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Women Lobby calls for more women appointments


The Zambia National Women’s Lobby in Northern Province has appealed to President-elect Hakainde Hichilema to consider appointing more women, youths and persons with disabilities in various decision making positions.

Zambia National Women’s Lobby Northern Province Board Chairperson, Christine Chipimo said Mr. Hichilema should take the issues of gender seriously and nominate more women in Parliament.

Ms Chipimo noted that women have proved to be good managers and are less likely to be involved in corruption.

She said the new administration should also consider doing away with caderism as it is the biggest hindrance to women participation in politics.

“The issue of caderism should not be entertained as it contributed to women shunning to compete in political activities due to hooliganism from cadres,” Ms Chipimo said.

Ms Chipimo said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today.

Meanwhile, Ms Chipimo has also urged the President-elect to fix the country’s economy and help to reduce the high poverty levels among households.

She noted the majority of the Zambians have been wallowing in poverty due to the high cost of living.

Ms Chipimo said she is confident that Mr. Hichilema will deliver to the expectations of Zambians once he assumes office next week.

She has also urged all Zambians to remain peaceful and support the developmental agenda of the United Party for National Development (UPND) alliance and its leadership.


  1. 51% of global population is female, so at least half of Zambian MP’s, mayors, councilors, PS, etc should also be female, life is very simple!

  2. At ZRA lets start with a balance at the level of Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Commissioners, Managers, Directors 50/50 we have enough competent female officers less corrupt….

  3. Our focus is creating 5-8 million jobs in the next five years so like the President-elect said, qualification is two things: “Zambian and qualified “. Already the VP is a woman, the speaker could be female and the judiciary has a female head.

  4. Apart from nalumango mention any other top ranking female upnd member? You voted for hh the chauvinist and now you think he will magically change. The mind of a woman is an enigma. Ati no I got with him because I thought I could change him. Fuseke

  5. We are all including women’s groups encouraged to be feminists, Women want to be at the mercy of men. Majority of electorates are female but they don’t uplift their fellow women. From the more than 3m ballots cast, how many did Chis.hala Kat eka get? In past elections, Gwendolyn Koni came out least presidential runner. At what level must we consider women as partners?

  6. Where were the women to condemn what happened to VP Nalumango when she was insulted during the campaign. We women are our own enemies sometimes and we need to change.

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