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Highvie Hamududu promises to provide checks and balances to the UPND alliance

Feature Politics Highvie Hamududu promises to provide checks and balances to the UPND...

Party of National Unity and Progress(PNUP) Leader Highvie Hamududu says his party will carry out its role in providing objective checks and balances to the UPND alliance Government. Mr. Hamududu says the PNUP will also provide alternative solutions to the problems Zambians are facing.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Hamududu also congratulated President-elect Hakainde Hichilema saying Zambian people have spoken.

Mr. Hamududu said people have placed a huge responsibility on the incoming President and he should do his part by improving the lives of all citizens.

And in an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Hamududu said politics is about debating ideas aimed at improving the wellbeing of the people.

Mr. Hamududu has also praised President Edgar Lungu for assuring a smooth transition of power to Mr. Hichilema.

He said Zambia’s democracy has continued to grow and is an example to other nations.

Mr. Hamududu has since wished the President-elect success in dealing with the country’s challenges.


  1. Keeping shouting without a plan.

    Bally is working and already prime TV is back in the air to air checks and balances. It is good for our democracy.

    We are not like the previous useless PF regime which closed media houses and other companies not knowing that they were creating unemployment and reducing tax revenue.

    We expect to provide necessarily checks and balances just to satisfy your ego.

  2. You will need all the checks and balances on the evil upnd. Even before they assumed power they killed pf supporters and are now looting pf properties. The upnd violent thugs donr listen to hh. He lacks authority. He had to get over 5 alliance leaders to attempt to beat ECL. Even then he only managed after unfair and violent attacks in his stronghold. Killing pf supporters. Good luck to Zambia the new Rwanda of the 90s

  3. Time for Congratulations. We will be with you Mr H. Hamududu when that time come we will not close our eyes. Celebration is a short time.

  4. Zambia will need progressive politicians like Highvie. The PF will disappear, just like the MMD has been erased, and the PNUP will take its place. Positive developments! And yes, please do your checks and balances. And total negative people like GBM, CK, EN, AM, DM and the absolute minion KZ (see above) can shout and do what they want. You had your time, you filled your pockets, and now your FINISHED. GOODBYE!

  5. And stup!s KZ: Rwanda is now a prosperous country, one of the most developed countries of Africa, thanks to a forward thinking modern day president. Not the oppressive corrupt thieving government of your diminished former boss. I hope that Zambia, under the able management of the president elect, will become like Rwanda is today! You can stay where you are, lying about everything and fantasizing about the totally failed election campaign of last months. The rest of Zambia has moved on, is moving on a lot more. And you are second in line (behind Edgar China Lungu) to appear for the fast track anti corruption court, I will make sure of that.

  6. Kaizer Zulu one of the Greatest ***** Of All Time. At least we have have claimed back our country from pf cadres. Peace is now flowing like a liver in the country even before he is sworn in.

  7. Thugs like kaizar Zulu have no morals. You will soon regret the injustice you have been doing to the Zambian people during the previous elections. Organizing pre marked ballot papers and cheating Zambians that PF is popular. You will soon rot in jail

  8. Congratulations to the out-going President HE Edigar Chagwa Lungu and the in-coming President Elect HE Hakainde Hichilema. ECL really performed and we could see with our naked eyes and no one will take away his incomparable massive developmental projects from him. Well done sir, I love you and already am missing you. Because of the love for Zambia, you have conceded defeat and handed power smoothly without tag of war. Zambia is better than USA on this one.
    To our president elect HE HH, we hope and trust that with your vast and successful business experience, Zambia will never be the same as you will impart your economic strategies into our heads so that we can also come closer to your enterprising business level. I wish you abundant God’s protection both in physical and spiritual realm…

  9. Compatriots, this is not the time for hate speech but time to reflect, heal and bury the hatchet. The people of Zambia have spoken and have decided to hire another captain. There is a lot of work ahead and we must not spend negative energies any more on unproductive issues but focus on moving our country FORWARD in UNITY. We all have a civic duty and responsibility to promote the spirit of one Zambia one Nation one People.

  10. Ladies and Gents the incoming president had a good message for Zambians yesterday, “we hear you Mr President,” but the issue of jobs, jobs, jos,jobs,jobs its a time Bomb. Threre ar no companies if this Souther Africa’s poorest country.

  11. Job well done Highvie Hamududu. Soon people will know who really are. SPAZ; smart people’ association of Zambia not that silly PF SMAZ thing that went on. You have an MP while the other big opposition parties, 30 year old parties have nada. PNUP is not a kantemba party, watch this space.

  12. I think kaizer Zulu is extremely shocked about the outcome of the election. You were busy cheating the former president.
    He would have listened to people but he was listening to your lies. Bye bye.

  13. News coming in, upnd thugs have gone on a rampage beating and looting pf properties and supporters. Is this what you call change? Never did the pf do this after winning in 2011.when I told you that upnd are violent thugs, you ridiculed me. Zambians you reap what you sow

  14. Correct me if i am wrong. I thought ECL is the current president and we still have the IG of police. Does it mean they can’t contain the cadres? Let them atleast do something nice in their last days in the office. We want a proper hand over without confusion.

  15. Welcome to UPND world..Bally will fix it…my ass….they should really thank the Bemba voters…the same people you call kimasholi

  16. mother land Zambia , Mr President to be , I really love how you are coming out lets help one another to proverd checks and balance to the new goverment

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