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I’ll not petition the Presidential Results despite pressure from my allies-President Lungu


President Lungu has said that the ruling Patriotic Front will not petition the just-ended presidential elections despite pressure from his close allies.

Speaking when he attended the burial of former Patriotic Front (PF) Northwestern Province Chairperson Jackson Kungo today, who was murdered during the elections. President Lungu said that petitioning the Thursday election results will bring tension in the country and this must be avoided.

President Lungu said that the tension which happened in 2016 was too much which must be avoided.

The Head of State said that he has been under pressure from close allies to petition but he personally refused to petition in order for peace to prevail and that he did not want the tension that happened in 2016 to repeat itself this year.

“At the end of the day the tension that we experienced in 2016 we are going to feel it and at the end of 14 days there will be a lot of damage that will be done to Zambians,” he said.

President Lungu said that those who want to petition the Parliamentary results can do so but it is not necessary at the Presidential level

President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has described late Northwestern Province Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson, Jackson Kungo as a patriot who positively contributed to the growth of the party.

President Lungu said that the circumstances in which Mr. Kungo was murdered was unZambian and unwarranted which must be condemned by every citizen.

President Lungu was speaking in Solwezi today during the burial of Mr Kungo at Kimiteto cemetery. President Lungu has since urged all Zambians to strongly condemn political violence as it destabilizes the peace and unity in the country.

And President Lungu has assured Mr. Hichilema of his support in ensuring the smooth transition of power as well as ensuring that the country is safe.

“I am encouraging members of the PF to mourn Mr Kungo with the love of Christ and let us not seek vengeance but leave it to God,” he advised.

Meanwhile, PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila expressed grief over the death of Mr. Kungo, saying he wronged no one to be murdered in that manner leaving his children suffering behind.

Mr Mwila urged all those who know that they are culprits and guilty of Kungo’s death to freely surrender themselves to Police.

And Mr.Kungo’s widow, Munalula described her late husband as a loving and caring person.

Other people that attended the burial include PF party presidential running mate, Nkandu Luo, Lusaka PF Provincial Chairperson Ngonga Mukupa, members of the central committee, Provincial Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela, Senior provincial party officials among others and members of the general public.

Mr. Kungo 39, was brutally murdered at Kyawama Polling Station on Thursday, August 12, 2021 by people purporting to be UPND cadres who were casting their votes and suspected him of being in possession of pre-marked ballot papers.

Mr. Kungo is survived by a wife and five children

President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Solwezi for the burial of North Western province provincial Chairman, Jackson Kungo


  1. Yes we know how violent the upnd thugs can get. We will beat them at the next poll when Zambians realise that all those big promises they made were just for political gain. Wise president lungu. You are my president as I don’t recognize hh

    • This PF Party is not serious, , even with the overwhelming walloping which they suffered every where in the country they can even be mentioning words like petitioning, he must have very wrong colleagues this out going man including the guy I am responding to

  2. Well done sir I think we know the cartel that would have been pushing for a petition on this Occassion we thank you for taking a firm stance



  5. Ba Kaizer, its over and you are better off displaying maturity on public fora like this. You can not fight 2.8 million Zambians who made that decision. Precisely, its that immaturity and arogance that cost you dearly. Today, I saw LCC taking over intercity bus terminal to collect revenue which was lost in billions of Kwacha. Tell us why we should not arrest and prosecute those who stole that money, if you are not even one of them. Thats even before the new govt starts. Be civil in your arguments and grow up. No one will beat drums for you.

  6. How do you petition when you have lost by a million votes. What chance will you have even if your favored concourt decides to have a re-run. You might even end up now losing by more than 2 million votes since all those sitting on the fence might decide now to switch their allegiance to the one they know is going to win. Lungu is just being realistic here.

  7. I would encourage the chap to petition the results. The poison that GBM and Chishimba Kambwili were spreading on radio stations in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces is well-known, restrictions to HH’s access to the airspace are well-known, the destruction of Chiengi community radio station by PF cadres is well-known. Now what is not known. You bloody petition now!

  8. ECL is getting pressure from his allies such as Kaizar Zulu.

    Put a sock in it KZ. You SORE LOSER. You can hide, but you won’t be allowed to get away with the crimes your committed against Zambia.

  9. What pressure naimwe, just accept it, you cant petition 1million votes….you are still living your lies.
    Lungu, you would have been a hero, had you also recognized many other lives that have been lost DUE to violence during your presidency. Why did it have to take Mr. Jackson Kungo `s life for you to realize the situation was bad ? Now you are being the biggest crybaby. we have no time for that. INTERCITY IS BACK TO THE COUNCIL WITHIN FEW DAYS, SOMETHING THAT PF has failed to control in last 7 years Lungu in Office, because, that is how PF wae rewarding its cadres. THOSE ALLIES OF YOURS WERE TRYING TO CHEAT YOU AGAIN, THE SAME WAY THEY CHEATED WITH THEIR PVT.

  10. Wiser after the fact.
    If you had not been listening to these allies over the last 7 years, Do not be deceived, bad company ruins good morals.

  11. tikki oloso!! 1. UPND is now a national party. 2. Anyone can now,join it and even lead it. 3. HH is no longer a regional leader. The Sejani formular is on its last legs.

