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I’m not on ZESCO’s Payroll and President Elect HH has never paid any school fees for me-Antonio Mwanza


Patriotic Front(PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza has rubbished social media reports making the rounds about a number of allegations against him. In a statement posted on the party’s Facebook, Mr. Mwanza denied being on Government-owned state Enterprise ZESCO’s payroll and beseeched the management at ZESCO to clear what he described as a fake story.

Mr Mwanza also rubbished the assertions that the President-Elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema paid his school fees and he has never at any time in his life gotten a coin from Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Mwanza said that lying that Mr. Hichilema took him to school when he has never at any time given him even a coin is quite painful, despite supporting him to the point of being expelled from UNZA.

Below is the full statement


19th August, 2021

Following the outcome of the 12th August general elections, I have seen unprecedented heightened levels of LIES, MALICE, HATRED, and PROPAGANDA being channeled at supersonic frequency against me. The idea is to demonize me, assassinate my character, and raise public anger against me for crimes I have never committed.


Let me begin by stating a simple fact that this is a FAKE story that was published by The New Vision Newspaper.

The said Newspaper APOLOGISED to me personally about this fake story of theirs but looking at the gravity of the damage this fake story has caused on my reputation, I proceeded to sue the Newspaper for damages.

The case is coming up this month and I will prove in court that the story is false and this will send a clear message to all media outlets to learn not to spread falsehoods and fake news.


Again, this is another fake story being perpetuated by those whose mission is to slander my character. I am NOT and I have NEVER been on any ZESCO payroll.

I challenge anyone to produce evidence of this falsehood. Further, I wish to beseech ZESCO Management to clear this fake and useless rumour that I have been on their payroll.


I have never been engaged in any corrupt deal. I have never at any time had any business dealings with Government. I have never committed any crime. I am as clean as a whistle.


For a long time now some people have been spreading falsehoods that President-elect, Mr. Hakainde Sammy Hichilema paid my school fees. I want to categorically state that President-elect Mr. Hichilema has NEVER at any time paid my school fees. I have NEVER at any time in my life gotten a coin from Mr. Hichilema.

Suffice to say that, I and President-elect Hichilema shared a very close political relationship from the time that he came into UPND in 2006. I supported Mr. Hichilema to the hilt; I was even expelled from UNZA for my support of UPND and President-elect Hichilema. So to be lying that Mr. Hichilema took me to school when he has never at any time given me even a coin is quite painful.


I am a graduate of the University of Zambia. Check your records.


I am a free citizen and like any other citizen of this country, I have the right to freely participate in the governance of this country without any fear of retribution, injury, malice or insult. The fact that I do not support your party or your candidate should never make me your bitter enemy. These are just politics, don’t make them personal.

Finally, I want to thank His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his leadership and his indelible contribution to the development of this country.

Stop the lies, the malice, the hatred, and the propaganda against me.

God bless Zambia.

Issued by:
Antonio Mwanza
PF Media Director


  1. Why are we spending any time and space on this absolute LOSER who helped the PF on its way to OBLIVION?

  2. Who is asking? Go back and reorganize your party. We still need an opposition. Next time do not use narratives based on body parts. Vimafauka vintu ivi ka…

  3. How could he be “clean as a whistle” when he is the PF director of propaganda! He made a living out of enabling and sustaining the PF corrupt, inept, and incompetent administration.

  4. I remember this man’s words when he joined the defeated PF that “you can grow old in the opposition”. Really? Has HH grown old? Antonio used to make so much sense when he was in the opposition. The moment he joined PF and started defending their bad governance he lost credibility. He’s nothing but an opportunist. You joined the losing team and am sure you are regretting together with Charles Kakoma

  5. I despise Antonio Mwanza but he has his rights and I would not approve of any move to connect him to a crime he has not committed. This clarification is welcome and I hope it’s the truth.

  6. Azakambira ku sogoro uyu.
    For now shut the f——k up and get your sh—-t in order bwana Mwanza ndaba ba ACC, DEC are out in full force.
    Tu ndalama twamene muli nato Save it for legal fees

  7. Better keep quiet because the truth will follow you.Your falsehood made Edgar Chagwa Lungu lose the elections together with your failed Secretary General Davis Mwila. There’s a saying ” do not boast to the crocodile when you are still in it’s territory because it can cramp you” this one applies to you as well.

  8. Antonio Mwanza predicted that HH was going to lose the 2021 Elections terribly bad. The result is opposite. Mwanza told us PF was going to win in WP, NWP, LP, CBP etc. Now that HH is being inaugurated as the 7th President of Zambia on Tuesday August 24, 2021 can’t Antonio Mwanza concede defeat and Congratulate HH? Mwanza’s analysis of the outcome of the 2021 Elections was completely wrong. Mwanza should admit that his predictions were entirely wrong. He should apologize for misleading the PF Party and the Nation. Shame on him.

