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Mambwe Council Secretary condemns breaking of government property


Mambwe Town Council Secretary Henry Siwakwi has condemned the breaking of government property during celebrations of United Party for National Development (UPND) winning presidential elections

And Mr Siwakwi has described the unruly behaviour by persons clad in UPND regalia as unfortunate and warned that such acts shall not be condoned.

Yesterday crowds of unruly Mambwe residents some of them clad in UPND political attire ran amok around the government offices breaking mortise locks, smashing President Edgar Lungu’s portraits, windows and a laptop for one of the workers at Mambwe Town Council.

The cadres also extended their excitement for destruction on several government properties.

It only took UPND Member of Parliament for Malambo constituency, Peter Phiri to intervene and call in the police to stop the celebrating crowd from wreaking havoc at the government administration.

In the process police managed arrest a number of the unruly crowd who are now in detention.

Mr Phiri regretted the trail of damage caused during what appeared to be a retribution by UPND supporters on some government workers considered to have been supporting the Patriotic Front.

And winning Mambwe Town Council Chairperson Isaac Zulu condemned the behavior that was portrayed by the cadres.

Mr Zulu said the country had been divided for a long time because of such acts and thus unity is needed.

“Our government will not tolerate any lawlessness. Any person found wanting will be dealt with accordingly. We will ensure that the law takes its course on all who want to bring disorderly conduct.” He said.

Mr Zulu further added that the leadership of President-elect Hakainde Hichilema wants to ensure that government workers work freely without being intimidated by anyone.

Meanwhile the district administration offices in Mambwe have been closed while the District Commissioner and the District Administrative Officer are reported to have fled from the area for fear of retribution.


  1. This is the reason that leaders must moderate their language because their followers will react according to the tone of their language. I hope Edgar is seeing the anger of the people. I’m very certain that if he dares to go into the public now he’ll be lynched. The election results have shown that he’s been rejected everywhere, Edgar has very few sympathizers. The PF had become a monster, his pursuit for an illegal 3rd term further angered the people. You can’t take people for granted. Our appeal for now must be for self restraint. Please calm down, there’s life after elections

  2. Ayatollah, those buildings they’re damaging don’t belong to Lungu or PF. There’s no excuse whatsoever for committing a crime. PF cadres were called savages because of their brutality and these guys are not different… the difference that people have been fighting for.

  3. Ayatollah is right – if Edgar China Lungu, or one of his minions GBM, CK, EN, DM, AM, KZ shows their faces – they’ll be DEAD and there won’t be anybody crying – I for one certainly won’t

  4. What has Edgar Lungu have to do with UPND Carders who are celebrating and damaging government properties. UPND you are now ruling, this is the time to control your carders and face reality. Don’t put blame on PF. PF has lost and its your carders now. Kkkkkkk lelolelo

  5. Ayatollah, please react to the UPND carders damaging properties and not third term. Edgar and PF have lost don’t blame him for your failures to control your own Tonga carders.

  6. This never happened under pf. Hahaha good luck. We warned you about violent upnd thugs. Enjoy.

    It has not even been inaugurated yet and there is already chaos. Under 5 leadership is here kiki

  7. @De Javu, some of the people damaging property were in green PF regalia a few days ago, they have just changed colours. I appealed to all leaders to moderate their language. The UPND are also guilty of strong language. I’ve been on many UPND forums and you can’t imagine that they’ll get such a landslide with their language. The reason we have praised HH’s speech is that he has appealed to his followers to behave, in the past he was usually quiet on such matters. That message has calmed down the situation in many areas. So let’s support him to bring sanity to life

  8. And is this “Bally will fix it ” behavior now…looks like from now on any little thing….then they will be damages and breaking up things…come on guys…this is just Politics….and please don’t make HH’s work difficult otherwise some Political party will capitalise on this UPND unruly and riotous behavior to start decampaining HH for 26….remember 5 years is not a long time

  9. And don’t forget UPND is always labeled as a violent party so these guys are just proving themselves right….and if this trend continues i see Harry Kalaba’s party becoming a serious threat to UPND in 2026…..mark my words

  10. Their leader needed to come out and condemn this violent behaviour but I believe he is too busy preparing his inauguration speech.

  11. And for those that bring “God”.. in everything…so was Lungu chosen by God???…remember what they were saying in 2015…if so how can God make a wrong choice

  12. @Ayatollah, Good points. Funny thing is where I stay there are PF members who have now become staunch Upnd members… overnight!!!

  13. @ Lazi
    Now you’re giving him excuses….all of a sudden he is too busy…ok let him continue being too busy…and voters will be too busy for him in 2026….

  14. So sad that during the transition, the police and other security agencies are still not yet able to conduct their work professionally. The PF thugs know what property their leaders stole from the public and are in the forefront organising breaking into such properties. These criminals are in a hurry as they know law and order and security will be restored once the new UPND alliance officially takes full responsibilities. Upon taking office soon, UPND alliance shall ensure that investigation, prosecution and judiciary institutions, find, convict and recover stolen property and property acquired using stolen public money for the benefit of all Zambians.


  16. Why are my messages deleted but Kaizer Zulu hate speech remains? Is it because I’m seeking to reward anyone who gives me information on the whereabouts of Kaiser Zulu $300? Kaiser has outstanding criminal affidavits for assault and needs to be prosecuted. If Lusakatimes is deleting messages and continues to do this, here is a hint you won’t succeed. I will advertise widely until this man is arrested. He assaulted a man with little kids. I will ensure justice is served. I hope he is in Zambia because if he in the U.K or anywhere where he can be extradited, I will ensure he gets deported.

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