  12. It’s time to move forward Zambia. There’s so much work to be done, so stop wasting time with petitions. The best we all can do is support the new government in their course for unity and the development of the country.

  13. The deluded dupe thinks he’s popular. Anyway let him stay on as PF leader so that he faces HH again in 2026. After all the Constitutional Court says he’s elligible.

  14. On point.
    Our president has spoken. Extremely very wise decision. Now you know that even the opposition can rig. This applies to 3 out of the 10 parts of the whole if you know what I mean. Your long term goal was cut short by the short term needs of the youths and the impatience of some matures. Analogous to miscarriage. Nevertheless it’s the job you signed up for. Otherwise we will miss you our dear president. Now render support to the president-elect.
    Kungo may not have died in vain depending on what conviction one applies. God will vindicate him. What a way to die.

  15. waste of space. PF is put to rest. we are now looking to the future. When a thief is caught, he is not encouraged to go on stealing; Instead he is encouraged to STOP stealing. Such arrogance has paid them in kind

  16. Petition would not have made any difference.
    This is landslide.If it was close then petition
    Was ok.Zambians had already made up their
    Mind.looking at numbers.Try 2026.

  17. But some of you are so ignorant . He was voted out but he is still the President until a the Preisdent elect is sworn in. Don’t show your ignorance in public.

  18. Of course he cannot petition because he knows he was going lose miserably. He literally campaigned alone. The evidence is there. From 2016 he’s been stopping the opposition from mobilising, under registering voters in UPND strongholds, incarceration of HH on trumped up charges and stopping or frustrating the opposition from campaigning during the official campaign period. PF simply failed to rig. The people’s voice was mightier than them.

  19. Elo nomba ba PF balaishiba ubuntu and how to interact with the common people whose lives they rode on with disdain! Mr. Kungo (MHSRIP) is no more due to PF disregard of law governance and a president who governed more like a party cadre than president of a nation. It is interesting to note that the language that should have been a norm for peaceful coexistence is now on the lips of PF! Well done for it is better to lick wounds of being vanquished while at the same time being remorseful for the brutality exacted on the foe during their weaker situation.

    ECL has aged too fast these few days leading to the elections! Is it only me observing this?

  20. This is the worst President in Zambia’s history one Edgar Chagwa Lungu
    That is this lazy man’s last trip on Gulfstream AF001 more abusing GRZ flying arms leaders and Drug dealers on the Presidential Jet ..I hope he didnt cut a deal with HH because either way the people will follow up on this thief like FTJ.

  21. It would have been a hot potato case to touch even for his appointees cronies in Concourt if he petitioned the results because he lost by a million votes …really laughable!!

  22. Petition on what grounds? What a hypocrite. Pretending to concede defeat, yet spewing the existence of a possible petition encouraged by ‘allies’. You mean by people who wanted to continue ‘eating’ with you? In any case, there should be petitions against you! For the barring of opponents, cancellation of flying permits, declaring ‘strongholds’ as no go areas, bribes etc. The master of unfairness you are, yourself. I would advise that you ‘slither’ quietly away – while we keep the legal avenues open for a corruption sweep of your regime, that should be allowed to follow.

  23. So losing Edgar lungu sheds crocodile tears? But he never shed a tear for all the Zambians he killed by gassing,hoping to declare a state of emergency & arrest the opposition candidate at the time… your cops killed Mapenzi & numerous Zambians were killed by your violent cadres

    You have to be stupid to believe you can fool all the Zambians. Thank God you lost Lungu, you are not just a clueless leader but you are just a bad human being.. great riddance!

  24. Abuse of PF running mate campaigning using public funds and holding meetings with Chiefs against covid guidelines
    Bribing of all headmen in the country with bicycles
    Dressing trees with PF campaign chitenge
    Abuse of weak souls like Ntewewe
    Disrespectful and arrogance of Antonio FDD Mwanza
    Chanda Kabwe moving in quickly in areas with bye elections, distributing goodies
    Directionless ZNBC totally abused
    Some chiefs even abused and banning HH as their areas were declared no go areas
    And you are here talking about colleagues asking you to petition, you must have serious dandala heads as colleagues, hence your being walloped

  25. Mr KZ this is your end so just forget about PF and join socialist party cause that’s ware they can except you us in UPND we dont want thugs we want people with brains to rule us.

  26. Only a fool would petition a massive loss like this one. This revelation is a kick under a belt. Lungu has nothing more to say because all the time it was attacking HH. Just prepare yourself how you will defend yourself in court. Chalo chawama manje…

  27. Edgar Lungu,God is great…..He saved the Tonga tribe of Southern Province fr the pangs of sure death!

    Had you managed to rig your way & rule again you would most likely have ethnically cleansed the whole tribe with your nazi-like tribalists Kaizar Zulu, Chishimba Kambwili,GBM & Luo as ring leaders.

    Under PF,it became a crime be Tonga..

  28. Davies Mwila says the August 12 Elections Results were fraudulent so why not Petition the Results? Its ECL’s right to Petition the 2021 Elections if he is not happy but he must have valid reasons for the Petition. HH won the August Elections with at least 1 million votes. That decisive result is unrigable and unappealable. Its very difficult to rig a landslide victory.

  29. sell that ka jet so that they know it’s was not neccessary in a country where people go without food to eat.

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