  9. They still have courage because they believe that their Ex President has negotiated a soft landing. Wait!

  10. Lies coming back to haunt him. You don’t survive on lies.

    He created a beast of lies, now the beast has come back to maul him.

    He who kills by the sword will be killed by the sword.

    Antonio, learn to do good and good luck and good things will follow you.

  11. hahahahahaha, LIES, MALICE, HATRED, and PROPAGANDA everything he and his ka worst president to ever walk the face of this earth were doing to the opposition.

  12. I know alot of PF cadres who were on payroll with a Ford Ranger as personal holder vehicle for these Utility companies like ZESCO and LWSC…this is why we need to audit ZESCO get rid of that CEO and bring someone from outside, the same with that Engineer at Zamtel Sydney who was busy giving out bicycles and commissioning comms towers with politicians during campaigns.

  13. Cheap propaganda by upnd. This is a sign of what’s to come. They will spend the next five years telling you that pf is bad instead of doing what they promised you. That is what happens when you win election based on lies and a president who has never even been a councillor

  14. All those outside of southern province who voted hh will wake up and realise that they have voted in the worst tribal dictator to walk the planet. Just look at his record.. he has gone unchallenged for the upnd presidency for decades and even went as far as to change the party constitution to accommodate his tribal agenda. He has the camera following him everywhere and that is cultivating a cult of personality which every dictator does. In addition, if you have noticed, only he is making any decisions. You won’t hear from any other upnd member especially women. Not even his wlfe is allowed to speak. This is just the start. Ask Garry, he has to ask for permission from hh to use the toilet or sleep with his wlfe. Moo

  15. Antony Mwanza do you remember Chanda chimba 111? you are worse than him The law will catch you soon. You scandalize HE HH just stop ranting.

  16. It’s has never been a crime in Zambia, and I hope it won’t be, for anyone to join a political party of his own choice. According to him, Antonio initially supported UPND, then came to FDD and lastly to PF. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this because Zambia has a constitution which people must abide by. From the bloggers above, it would appear as if Antonio committed a crime for supporting PF, which is not the case. THE FACT IS HE HAS REFUTED THE ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST HIM; THE ONUS LIES OF THE ACCUSERS TO PROVE HIM WRONG. We are in a multiparty era; let’s learn to live in diversity. On my part, I congratulate Antonio for coming forward to clear his name. It’s extremely unfair to demonise him even after he clarified himself.

  17. Out of everybody in PF, this boy was the most disrespectful to HH, his language was always without decorum, decency and civility. His language was always vulgar and appears there was nobody to supervise him

  18. Why lie about someone’s status?? Upnd should stop this manipulation of social media. This route upnd is taking is a familiar one. It started with FTJ, then Mwanawasa, then Sata. All three leaders realised that they were chasing ghosts, it was those people around them who wanted to get revenge from their rivals and those they hated. If hh follows this route, it will come back to bite them-remember, Zambia is a democracy and upnd won’t be in power forever….

  19. Ka propaganda still continues even after winning. Yesterday we heard dollar was trading at K16….time to face reality and not fantasies

  20. The witch hunt will not put food on people’s table, it will not create employment…. just do what you promised the people. So you demonize this fella what next? Next you look for more fellas to scandalize until five years is up. If he stole simply report him to the police instead of resorting to malicious and illitrate propaganda.

  21. Zambian Citizen @21, the crimes of the PF are well-known. Just wait. I suspect that there’s a lot u don’t know or u’re pretending. I hope u will urge Edith Nawakwi to
    continue pursuing her case in which she wants the Hatembo family of Kalomo as witnesses. Lastly welcome back to LT after the shock of losing the general elections. I commiserate with u on this one. I hope u hv recovered now.

  22. All the bad and rotten eggs must be thrown in the food bin, then put in new and competent professionals, while in sending a strong message that crime does not pay. prosecute the wrong doers to the full extend of the law

  23. What needs to be caged now is kaizer Zulu. May all those who have a list of his crimes come to the police. Now is the time to get the justice PF government denied you.

    Kaizer must hung or be jailed for aggravated robbery.

    So it saved you a purpose at that time, and you did NOT say that was a fake news. Now, things are bad, and you are running for excuses. And you continue to LIE. Listen, lets say, no one wants to CUT YOUR MANHOOD, BUT concede to one thing, instead of cutting it, you will get circumcized. The NW people – Luvales, Luchazi, Lundas are good at that. You can also invite Kambwili, the Godfather of trib.alism.
    Lets make that a symbol that tribalism was bad, and should never happen again ! Your circumcision will be great symbol to end PF arro.gance and tri.balism. Your manhood will remain, and we would have burried trabal talk. A WIN….WIN situation.

