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Mumbi Phiri retires from active politics, opts to go back to being a housewife

Feature Politics Mumbi Phiri retires from active politics, opts to go back to being...

Patritic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee Mumbi Phiri has announced her retirement from active politics and since reverted to the role of a house wife.

And Mrs Phiri has blamed the PF embarrassing loss to the UPND to failure by the party to deal with the issue of cadres.

In an interview on Tuesday, Mrs Phiri said time has come for her to move away from politics and concentrate on cooking fir her husband and grand children.

Mrs. Phiri who is also former PF Deputy Secretary General says she does not deem it fit to continue with politics following the PF’s heavy defeat in the August 12th general elections.

She has appealed to other older politicians to enhance her stance and leave room for fresh and young politicians.

Mrs Phiri said Zambia needs fresh ideas from young people ready to develop the nation.

“There is so much one can do after leaving politics and I for one will be spending more time at home as a house wife, I missed cooking for my husband and just being a house wife and now this is a chance,” Mrs Phiri said.

She stated that she is happy that she is leaving politics with her marriage intact just as she has hoped for when she joined over 29 years ago.

“ I am so happy that as I leave politics today, I still have my marriage intact. I had asked God to preserve my marriage when I embarked on this journey to work for the people of Zambia and God answered my prayers,” she stated.

On the PF’s loss to the UPND, Mrs Phiri blamed the uncontrolled rise in cadres as one of the key reasons Zambians kicked out the PF from power.

“We failed to deal with the issue of cadres and it came to bite us. We can’t blame anything because this is our own doing, she said.

On calls for PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to resign, Mrs Phiri said only Mr Mwila could answer to the calls.

“Let’s have the S.G himself answer to the calls from the young people for him to go, I can’t be answering for him,” she said.

And Mrs. Phiri has called for a lifestyle audit law that will seek to audit all politicians before, during and after they leave politics in order to avoid counter accusations of corruption.


  1. Look at them now…these people were not supposed to be anywhere near a public office look at how they are turning their backs on Lazy Lungu its like flies running away after a house has been cleaned. The only person who will stand with Lazy will be his daughter as for his wife she couldn’t even attend the inauguration ceremony. I hope Mrs Hichelma will not set up any charity organisation but be a pardon of established local charities because first lady’s charities are medium for corruption.

  2. Shame!!!!!!!!! why can’t you assist in reconstruction of the party after the loss, that is clear indication that you contributed to the down fall of the party. Your contribution to the down fall of the party was clearly seen in your politics of insults that you showed when PF was in power!!!!!!!!!!! Now you are happy because you have achieved what you wanted through your politics of insults!!!!! Shame to you Mumbi Phiri……

  3. These are the people who deceived Edgar Lungu that all was well on the ground when infact not. Shame. I hope you will be there for him if he starts appearing in court for suspected plunder of national resources among other wrongs. Edgar Lungu committed a lot of wrongs while in office most of which are in public domain. I even wonder why some people are feeling bad for him for being booed at the stadium yesterday


  5. Mumbi Phiri has announced her retirement, Mumbi and your colleagues said you will retire HH but the goal post has changed instead he has retired you kikikikiki, Good for Zambia.

  6. This is what happens when you put people without integrity in high offices. Lungu should have never been President of this Country in the first place. He was absolutely incompetent and unfit. He told the Country – “I do not have a vision” Somehow people thought they did not hear him correctly. Along the way Plunderers saw his weaknesses and took advantage to steal and stole big. Cadres played around with Government contracts aided by Chinese who really did not care as long as their cake was intact.

    Shame on you Mumbi you could not advise this Man when it really mattered and that is how it ends.

  7. I don’t support the idea of booing a former head of state and I will never do. ECL peacefully handed the instruments of power to his successor , enabling the latter to be sworn in without any delay. This is something we should praise ECL for. He also did a lot for the country in terms of infrastructure and other aspects of development for which posterity will remember him for. Of course, like any other human being, in the process of running this country, he could have made mistakes- and big ones too- but this is no excuse to boo him. Remember, the same happened to KK in 1991, they booed at him and pelted litter at his motorcade as he left the Independence Stadium; his successor even went further by arresting him on a Christmas day on trumped up treason charges! Such culture is…

  8. She is trying to wash herself from all the injustices committed on the Zambian people. Bamusela kwakaba. Pray that the now independent govt agencies will not come to visit you…

  9. It’s time for you Mrs Mumbi and others not
    To ditch the party that made you who you
    Are.All those who benefitted from PF should stick with PF now when they need you most.
    Lesson to learn winner has too many friends.

  10. There are different ways of showing disapproval. One of them is booing. He is lucky they did not throw stones or shoot at him. This was their only chance to show how unhappy they are that he ruined their lives. Lungu was unfit to be president of any country.

  11. Mumbi phiri destroyed a lot of lives ……..

    She had mwaliteta and others jailed for 1 whole , year, this heartless woman…..

    I hope she pays her dues…..

  12. I am not surprised with her descision, this lady was a mixed call, sometimes saying positive some times negative but was far better than Kebby Mbewe, Edith Nawakwi, Chishimba Kambwili, and GBM whose message was just attacking HH, they actually decampaigned the PF as Zambians were least interested in what they were saying. People wanted to hear real issues

  13. PF was a disaster, both as a Party and a government. Who eats infrastructure kanshi. The person who was very instrumental in removing meal allowances is chosen as running mate sure and you expect votes, being wired by one million votes is massive. Mwalapila…

  14. We also call all our country people abused and assaulted by the likes of KZ and other PF caders to get your cases ready……..

  15. Out of all your earnings you can surely do better than just being a housewife
    Why not something more inspiring like la small industry, an orphanage or school etc to alleviate unemployment

  16. Out of all you ve earned you can surely do better than just being a housewife
    Why not something more inspiring to girls like a la small industry, a school or an orphanage, etc , than can help alleviate unemployment

  17. My comments were always under moderation because I did not mince my words about Lungu, he was far below average in my own assessment of him in everything he did. He never impressed me from day one. He is the lowest rated former presisdent of Zambia. To make matters worse he brought in Nkandu Luo as the running mate, the person who removed meal allowances for students at the two Universities. No wonder some people came to vote wearing gradution gowns, It was a message on its own.

  18. Mrs. Mumbi Phiri is very honest to accept defeat and what caused the loss. The other leaders who are honest should follow suit. Instead of consigning HH to retire from politics as most of them were hoping for the opposite has happened. Davies Mwila should not pretend that all is well and the more he will continue holding position of SG many young people will leave the the once Mighty PF.

  19. Mumbi, you and your cohorts highjacked and destroyed PF – unguided leadership. The founding father Ba Sata ( MHSRIP ) must be so annoyed with you. You brought in Corruption, Tribalism, Lawlessness and Cadrerism. You were Zambia and Zambia was PF, so blinded that you even thought you could rule this Country for more than 50 Years. Davies Chama, once remarked….
    I wish PF the best but am seeing the end of it soon. The shortest period a Party has stayed in power in this Country so far.

  20. I think easteners must rest in running affairs of Zambia for the next 30 years they are a disaster I have seen it with my naked eyes

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