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Councils urged to take over the markets and bus stations


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga has urged the local authorities to take advantage of the President elect Hakainde Hichilema’s pronouncement to take over the markets and bus stations so that they can maximise their revenue base.

Mr Kamanga told journalist at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the Lusaka City Council should start deploying their officers in the markets and bus stations for them to start collecting taxes.

Mr Kamanga has warned that no carders of any political party should be seen collecting taxes and that only the councils have the responsibility to do so.

He said so far council cashiers through the Lusaka City Council have been positioned in all the markets and bus stations and are ready to start collecting taxes.

“We must ensure that the pronouncement made by the President elect to have markets and bus stations run by the council is actualised,” he said.

Mr. Kamanga said local authorities should go ahead and implement the markets and bus station act to ensure that they collect enough revenue for their operation to avoid the dependence on the central government.

He noted that when cadres leave the markets and bus stations a vacancy will be created and hence the need for local authorities to be proactive in deploying their staff to run them.

Meanwhile, Mr Kamanga has condemned the continued damaging of properties in markets and bus stations after the declaration of the seventh republican President elect Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kamanga stated that Lusaka Administration is disappointed with the fights and damaging of property by political party cadres.

“The President elect has given very clear instruction that no political party cadres should fight each other,” he said.


  1. It’s a rule that is there that was not followed ..
    From now onwards the council must do their job without intimidation from certain Political Party carders

  2. We have many systems in place which if followed will help this country to be were it should be. With the help of a change in the taxation system and making it easier to run businesses then we are headed for prosperity.

  3. The PF caders that have been terrorising Zambians for so long need to be held accountable…….least we forget.

    Only then will Zambians move forward.

  4. Too late the upnd animals are already violently taking over things that were never owned or controlled by pf cadres. At least under pf there was order in how markets were run and managed. You reap what you sow. Enjoy the tribal thuggish life under upnd.

  5. UNIP started running markets and embraced this sick culture.

    When KK was flying out or flying into Zambia, marketeers were forced to close their stands to go and parade for him at airports, sometimes for 8 hours. This was basically disadvantaging marketeers from selling their products and earnings. From then, every president has used the bus stops and markets as terrorist junctions for cadres. So it’s about time markets were left to the councils.

    Failure to collect taxes from the bottom to top corporations is a culture that need to eradicated

  6. Your caders as PF have been robbing markets and councils for years now, and now you want to sober up ,no we are not taking you along

  7. Why not put a system in place where these monies/payments collected can be sent directly to the Council so as to ensure a accountability. No one should be sent to collect cash from anyone in this day and age

  8. Yaba still day dreaming about PF…
    @Spaka have you failed to rule already…PF this PF that…we told that governing is no joke

  9. Get rid of these cadres in the civil service like this Elias Kamanga …employ new ones via Cabinet Office and let them sign a civil servants code of practice.

  10. “Mr. Kamanga said local authorities should go ahead and implement the markets and bus station act to ensure that they collect enough revenue for their operation to avoid the dependence on the central government.”

    Powers Reserved to the Provinces
    * ownership of property.
    * education of inhabitants.
    * implementation of welfare and other benefits programs and distribution of aid.
    * protecting people from local threats.
    * maintaining a justice system.
    * setting up local governments such as counties and municipalities.


  12. Out going PS, please stop issuing statements in our government, you should have noticed that vice when you were in office, trying to make us notice you wont work

  13. Markets and stations are a pay cheque for rogue cadres. When campaigns are heated up, hooligan commanders become more powerful making a parallel security wing in form of a militia. Markets are a brooding ground.
    Kang’ombe is giving a practical advise even though his mandate ended on last election day.

  14. Kaizar boy, mambala iwe get ready for the ACC and the Police to visit you.
    You know your civil service salary did not get you what you have accumulated. Non of your salaries or allowances can get what you have accumulated.
    Kawalala iwe you and everyone of you who stole from the Zambian people get ready. The law will make an example of you for every one to learn.

  15. The Zambian people know that the PF government stole from us because they all accumulated wealth which is more than they earned during their time in the government.

    It’s only now that they have been voted out of office that they have started admitting that they were arrogant and pompous towards their fellow country men and women.
    Ala Bane, we want our money
    Your houses will be turned into government property
    We know what you built and bought
    The law will visit you soon

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