Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ministry of Health to review COVID-19 submissions


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama says the technical committee of Permanent Secretaries will today review submissions from various sectors with regard to the progress made in curbing COVID-19.

Dr Malama indicated in a statement released in Lusaka today that recommendations for decision making will also be done.

He said the government remains cognizant of the fact that many businesses have been negatively affected by the various measures which were put in place by delicately balancing between saving lives and allowing the wheels of the economy to run.

Dr Malama stated that joint monitoring and surveillance efforts in learning institutions have been ramped up with the remaining grades in pre- school, primary schools, secondary schools and all universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning scheduled to open on 23rd August, 2021.

“We are delighted that for the grades which opened earlier, there have been no adverse incidents reported and we are confident that even as other grades open, the learning environment will continue to be conducive,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary stressed that what is key for all learning institutions is to ensure heightened adherence to the public health and social measures.

“We have continued through the multi-sectoral teams to strengthen our risk communication and infection, prevention and control compliance monitoring and enforcement,” he stated.

Dr. Malama has since urged members of the public to support the multi-sectoral teams as they execute their tasks.


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