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Political cadres resurface in some markets in Lusaka under UPND colours.


Political cadres have allegedly resurfaced in some markets in Lusaka, barely a fortnight, after the council started taking over operations in trading sites and bus stations.

Some traders at New Soweto market have told ZNBC News that the cadres have come back, under UPND colours.

Chinyama Kalumbu, a marketer, says some cadres are charging different amounts of money, some in the name of being council officers.

But in a telephone interview, UPND Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa has said those doing so and extorting money from traders are doing so at their own peril.

Mr. Mweetwa has told ZNBC news that the party and government will NOT support wrong doing, further challenging the police to be on the lookout for would-be offenders and ensure the law takes its course.


  1. In Unip we called them ba Yufi( youths), then Ba Vigilante you will go by air. Chiluba renamed them party cadres. They maintained that name under PF. I don’t know what you will call them in order to avoid the embarrassing Cadre name. Maybe Party Stalwarts?


  3. And that’s the employment the so called fake Bally was talking about….Cadres in red..not green anymore
    Hihihihihihihi looks like someone has been duped…senior youth Spaka and senior youth Orange Tarino still keyboard warriors kikikikiki…ichalo ichi…Forward Forward Forwarded…better start UBER driving Mr Spaka and Tarino

  4. The councils need to strengthen their policing and order in markets and bus stops…….they need to train and employ more collections inspectors and officers.

    After the ravages of lungus cader thugs , the councils have lost all forms of control in markets….

    It will take a bit of time.

  5. Here, lets put pressure on the police. This is because we know people doing that have no blessing from anyone in authority, so they are basically criminals and it is the job of the police. Infact, calling them cadres is elevating them, they are criminals, period. The government should also be proactive and station police officers in hot spot areas in readiness for such activity.

  6. What if they are the same cadres who were there before? Why not refuse to give them money ..they have no basis to harass the marketeers.

  7. Its easy money for thugs …if there was a time to put an end to this its now before they get organised.

  8. Please Cornelius tame your cadres from UPND side. As for the government, Aka bally step out and issue viscous shots to such cadres. For now you ve no govt spokesperson, so step in baba. It’s very important to test the instrument of power lest they dont work.
    All in all Cornelius do not step beyond your jurisdiction. Concentrate on party matters and not government. We dont want another of in power with confusion everywhere. Govt issues leave them to govt employed people.

  9. I don’t understand this at all. Why can’t the police or council officers not ARREST these guys?

  10. The people paying the caders the money are the ones who are just stuuupid. You have heard the president say at his inauguration that there will be no caderism so why pay money to useless jokers. Catch them beeat them mercilessly and hand them to police because clearly they are thieves.

  11. There are 2 areas that will bring down this Government.
    1 See cadres in previous governments have enjoyed the sharing of plots easy cash from markets and bus stations. They voted knowing that it will be their turn.
    Now you are telling them they can’t , pasopo.
    2 Free education and Meal allowances. WAit until Campus reopens, muzadwala polomia na nshiki!.

  12. Wait , HEHH is a systematic operator ……

    The chipantepante of PF is over……..

    Caders will be no more. You can not wipe out 10 years of a system that supported hundreds of people in 1 or 2 weeks …..?

    There is bound to be a vacuum while the councils reorganise and the new reality sets in…in the meantime the unemployed are jostling for control of public spaces seeing what has happened for the past 10 years……..

  13. Wait , HEHH is a systematic operator ……

    The chip.ante.pante of PF is over……..

    Caders will be no more. You can not out 10 years of a system that supported hundreds of people in 1 or 2 weeks …..?

    There is bound to be a vacuum while the councils reorganise and the new reality sets in…in the meantime the unemployed are jost.ling for control of public spaces seeing what has happened for the past 10 years……..

  14. You give them jobs if you don’t they will turn on you, be sensitive to their pledge don’t ignor them find something for them to do as people in government don’t be comfortable and leave them to fend for themselves when they fought for you to get in power.
    You promised them that all youths will have jobs mind you they are all Zambians despite what you can call them you should help them.

  15. They were called PF thugs. Since the traffic lights have changed from green to red, they can as well be different.
    Cadres always change parties so quickly to avoid harassment and enjoy a livelihood.
    Have you ever seen a chameleon? Colour change is survival.

  16. KZ is back with his insults. That won’t take you anywhere Nyirenda. Those must be PF cadres. Didn’t you see Kings Malembe in UPND regalia.

  17. It is the responsibility of UPND to stop fhese cadres. They can’t duck! These cadres are in UPND colours, so if indeed they are misrepresting their party, Mr Mweetwa and his colleagues should cage them or report them to police for impersonation! Not just ati “its at their own peril”. Take responsibility, you are now in Govt not opposition! You promised us no cadres in markets. That should simple to fulfil!

  18. Mr Mweetwa can’t duck on this one! These are UPND cadres so tame them. Otherwise if they are not, you Mr Meeetwa shohld report them to police for impersonation. Simple!

  19. I propose Cornelius Mweetwa for Home Affairs minister, I find him to be sober minded. Abena Garry can be taken to defence…kikikikiki

  20. Kaiser Zulu you thief bitter man you thought you were a small God. We are coming after you just wait you will make good wife for my cousin in jail

  21. Cadres have always been with us from the unip days and will continue to exist. They only change parties. The issue is they need a livelihood. So Mr mweetwa, the cadres are now your baby. Give them jobs, not pronouncements. But then again, what jobs? Most of them are unskilled. There is also the issue of money making syndicates in markets and bus stations involving a lot of people. Cadres are just the face of it.
    So welcome to the real world ba upnd.

  22. Arrest these caders immediately, it is the same PF chaps just rebranding to red. This cancer must be stopped now and why is there a delay in announcing the new IG, keeping these chaps in their offices longer will hurt you in the long run, there was need for a careful and swift appointment on inauguration day itself

  23. Those are Zambian youths who need help from the government don’t call them cadres call them Zambian youths, these young people move from place to place to find a living I doubt if they are PF , since PF was giving out empowerment funds to the youths don’t you think many of them by this time must be running their businesses
    Sense makes it sound that it must be the UPND cadres , .. The truth can be that the UPND who didn’t get empowerment funds must be having problems to feed their families since campaigns days have gone where they drew their pay to run their homes now where do they go but to the markets and bus stations, saying UPND don’t do this is a lie since they also want to feed their families like you all .
    If you can engage your head to think you will realize…

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