders’….stay where you are…all PF cadres….all PF ‘ soldiers’…. stay where you are… joining UPND you will only be eligible 35 years from August 12th 2021 to join UPND…

  12. The real judges have delivered their verdict. A resounding verdict on Lungu’s eligibility to stand for a third term. A resounding verdict on Cadreism, Corruption, Governance, the economy, Gassing etc.. I remember commenting on Kaizer Zulu’s post when I said every dog has its day, he laughed my comments off.. The youth are speaking. I have never felt more proud to be a Zambian

  13. Lungu, meno meno, stinky yellow, yellow teeth worst president on earth trying everything to delay the inevitable, start packing and go back where you came from with your ka family… you done with destroying our beautiful country, next stop for you jail and after that street justice. dull as they come, shocking he actually was president for such a useless dander head

  14. The pf is just realising that there are more unemployed people on CB than the few miners they gave benefits. The pf had no strategy. You empower those few civil servants and miners who get salaries every month leaving our the unemployed who are in majority. Poor finishing indeed

  15. He always leads to start with. Remember o ly 15 constituencies have been announced so far. Hh will cry just like he did last election. Us we remain quiet and watch as things unfold. We hope upnd will accept the results

  16. It’s only now that Edgar China Lungu and his horrible thieving friends are beginning to understand that Zambians are thousand times more clever than they thought they were, and that all that lying was totally in vain. Arrogant Obese Brothers GBM and CK, and all the other corrupt liars, go in hibernation and we’ll see you in JAIL!

  17. Those asking where I am, it is because LT have decide to moderate all my comments because they are scared I hold the truth, which might cause heart attacks for upnd thugs. Some of us knew the results a long time ago. We are just waiting for official announcement so that we get back to work. We already celebrated ECLs win.

  18. Where is Kai.zar Zulu? I wish he keeps ins.ults as this is the best time to an.ger Zambians. Let him tell us his opinion

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