    So it saved you a purpose at that time, and you did NOT say that was Now, things are bad, and you are running for excuses. And you continue to LIE. Listen, let’s say, no one wants to CUT YOUR MANHOOD, BUT concede to one thing, instead of cutting it, you will get circumcized. The NW people – Luvales, Luchazi, Lundas are good at that. You can also invite Kambwili, the Godfather of trib.alism.
    Lets make that a symbol that tri.balism was bad, and should never happen again ! Your circumcision will be great symbol to end PF arro.gance and tri.balism. Your manhood will remain, and we would have buried tri.bal talk. A WIN….WIN situation.

  26. These PF thugs were so braze and arrogant that the evidence of their utterances is all over social media.

  27. The upnd used to laugh at our first lady whenever she addressed the public. Can we hear from mutinta hichilema? The woman has never been heard saying a single word. Why is hh not open to her talking?

  28. Zambians, like Zimbabweans are as thick as thick can be when it comes to national asserts. Instead of joining together to fight the looting Chinese, you castigate each other while the Chinese loot. The real enemy is China, not each other. The country will be a Chinese province inside five years if you do not do something drastic.
    Also, discourage your president elect from listening to the IMF, the most evil organisation ever. No African country should fraternise with the IMF. Its record is well documented and leads only to ruin. Instead, look at production and filling up the internal market and selling abroad at the right price.
    Get rid of China and the IMF. You want to be a debt free nation.

  29. Congratulations to Zambia on the replacement of Lungu with HH assuming HH will do better. It is not always the case, but we are hopeful. Thank you to those who voted for change.

  30. The puppy has finally come out of his hiding place. Anyway time will tell if those allegations against you were true or not. If they were not true then you have nothing to fear.

  31. Ba KZ you are grown man who should educating Youths of this nation not Aya ma rubbish you are posting, this really shows that your outgoing regime it never had competent leaders but thugs, just accept defeat muna loser.

  32. Anthonio is here rubbishing the allegations made against him and bloggers here are busy condemning him! What kind of thinking is that? Zambia is a multi-party democracy ladies and gentlemen. It is not a crime to belong to a party. If Antonio once belonged to UPND, then moved to FDD and later to PF, what was wrong with that. He was merely expressing his democratic right. Fortunately, knowing the president elect HH as I do, he can’t subscribe to such reasoning. Let’s learn to live in harmony regardless of our political affiliations..

  33. Antonio Mwanza’s comments on HH were always not in good taste. They were course and rude. This is the reason why he finds himself to be the most despised PF cadre. In another forum, I cited a Bemba adage,’ umusalu wali panshi, lelo uli pamulu’. Learn not to underestimate anyone in life. Learn to be good to people because the downtrodden (umsalu wali pansi), tomorrow the same downtrodden man will become a number 1 citizen, (lelo uli pamulu) as the case with HH.
    As for his salary, money in his account at the end of the month was what mattered most, who paid him, he never checked, who would? The best for Antonio to do is to wait for the people tasked to investigate these issues to exonerate him.

  34. Antonio Mwanza is waking up from the Political ICU. All his Election Predictions have been proved false. HH Presidency will be a nightmare for Antonio Mwanza. He was in Denial and he has to face reality of an HH and UPND Alliance Govt in Power in Zambia. Without “Ubomba Mwibala Alya ifya Mwibala ” tough times ahead for Antonio Mwanza and PF Party. The writing is on the wall.

  35. Kikikikiki Tony! Cool down. We haven’t forgotten.
    1. You called HH derogatory ” Sammy Chitombwa.
    2. You threatened him with death. Your infamous, Rwanda story. Plus Kagame is looking for you. Remember he has a very strong intelligence. They will fish you out in your Kaunda square house. Go ask! Hotel Rwanda.
    3. You promoted the commander thugs & pitted them against UPND.
    4. You threatened jail & boasted that the 127days was nothing and HH would die in prison. You did this in the presence of Monday Chanda.
    5. You and your sugar mommy. Sausages. Instigated & concocted malice Kalomo land saga implicating the innocent Hatembos.

    “But but I was only doing politics of the belly ( Tony interjected)” Washa up. I am still talking! Didn’t your careless talk maime people? You and kupyos…

  36. Cont’ Didn’t your careless talk maime people? You and kupyos created no fly zones. You almost crushed baNalumango & baMaureen’s helikopta? For just trying to sell themselves to the electorates. Didn’t they have a freedom of movement and rights of association? your punishment! Will come after the inauguration of Bally. So that he fixes your lies. Meanwhile, bring that pinhole size of your twanikane for chops!

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