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European Union Welcomes ECZ Results and congratulates HH


The European Union has welcomed the announcement of results by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and has since congratulated President-elect Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, “We look forward to working with the new President and his government, as well as with the newly elected members of the National Assembly, to strengthen our long and productive partnership with Zambia.”

“As a longstanding supporter of Zambia’s democratic process, the European Union commends voters who clearly demonstrated their commitment to democracy, participating in large numbers despite the challenging context of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mr Borrell said the example set by those candidates who made timely statements of concession is also very welcome.

“The EU Election Observation Mission’s preliminary assessment found that, despite a number of shortcomings during the campaign, the election day itself was largely calm and the electoral process was technically well managed. The EU Electoral Observation Mission remains in the country completing its work and finalising recommendations, on which we look forward to working closely with Zambian stakeholders,” he said.

Meanwhile, the National Olympic Committee of Zambia President Alfred Foloko has congratulated the country’s President-elect Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema’s landslide victory – by almost a million votes – and the peaceful transition of power has been heralded in sub-Saharan Africa and further afield.

The NOCZ chief has now joined these calls and says he is “thrilled” at the possibility of collaborating with Mr. Hichilema.

“On behalf of the National Olympic Committee of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to express our hearty congratulations on your ascendency to the highest office of the land, Presidency of the Republic of Zambia”, wrote Mr. Foloko.

“As a sports body, we are confident that you will steer this country with diligence and have no doubt that you will give sport the attention it requires, and indeed continue to be used it as one of the unifying factors for our land.

“We are thrilled to begin this new journey in the country’s timeline with you Mr. President as you embark upon new responsibilities, I wish to assure you and the government of the continued friendship, collaboration, and support from the Olympic and Commonwealth Sport Movement in the country.”

Foloko also claimed that Zambia’s Tokyo 2020 Olympians had been buoyed by messages of support from the incoming President and First Lady while at the Games.

Hichilema, who leads the United Party for National Development, has been elected Zambian President at the sixth attempt, and will take over from Edgar Lungu.

International observers have largely praised the way the vote was conducted.

The NOCZ sent 30 athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, including the women’s football team.

The Copper Queens drew 4-4 with China during their maiden Olympic appearance, and their three matches were not short of action, featuring 18 goals.

Zambia was also represented in athletics, judo, boxing and swimming.


  1. The EU are happy that a weak capitalist puppet is in control. They will enjoy recolonizing this nation and draining it of its resources. Anglo America are celebrating at the news of a coon winning the elections

  2. Look at the Chiefs who were endorsing Lazy Lungu ..the Luapula Chiefs and that drunkard Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people…they now look foooolish…this is the reason why Chiefs should never get involved in politics because if your endorsed candidate loses especially in your area your people are also giving you a vote of no confidence.

  3. @Kaizer Zulu, elections are over. Its time to give full support to HH as he governs the country. One of the reasons Africa is not developed we turn politics into war. What Zambians were simply doing on 12th August was to select a team to represent us in economic and social issuse of the country. Some of us going by the massive infrastructure PF has done we felt they should continue but majority as revealed by the elections results thought otherwise. We are one family sir. If HH succeeds in running the country, you succeed as a citizen too. Support him and pray for HH. HH promised to sell the presidential Jet which I know he will not. So people only if HH sells the presidential Jet should you ask to cut KZ’s manhood as he promised. Both are political promises.

  4. Kaizar Zulu you terrorised your own brothers and sisters like you are a Zambian. Well let me tell you nothing is set in concrete. Even your own life, one of these days you will expire. Just start to get your life in order. You may be in UK but you are still Zambian.

  5. Dominion I can’t respect a motherfarka like hh who refused to recognize ECL as leader. Why should I recognize him? My president is ECL and will remain so for the next five years. Go tell that to your f00Iish tribal leader.

  6. Poor Kaizer, just enjoy the Council House the UK government has given your unemployed asz. It used to be amusing reading your hate-filled post, but now you sound like, in addition to the UK government assistance, you need psychiatric help.

  7. No, Kaizer, unlike you, I WORK in Ethiopia and don’t pretend to be some hot shot in Zambia when I’m living off government assistance in the UK.

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