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Post-election violence worries ActionAid-Zambia


ActionAid-Zambia has described the continued violence perpetrated by political party cadres in some parts of the country as unfortunate.

ActionAid-Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba said post-election violent activities were unfortunate.

Mrs. Ziba noted that the just-ended election was a people’s revolution which should have ordinarily brought violence to an end.

She told ZANIS in an interview that Zambia is a beacon of peace hence cadres should not be allowed to continue infringing on people’s rights through violent activities.

She further stated that cadres should not be allowed to hijack the power of the local authority who are legally mandated to collect revenue from public places such as markets and bus stations among others.

Mrs. Ziba added that the local authority must be given back their voice and power to collect revenue for the government unlike what has been happening in the recent past.

She added that cadres should find solutions to their financial problems as the local authority takes over the running of markets and bus stations.

She has since called upon the President-elect Hakainde Hichilema to provide business opportunities to young people through loans and grants.

Mrs. Ziba explained that the loans will enable the youths to start start-up businesses that will make them financially stable and contribute to the growth of the business economy.

The ActionAid-Zambia Country Director said there is also need for the incoming government to ensure that civil servants’ retirement age be reduced to 55 years to allow young people to join the public service.

“There are areas that we as ActionAid-Zambia would like to see the incoming government work on and one of them being corruption which has increased in the past five years,” she said.

She said corruption exacerbates poverty and denies citizens a chance to experience development.

Mrs. Ziba also called on the incoming government to prioritise national unity on its agenda.

She added that the country is for every Zambian regardless of their political and religious affiliation and beliefs.


  1. Hahahahaha not so fast,,,,Bally Bally Bally fix it……….here we go just a continuation and now even worse….i voted for Biden but now i miss Trump…..Now imagine if the lost elections….or what will happen if they genuinely lose in 2026…these guys will bring civil war to Zambia….

  2. Where is the police? They were teargassing political campaigns, but now they’re nowhere to be seen?

  3. This is untamed Africa where even a winning football team will still stone the team they have beaten. Welcome madam

  4. Ask “where is Charity Katanga?”. Missing Charity Sausage.
    …. Sausage, Sausage, Sausage to PF ni nsele..

  5. There is no justification for this violence by criminal elements pretending to be political cadres. However what is happening is partially to long bottled up emotions by some citizens that were hurt. You need to find a systematic way of enabling those bottled up emotions to be expressed in a non-destructive way. Setting up an honest conversation on what happened and the pains people may have gone through can be a possible avenue for enabling the citizenry to express themselves and gain quick restitution from relevant mandated institutions. This has to go hand in hand with Law enforcement entities playing their part. A Truth commission or something similar has been used world over to address situations where many citizens are hurting of perceived injustices . Such a National…

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