Sunday, February 25, 2024

UPND scoops Lusaka central parley seat


United party for National Development (UPND)’s parliamentary candidate, Mulambo Haimbe has scooped the Lusaka Central seat.

Lusaka Central Constituency Returning Officer Sandra Manyangwe declared Haimbe as dully elected member of parliament at about 12:20 hours at Nakatindi Hall at Lusaka’s civic center.

Ms Manyangwe announced that Haimbe Mulambo of the UPND scored 32,008 votes from all the 116 polling stations followed by Patriotic Front (PF)’s Margaret Mwanakatwe who polled 23,614 votes.

“I hereby declare that Mulambo Haimbe of the UPND is the dully elected Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central having polled 32,008 votes cast,” she stressed.

And an interview with journalists, Mr Mulambo hailed his team for putting up the spirited fight.

ZANIS reports that the MP elect assured people of Lusaka Central Constituency of massive development ahead.

He underscored that he will embrace team spirit which will address different challenges facing the area.

“I am glad that the will of the people has prevailed and l will work with my team to ensure that we deliver on several issues,” he explained amidst jubilation from the supporters.

Meanwhile, UPND’s Ketty Manyangwe has also been elected as Councillor for Silwizya ward of Lusaka Central Constituency.

Returning officer Sandra Manyangwe declared Ketty as dully elected councilor having polled 3,647 votes beating her closest rival Ndolesha Tarcisious of the PF who scored 2,970.

Stakeholders at Nakatindi Hall remain anxious to hear results from the remaining six constituencies.


  1. That was expected. You drop someone has finance minister due to public outcry but you let them stand as MP before the same people who didn’t want her as Finance Minister. Congratulations to Haimbe.

  2. KZ could be preparing for the numerous court cases ordinary citizens were unable to prosecute due to undue political influence

  3. I am not surprised ..the moment the adopted aunty Dizzy instead of that lady Aspiring candidate, Ms Charity Lumpa PF lost that seat…these chaps had a very corrupt and flawed adoption process

  4. That monkey aka KZ does not know what’s hit PF. The masses are fed up and have wanted a change.

    The tables have turned. All these corrupt PF ministers including convict lungu need to be investigated.

    That Chitotela have sold/ given all hunting licenses to the Yusuf brothers and Nyimba supermarket ( a monopoly). He has earned millions by giving hunting licences to these Indians – the Guptas of Zambia

  5. My prayer is that all that make it to represent the people reflect on what transpired for the people to change allegiance in order to give them the vote! It is common that once elected the representatives easily forget the electorate and their vexing issues! The peoples representatives fall in the same traps that have cost the predecessors their office. Honesty and integrity is thrown to the wind together with the driving spirit of serving the constituents!

  6. Has anyone seen KZ, is he forming already? Finally maybe these PFs chaps can stop insulting me. Copperbelt has spoken in capital letters.

  7. Ba Chief Fukamapili reloaded ala naine I have been asking the same question. Where is he to come and insult us again pantu twalibelela. Kaizar Zulu we are waiting for you pa cibwanse. Iseni twangale bane. Please bring some champagne as well.

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