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Decision for President Lungu to remain in Politics is up to him and his family

Feature Politics Decision for President Lungu to remain in Politics is up to him...

Patriotic Front Vice President Hon. Given Lubinda has expressed profound gratitude to the Party President Edgar Lungu, the PF MCC, and the general membership for the opportunity to serve as Party Vice President.

Speaking at his home in Lusaka this morning, Hon. Lubinda said he would execute the mandate entrusted to him, to the best of his abilities.

And Hon. Lubinda has indicated that the Patriotic Front Central Committee is happy to have President Lungu in the position of Party President till the General conference slated for 2026.

Reacting to a question as to whether President Lungu would be stepping aside from active politics especially that should he stay in partisan politics, he risks losing his benefits from the state, Hon. Lubinda said the decision on that matter was up to President Lungu and his family and that the PF Central Committee would respect whatever he decided to do.

He said should President Lungu decide not to stay on in the position till 2026, then an extraordinary convention would be held by the Party at that point to elect a new President.

Meanwhile, Hon. Lubinda has called on all PF Members to do an introspection and ask themselves some very honest questions as to what could have led to the defeat in the August 12 polls.

He said as former Justice Minister and former Kabwata MP, he had spent sleepless nights tossing and turning about the election loss and asking himself if as an individual he had put in his best.

He said the rest of the members also needed to do a critical examination at a personal level as to what they could have done to prevent the loss.

Hon. Lubinda has since encouraged all the members to work very hard so that the PF could reclaim its lost position on Zambia’s political landscape.

He has assured the members that findings from the various committees that had been constituted to do a postmortem of the elections would be communicated when the next central committee meeting is held not too long from now.


  1. Too many cowards and that is your downfall…if this man was a serious former Justice Minster he would advice Lazy Lungu but he is just a joker

  2. Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu must step down as PF President. The Central Committee must elect an interim leader that will take them to the convention in 2025. And senior members like you must bluntly tell him that his time is up. If you don’t put your act together you’ll begin to lose members soon. ECL can’t take the PF anywhere

  3. I really hope that Edgar China Lungu stays on. That way it’s guaranteed that PF will get ZERO votes in the 2026 election!

  4. It’s time to bury PF as people will always have bad memory.My advice is launch a new
    Party and let all members from PF join it.
    Maybe that way Zambians can forget and
    Vote you in 2026.

  5. As for president lungu good luck but as for this guy lubinda being at the helm thats why pf will never bounce back the useless coloured just cant articulate issues just look at how the judiciary had become under his watch. Sorry talebwelelapo

  6. Lungu is no longer an issues. He lost & like any other president who loses or completed 2 terms, his time is up. He can now either watch from the terraces while enjoying his lootings. Or they can decide to keep him busy crisscrossing the courts. That’s lungu’s future. As for pf they ve to concentrate on salvaging the seats that are to be challange. Or else when they are done with you, you will be lucky to have 20 seats.

  7. Lungu should not just resign yet. He should take PF to the convention, a real one where actual conventions must happen.

  8. @Sight You are RACIST. Bloody sorry A hole for a human. Labeling Given Lubinda as a “Useless Coloured”. First and foremost Given Lubinda is a Zambian. Period. It is illiterate shallow minded people like you the reason Zambia remains so divided. What example are you teaching your kids…if any???

  9. Why would he even want to hang on after such an emphatic NO to his rule? To preserve the party, I think the PF should now convene a party conference to choose a new leader to take them foward. If I were him, I would go home and enjoy my retirement!

  10. Why Lubinda and NOT LUO who was the Running Mate and VP to Lungu? Lubinda will not survive the tribal PF, he doesn’t come from the privileged tri.be that runs PF. This appointment is Not going anywhere…..HONESTLY, do you expect Kambwili to approve and be loyal to Lubinda?
    PF has no leader for now, even if Lubinda might be capable, i doubt the trib.alist members will be loyal to him, the likes of Davies Mwila, ….

  11. @ matt , No am not lubinda despite being coloured is my tribal cousin iam a mighty bull and he is just a tick on my body. Im sure you understand traditional cousinship

  12. Given Lubinda is major contributor of the mess in PF and the PF youths must quickly hound him out of the party by asking him to leave in peace, don’t even give him another minute to play hero.

  13. The way Given Lubinda and Nkandu Luo defied all the artificial Ministry of health covid guidelines to campaign whilst opposition were blocked by Kanganja and Katanga is unbelivable

  14. I hope the garbage collection in Kabwata Constitution will be given back to the city council. I would rather pay the council than keep lining Lubinda’s pockets.

  15. It is very clear that Lungu was not even eligible to contest the last elections. Thank God and the people of Zambia for saying NO to constitutional manipulations by PF and the lame Con Court. In fact it sounds to me there is an element of treason committed here.

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