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Stop harassing PF party members – Mtayachalo


Newly elected Chama North Constituency Member of Parliament, Yotam Mtayachalo has called for an immediate stop of harassment of Patriotic Front (PF) members in the district.

Mr. Mtayachalo has told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS ) in Chinsali today that suspected United Party for National Development (UPND ) cadres have continued attacking PF supporters in the district.

He said attacks by suspected cadres from the UPND has resulted in the loss of personal property saying this is against the spirit of the President -elect Hakainde Hichilema who has called for peace among all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation.

” I wish to condemn in strongest possible terms orchestrated attacks on PF leaders and members by suspected UPND cadres resulting in personal property being destroyed following the announcement of presidential results which is against the spirit of republican President-elect Hakainde Hichilema,” said Mr. Mtayachalo.

Mr. Mtayachalo has since called on the police in Chama to arrest all culprits to serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders saying such attacks are uncalled for and barbaric and must end immediately so that law and order can revert to normal in the district.

And Mr. Mtayachalo has thanked the people of Chama North for electing him as their Member of Parliament in the just ended general election.

He said his election as Member of Parliament for the constituency is a clear indication of the enormous confidence the people of Chama North have vested in him and pledged to work tirelessly with the new government including all councillors regardless of their political party affiliations.

Mr. Mtayachalo said he will ensure that the Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDF) is a representative of key stakeholders if resources are to be equitably shared for the benefit of all wards in the Constituency.

The lawmaker also assured people of Chama that he will endeavour to provide effective checks and balances to the new administration.

“I want to assure the people of Zambia and Chama residents in particular that I will provide effective checks and balances in the National Assembly, ” said Mr. Mtayachalo.

He has also saluted traditional and religious leaders, among others for their continued support saying he will endeavour to regularly interact or consult with them in order to foster development in the constituency.

“Furthermore I want also to salute traditional and religious leaders among others for their continued support and as such I will endeavour to regularly interact or consult with heads of government departments and quasi-government institutions and other stakeholders in order to foster development in the constituency,” he said.

He added that during his tenure of office as Member of Parliament, he will focus on infrastructure development such as roads and bridges, and more importantly, top priority shall be given to timely completion of Chama-Matumbo and Chama-Lundazi road projects and construction of the Kamphemba Bridge.

Mr. Mtayachalo added that he will also tackle the issue of water supply, electrification, taking health and education services closers to people and economic empowerment programmes for young people and women, among others, who he said were the most vulnerable groups in society.


  1. When I said that the upnd cadres are violent animals, people said KZ is talking lies. Those that thought pf cadres were violent will now know what real violence is. As for me I have my licensed fire arm so if any upnd animal thug approaches me violently, I will protect myself in self defence

  2. One day in opposition and they are already crying, how the mighty have fallen….after stealing everything in sight.
    Please leave these empty tins!!

  3. Normally I wouldn’t condone violence, but these cowards were silent when PF cadres were terrorizing people – even police. I give zero f*#ks!

  4. That thief kaizar zulu thinks a fire arm arm can save him…he is part of the violent moon instigators whose pf thugs terrorized citizens for 7 yrs.

    He now cries foul less than a week? How many bullets did your firearm hold you criminal?

    You,particularly you chi kaizar zulu already have blood on your hands.. we will catch you..

  5. Faka pressure.

    Let us give these PF thugs a taste of their own medicine for another week (only).

    After that, we can send all cadres (PF and UPND) to national service for 12 months. On completion, we can deploy these boys on farms.

  6. Ba Kaizar Zulu, when will this end. Calling others as animals is not a way to start healing. I bet you are Christian right

  7. Mr. Mutaya whatever! Opposition cadres were brutalizer for 23 years and you want to complain just for a day. Stop being a cry baby man!

  8. Please understand the simple logic, we want peace. The loss of life is not good, it is not that pf cannot defend itself. We can hence our request is that the winner must behave. Remember, chama north has majority in pf so should we manhandle upnd???

  9. Opposition members were living like in hell during the once Mighty outing PF and what is happening across the country is just getting rind of the bottled up anger and frustrations but it will still cool down. This should never be allowed to happen in future. Zambians should live in peace as brothers and sisters enjoying the little they have.

  10. Myatachalo were you not FDD? Where is your former FDD president nawakwi ? We are looking for her. Nothing serious, We just want to buy sausages.

  11. I totally agree, these pathetic Foools thugs had beaten and taken money from people for yrs and they are crying for one day, cry babies just like meno meno…. He cried when he lost and tried everything all in vein

  12. Stop harrassing PF members? I’m only STARTING! They have harrassed the Zambian population for over six years, so we have all the right to some harrassing back. Especially total id!ots like that UK based troll and imposter KZ – I will harrass him to my hearts content until he serves his time in Lusaka Central Prison – and then I will harrass him there!

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