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Zambians urged to be patient with new government


The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini, Cleopas Sipho Dlamini, has called on Zambians to exercise patience on the new government to fulfill its campaign promises.

Mr. Dlamini explained that the changes which the new administration promised the people cannot be attained overnight.

Speaking to ZANIS in an exclusive interview shortly before departure for the Kingdom of Eswatini, this evening, Mr. Dlamini said it takes a long time for promises to be actualised.

He expressed optimism that with time, the promises made to the Zambian people will be delivered.

The Prime Minister revealed that government will require resources in order to fulfill its promises.

“But I would say that they should not expect miracles, sometimes it takes a long time for the government to do what they want to do. So they also need resources and it is not something that can be achieved over night…..with time and patience, things will improve,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dlamini has showered government with praises for hosting a colourful inauguration ceremony for the Zambia’s seventh President.

He said he was impressed with the way the entire event was organised.

The Prime Minister of Eswatini was among the invited dignitaries that attended the inauguration of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Dlamini has since left Zambia after holding talks with President Hichilema.

He was seen off by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of Development Cooperation and International Organisations (DCIO), Sylvester Mundanda.

The event attracted 10 heads of state and government and representatives of regional and international bodies.


  1. Not really. That’s not the new approach to be taken by the new government. What you suggest is the old conventional African approach that has never worked for any nation.

  2. Thats the usual story…easier said than done….promises promises and they will be saying give him time till 2026,,,Zambians you have been duped

  3. @Nostradamus
    Mukalibe….Rememember he said he was ready from day one…now busy dealing and making deals on cabinet officials….This administration will be a Joke,,mark my words and soon you will see all UPND bloggers vanishing from Lusaka Times…they will be ashamed

  4. Your advice is not welcome.

    If we had patience, we would have stuck with Lungu.

    We are tired of suffering.

    HH has not asked for patience.

    And we want to see changes in our daily lives right now.

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  6. In Zambia wish substitute governments that don’t bare fruit. 5 million jobs or you get kicked out.

  7. And the youths are hungry…now give him time…..Joe Biden thinks he can just quit right now…easier said than done….blah blah blah blah we are ready to form government and start delivering from Day one. .Forward Forward…now he doesn’t know who to appoint because there’s a lot of “quid por quo” appointments coming…expect people like violent William Banda in very sensitive positions…..and the alliance is on his neck…Muzadya Forward

  8. Forward Forward for 20 years…and 2 days in office and he doesn’t know who to appoint….thought he had enough time after being declared a winner to assemble his cabinet…if he was ready to rule from Day one…straight after being sworn in the next would have been a press conference to announce his cabinet….blah blah blah now he’s making deals with his funders about who to appoint….someone else is in charge of Zambia now not HH…the west has taken over

  9. He was saying Zambians are hungry and starving and they cannot wait for change…now the story has changed. ” Zambians need to have patience”….not so fast….it shall end in tears…and it has now been proved that the kwacha can easily be manipulated with the help of the west…but note how the west respect their currencies….they don’t manipulate the US dollar or British pound…..and we wonder why we never develop….the west has realized that they’re losing ground to China in Africa so now they will be using puppets like HH to destroy the current Pan Africanism sweeping across Africa

  10. Nostradamus you are being childish now . Can you find something to do and leave this platform for us who want to learn something. Ubupuba ubwa mu PF is not going to be entertained anymore. Ask your friend KZ and go for a coffee please. Enough of the old nonsense please. Ifwe ni New Dawn.

  11. @ Deja vu
    Kikikikiki Bally will fix it….Forward Forward Forwarded and he promised diasporans Spaka and Tarino Orange jobs too….but they’re still resident bloggers on Lusaka Times….yaba Politicians are something else….bazadya oxygen and Nostradamus has been blogging on Lusaka Times for a very long time so HH promised him a job in his Cabinet…HH is creating a new ministry….MINISTRY OF BLOGGERS…so spaka,Tarino and Nostradamus will be incharge

  12. When we say dont trust politicians, you dont listen but foolishly dancing that he will fix it. HE has started feeling the pressure of presidency and now he telling foreign leaders to tell Zambians on his behalf that they should be patient

  13. @Saulosi, believe me, PF was the very bottom of the barrel. No future administration irrespective of party will ever reach the comedic and incompetent levels of the PF.

