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Increased levels of lawlessness by party cadres will no longer be entertained-UPND Alliance officials

General News Increased levels of lawlessness by party cadres will no longer be entertained-UPND...

United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance officials have talked strongly condemned acts of lawlessness in the country. Former Mpika Constituency UPND Parliamentary candidate, Chintende Mwanamwenge says following the UPND alliance’s general elections victory there have been increased levels of lawlessness by party cadres which he say will not be entertained.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Mwanamwenge said that the President -elect Hakainde Hichilema has given a directive to end lawlessness and as such, party officials will work together to ensure that it is put to an end.

“People have actually taken advantage of the election victory and have gone on rampage victimising residents, ” said Mr. Mwanamwenge.

He further said that men and women in uniform must be respected adding that no one should harass citizens in market places and other areas.

Mr. Mwanamwenge advised the general public to conduct citizen’s arrest on the perpetrators to curb mischief saying it is senseless for people to attack business houses or individuals.

“It is a crime to attack business houses and individuals and all those found wanting will be dealt with by the law, the UPND will not tolerate such acts.

Following its 12 August general elections victory, the UPND Alliance cadres and supporters have gone in a frenzy of celebrations throughout the country consequently damaging public property in the process.

President elect Hakainde Hichilema during a press briefing at his residence 16 August spoke sternly against lawlessness by cadres warning of stern action by Zambia police service.

And Mpika District Commissioner Sampa Muswema has urged civil servants to work with the President- elect Hakainde Hichilema in an effort to end lawlessness in the district.

Speaking when he held a meeting with civil servants at the District Administration Boardroom yesterday, Mr. Muswema reminded civil servants to remember their mandate to work with the government of the day and to execute their duties accordingly.

“In the Patriotic Front government you worked well, therefore I urge you to do the same event in this government and even better,” said Mr. Muswema.

Mr. Muswema has also thanked President Edgar Lungu for the leadership that he exhibited in the national and has since congratulated Mr. Hichilema for emerging 7th President of Zambia.

Meanwhile, Lubambala Ward Chairlady, Joyce Nalavwe says acts of violence will not be tolerated in the markets and surrounding areas.

Ms. Nalavwe expressed confidence that acts of cadre-ism will be brought to an end.


  1. And Mpika District Commissioner Sampa Muswema has urged civil servants to work with the President- elect Hakainde Hichilema in an effort to end lawlessness in the district.. this is the same chap who was preventing HH from appearing on radio stations in the district. Too late you’re gone!

  2. It’s on the institutions of democracy-police, army etc not the party otherwise we are going back to “the party and it’s government “ (UNIP and PF).

  3. the harder they come the Harder they fall…someone will soon capitalize on this continued cadrerism and pounce on HH in 2026……Harry Kalaba for President 2026

  4. The same DCs were in the forefront of being partisan. Just abolish that position. It was never there during unip and FTJ just introduced it to give jobs to cadres who were left out of appointments and wanted rewards. They have no job description even.

  5. Where is the police? They were teargassing political campaigns but now they are nowhere to be seen?

  6. True colors of UPND…violence and lawlessness…and killers…shame on HH shame on UPND…..2026 vote them out…Harry Kalaba start warming up….this will be easy Victory for you…Zambians will vote the Southern way once again and HH will become a one term President…just a continuation of PF and now even worse than PF

  7. It’s only three beginning of the rule of violent upnd thugs. You elected a terror group. Good luck hahaha

  8. @Anonymous , Ichikonko chilekwipaya. Ulimu denial? You used to say ati HH will never be president, Nomba HH IS THE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA, HE WALLOPED LUNGU OVER 900,000 VOTES. YOUR TRIBALISM WILL KILL YOU!

  9. The PF left because of stubbornness. If the UPND want to remain at the top, they must learn to listed: and listen very carefully. The best advice comes from the unexpected sources.
    Lawlessness is emanating from UPND supporters who are venting their frustration on PF for the perceived previous govt’s iron handedness. Denying this won’t help UPND in any way.

  10. The police service needs to be equipped and left to be professional as they execute their services. The president must completely stay away and not interfere. Political caderism must be banned completely it has a lot of disadvantages to the Nation and breeds divisions of the worst order. I do not want to be scared to criticise the ruling party or even wear a branded t-shirt for the opposition for fear of being attacked and brutalised. What we saw and experienced under the PF regime must come to an end for the sake of a safe Zambia,

  11. PF yalala yalala! We told you that PF party was going nowhere. Where is PF today?

    Michael Sata must be crazy about Edgar Lungu in his grave for destroying the party he labored.

    Bally is fixing everything and whatever was broken will be fixed.

    Zambia Forward!

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