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Clergyman advises against defections


A clergyman in Mansa district, Luapula province, has advised politicians to remain steadfast in their respective parties even they lose power.

Mansa Catholic Diocese Bishop Patrick Chisanga observes that it is surprising to see politicians already defecting to the new ruling party even before the new President is sworn – in.

Bishop Chisanga wondered what those defecting stand for , saying this time should be for those who did not make it in the just ended General elections to reflect and reorganize themselves as opposed to them ditching their political parties.

ZANIS reports that Bishop Chisanga who was speaking during Sunday Mass at Mansa Cathedral added that those defecting to the new political party are sending a very bad picture.

“ This should not be allowed to continue if there is to be sanity in our country’s politics, he said.

” These political parties have something they believe in, therefore members should continue to stand by what they believe in because that is what made them come together as parties in the first place, so there is no need to defect to another political party when you have a political party whose ideologies you believe in,” the Bishop observed.

And Bishop Chisanga has cautioned the United Party for National Development ( UPND) to be careful with people who want to join the party now when things seems to be okay.

The Bishop explains that those who are in a hurry to ditch the former ruling party are the ones who usually bring confusion hence the need to be very careful with them.

” UPND needs time to actualize their plans which they have for Zambia and they should not allow people who will bring confusion to the party,” Bishop Chisanga said.

Bishop Chisanga has since thanked Zambians for conducting peaceful elections.


  1. Well said your emminence. Defections have always weakened our democracy and has transferred corruption to every new government. One can contribute effectively even as an opposition member.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with defections, Sata was first UNIP then MMD then PF. Kaunda was ANC then UNIP etc.

  3. The clergy must not even say anything, they never condemned the clear dictatorial tendencies by Lungu, even when he was campaigning alone and stopping others. Imagine the Chilubi bye election where Lungu chased all opposition leaders using the Zambia Police and he remained alone campaigning in the entire district, just imagine

  4. #5 Pensulo I don’t know what church you are talking about. The Catholic has always stood for justice and peace. Without the Catholic the Bill 10 would have gone through. Please don’t accuse a church that has fought for people’s rights in Zambia.

  5. This is wisdom indeed – why join a party that you did not believe in in the first place. Olo ni njala si so iai. Bowman, kambwili, Lungu, Lubinda should not defect to UPND because they did not believe in what UPND was standing for. They did not believe in a party that was preaching no stealing of government money, they did not believe that a party can survive without stealing from the government, they did not believe in a corrupt free government. So HH and UPND dont ever entertain these defectors. They will just come to destroy and teach your members best ways of stealing government coffers- may ba independent can do better…..

  6. I have never understood why clergymen think they have to indulge themselves in politics. Secularism is the best way forward for me. I leave the church alone, so why should the church get involved with politics. Remember? Edgar China Lungu appointed some bishop to be MD of Zesco, for crying out loud, some four years ago! Absolutely bizar!

  7. I do agree with this clergy, these politicians must know that it is not always they will be in power, you cannot be jumping from one party to the next that is being selfish you must have principals stick to your lane.
    Let your friends also work according to their program just watch them and see what they will do and learn from your mistakes don’t kill your party, just be in opposition and feel how your friends felt know what it means to be in opposition.

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