  14. With the newly pronounced redundant in form of noise makers called cadres. Remember all are now home with the over 100pin graduates waiting for your call sir.
    Yes they gave you the 100pin it’s time to pay back.

  15. The onus is on politicians to truthfully package their campaign messages. The youth were emphatically told that Bally will fix it, so they’re anxiously waiting for him. If he doesn’t he’ll face them on 12 August 2026, perhaps even earlier because they’ll soon lay on the table their demands.

  16. What patience? We need the price of fuel to come down to single digit K7 /litre for diesel next week. SALAD for 5 litres must come down to K85. Akabunga must be K55 for 25KG. He promised and we want to see the change we voted for. Not ifyo ifya patience…….Give us iwee.

  17. @Ayatollah. True, the people, especially the youths want the election campaign promises fulfilled like yesterday. Point of correction, elections in 2026 will be on 13th August.

  18. Well the shading begins and true colors avail. Of all people to tell us to be patient when your Swatini people have lost patients. Very soon like Obama the only thing this new administration will achieve is gay rights and homosexual.marriages not to mention freedom of worshiping whatever you want. Ala Lungu mukamfwaya

  19. #12 Mulenga Chipasha, let people debate freely on LT. I thought you voted Lungu out because of his intoralence. I see that you are not different from him and his PF. All you wanted was getting State House

  20. Do you produce fuel in Zambia for you to decide the prices? Sometimes we should think twice before posting

  21. That’s bvll-crap, excuse my French. He has had 16 years to know what to do the moment he got announced as President elect.
    He should very much be aware of his composition of the cabinet team members he needs right now. He owes us, I gave him my vote to hit the ground running and am very ready to take it away in 2026. Please don’t test us. We are fed up.
    Am doing my part grinding my a$$ off in my own work I better start seeing improvement in the policies and economic conditions of the country in the next 120 – 180 days. To begin with fuel pump prices need to decrease.

    And whilst at it he must move to Nkwazi House. What phobia is this he has started exhibiting – ati I will continue living in my house. State House, irrespective of its size in comparison to his personal home is the…

  22. And whilst at it he must move to Nkwazi House. What phobia is this he has started exhibiting – ati I will continue living in my house. State House, irrespective of its size in comparison to his personal home is the symbol of authority and institution of the Zambian Republican Presidency.

    If in Swaziland you go on honeymoon after being sworn in that is your culture, here HH has to start working. Don’t come here and ill advise him.

  23. The youth of Zambia that kicked the thug’s butt is very intelligent to expect HH to accomplish his promises in one day! They know he will deliver, but for the moment it’s refreshing to know that there are no violent cadres polluting Zambia’s peaceful atmosphere. Isn’t that already a great achievement? Donald Trump created millions of jobs during his four year tenure. But it didn’t happen one or two days of occupying office. For now lets celebrate seeing the stinking backsides of the thugs who shouldn’t have in office the first place. The clueless thieving but humble sakala nyongo almost didn’t let go of the instruments of power. The utterly overwhelming 1 million votes plus dozens of prominent voices screaming at him to concede and bugger off into oblivion prompted him to swallow…

  24. #23 Wantanshi…this was the cry among our children…kuya bebele…we want someone who can give us jobs in a week after winning etc

  25. Free education, Fuel @K7/ltr, Currency @ZMW5/US$1, 3Meals/Family/day, 1JOB/Youth, KMW250/Basal or Urea or D, No Pothole on my road to every-which-way, K1,000/Social Cash Transfer Beneficiary.
    These can’t wait. What are you talking about? The promise was immediately after inauguration. Atishani apo?

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