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I remain a loyal and committed member of my Party, the Patriotic Front-Sunday Chanda

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By Hon. Sunday C. Chanda MP – Kanchibiya Constituency (PF)

No serious person enters a contest hoping or aiming to lose. Therefore, victory, not a loss, is the ultimate goal. As can be expected, the election outcome of the 12th August 2021, is not what the Patriotic Front Party wished for or wanted. However, I am fully mindful and respectful of the democratic principle: “it is the rule of the majority”. And, the majority of Zambians – my parents, brothers and sisters – have spoken through the ballot box. Hence, it is not what I feel, wish or want; rather, it is what the majority of the people wish and want that is supreme.

Let me hasten to state that; I remain a loyal and committed member of my Party, the Patriotic Front, and will continue to be a faithful servant of the wonderful people of Kanchibiya who have bestowed the honour on me of serving them as their representative in Parliament. To the people of Kanchibiya: Your faith in me I will not betray. Your hopes I will not dash.

Regardless of the outcome of the August 12th election for the Patriotic Front Party, I wish to pay my deepest and unreserved gratitude to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his wise counsel, humility, compassion, empowering and people-centred leadership among others, that have helped shape me into a better man, leader and a nationalist, that I am today. Last but not least, I am eternally grateful for the pivotal role President Lungu played in my eventual adoption as the Kanchibiya Constituency Parliamentary seat candidate under the Patriotic Front.
As we bid this emotional and fond farewell to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, I wish to extend my sincerest congratulations to our President-elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, on his election to the office of President of the great Republic of Zambia.
Sir, your resounding electoral success reflects the overwhelming confidence that the people of Zambia have deposited in you, and I am equally confident that the confidence that Zambia has invested in you will yield dividends.

Of importance too, I am aware that during the course of my political journey, I may have crossed paths with you in a manner that may have not sat well with the now President-Elect. Indeed, over the years, I have come to learn the invaluable lesson that, it is possible to differ politically without becoming personally disagreeable. My past political differences with the now President-elect Mr. Hichilema were never personal. In view of this, for any criticism that may have personally aggrieved the now President-elect during the course of our political discourse, I take responsibility and ask for your forgiveness, Sir. As the well-known adage reminds us: “to error is human”.

To all my fellow Zambians: “There is time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV). There was a time for political campaigns prior to 12th August 2021. After 12th August 2021, that time and season has ended, at least until 2026. Now, it is time to come together for the sake of our desired national unity and development. Therefore, for myself, taking after that great example in Apostle Paul: “But one thing I do, forgetting what is behind; and straining toward what is ahead” (Philippians 3:13b NIV). What is ahead for Zambia “to strain toward” is our collective pursuit of healing, peace, unity, tranquillity, stability and development. What is to be forgotten and therefore put behind by both those feeling victorious or vanquished is to put aside politicking and divisiveness.

With your resounding victory Sir, I am also aware that as President of the Republic of Zambia, as our soon to be Head of State, you will preside over both your greatest admirers and harshest critics alike. I have no doubt that, in the spirit of our national ethos and what is best about us as a people, you Sir, will rise to the occasion to embrace both your admirers and critics, in an effort to contribute significantly towards building a truly “One Zambia, One Nation”.

Therefore, to the incoming President, the Citizens of Zambia in Kanchibiya Constituency elected me to represent them by advancing developmental agenda and support progressive legislation that puts Zambia and Zambians first. The people of Kanchibiya are yearning for roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, communication towers, electrification, a developed and diversified agriculture sector, as well as youth and women empowerment, inter alia. More specifically, Sir, the people of Kanchibiya are looking forward to some of the following development outcomes because they believe that the government in office can help them to translate their dreams, among these include: commercialising rice production in Munikashi; establishing a Sugarcane plantation along Chambeshi River; promoting fish farming cages along Kanchibiya’s water bodies; constructing the Kopa to Nchubula road; upgrading the Mbati to Chinkobo road; reviving and repositioning the role of Kanchibiya’s farming blocks in the inclusive development agenda; electrifying Kabinga Chiefdom, and so on.

Thus, as I take up my role as backbencher under the Patriotic Front, I look forward to working with your incoming administration in advancing the above and other development aspirations of the people in Kanchibiya constituency.

Hence, during my course of duty as MP for Kanchibiya constituency, I shall offer constructive debate, criticism, checks and balances, as well as credit where it may be due, to ensure that Zambians everywhere get the best deal from the new administration. I will do this because, as John F. Kennedy:

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive”.

In conclusion, Sir, I now sincerely and warmly wish you God’s blessings as you take up the highest office in the land, and I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ may give you and your administration counsel to lead our great nation.


  1. It’s allowed. I also remain loyal to my adopted party UNIP, we did very badly under the circumstances. The Bishop needs to take stock and reorganise the party. We wish the president elect well, we know the journey will be a difficult one and our role is to be constructive in our criticism and to celebrate success together after all, we are all winners as long as our country Zambia remains united.

  2. My worry is that in Zambia once a party loses power it disappears from the stage…Unip, MMD, or will this happen to your party PF too? My observation is that Zambian politicians don’t like to associate with “orphans”. They want to continue eating sumptuously.

  3. It’s your right to be loyal to your PF. The reality is PF is now finished for GOOD

    1. Lungu will now be booted out of PF
    2. The will be a bogus convention
    3. PF will split into two composed of people who think they started the party and the other will be scavengers line Lusambo

    That’s sequence of events. So you are wasting your time

  4. I hope you read beyond the headline, this man who had nothing but threats and insults for HH and UPND is now saying his insults were not personal and he asks for forgiveness for any pain he caused. To hell with this hypocrite. The revisionist history is quick in these shameless PF people.
    All of them needed to be thoroughly investigated and then thrown in jail if found guilty for theft, and the violence and tribal hate they promoted.
    They should not be given a platform to write revisionist nonsense like this.

  5. All I can say is that you will now be taught what it means to hold positions of authority in trust of the people in whose power that authority lies. We expect — nay, demand — that the UPND uses the PF terms as a case study and reference of what NOT to do. Congratulations Sunday, and may your front seat offer you a glimpse of what and how it is done.

  6. LOOK AT WHO IS TALKING, IWE SUNDAY CHANDA. ATI “My past political differences with the now President-elect Mr. Hichilema were never personal.”, WHAT A JOKE !!


  7. Wise words from Sunday Chanda. No need to vilify Sunday and the PF for whatever shortcomings they had during their time of rule. We all err, and it is human to err. HH and his groups will also have their shortcomings during their time of rule. We should all learn to forgive and be Christ-like when someone asks for forgiveness. It should be what it means to live in a Christian nation. Let us learn not to be harsh to those who offend us. We have also offended others and have been forgiven by them. Let us move on!

  8. This man hates HH and UPND to the bone. He has written a lot of nosense about HH and UPND. He is like his brother Stephen Kampyongo, the terrorist who wanted to kill Nalumango in Shiwangandu. Now Nalumango is the Vice President and they will be sitting in Parliament together during the question time. What will Kampyongo be thinking? Lesson learnt, treat others as you would like them to treat you.

  9. The lesson here is that let’s move away from politics of character assassination. I subscribe to the ideology that people reform. Let’s as much avoid situations that will cause to begin to apologize. Some of the things we utter against others are not only injurious to the persons they’re directed at but their friends and family, especially the children. We need to grow as a people. Further, as we apologize we should think deeply and ask ourselves whether our apologies are out of real reform and regret for our actions or fear of repercussions? Let’s all moderate our language. May God guide us in the right path

  10. Insults were never personal? Kwaliba?
    Anyways, congratulations on being elected as MP. Your friend Antonio is still in denial and insists that the PF has worn this election according to the PVT.

  11. Macgyver! musalu wali ‘pensamba’ simply means don’t look down on people as they may rise high than you. Good one. As for Monday Chanda. I will leave it to HH to forgive him. But we shall never forget his tantrums.

  12. Kikiki laughable indeed which party are you going to be loyal to???? Even you chi KZ you are finished and gone c.hikala. We are coming for you. We need our loot back to the government. Your Party was surviving and thriving on corruption and stolen cash and cheating. Overpricing the government’s projects so that you get the cuts was the order of the day. You were even competing in stealing government cash. With that cash not available PF is no more – its dead and buried mark my word. HH will not accept you thieving turn coats – kulibe baba. You are dead and buried kwasila…..
    Standing in court fooling people that they cleared you for stealing. BaChitalu, Chitotela, Kampyongo the list is endless of thieving Ministers. Ati courts cleared you kulibe the cases are still open and we need to…


  14. This guy is the most talented mu selela kwakaba of all time. LT, why even publish this drivel. This man cares not for his PF, UPND or the people he purports to represent, but himself. Unfortunately he is not alone in desperation. It is over mate. You fool some people, but not all the time.

  15. Nicely written article; but the answer is NoNoNo Chanda and the rest of the PF Rats thought tomorrow will never come.
    Some of you will be facing jail time. You and Kampyongo are the number one people who treated HH like he was a foreigner in is own country. No one has forgotten about the fire trucks. Someone will be answerable…In addition, Lungu has to explain how he became rich in such a short period of time. We are not going to be quiet.. You guys are in trouble.

  16. I expect you to consolidate the party together with other loyalists. I don’t expect you to end up like unip and mmd.
    I know that upnd won’t want you around or would like you to break apart. Ask the president to stick around with other founders of the party for it won’t be long before upnd crumbles. They promised more than they can put up. Towards 2021 rebrand PF and give it another shot. God has given Zambia a Saul. Understand that.

  17. Ikalenifye ba Kaizar, Sunday Chanda is a decent man although his description of ECL is very debatable. ECL was self-centred and should not have attempted a 3rd term. That said, Kaizar and your merry band of thieves, the law is coming on you like a ton of bricks, the purge you will see is bigger than that you witnessed under Levy.

  18. We are very happy that we gave the PF a very strong protest vote. What started to happen under PF was just out of this world. HH has not come to plunder. People strongly rejected PF. In the next election there will no PF MP

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