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Cleanse parastatals of cadreism and abusive of power

General News Cleanse parastatals of cadreism and abusive of power

National Energy Sector and Allied Works Union (NESAWU) acting General Secretary Clark Siankulu says the new government’s move of removing of cadres at markets and bus stations should be extended to parastatal companies.

Mr. Siankulu says because of cadreism parastatals such as ZESCO are failing to is failing to become the hub for electricity in the region by 2025.

“Professionalism and meritocracy should return to ZESCO to enable the firm fulfill their strategic role as a tool for national development for the benefit of every Zambian, ” he said.

He further congratulated President Hakainde Hichilema on his election stating that his union stands ready to collaborate with government on matters of employee welfare and job security of their members.

NESAWU vice president said the union hopes to move in the new direction and return all those declared redundant.

Meanwhile, Community Action Against Corruption (CAAC) says the United Party for National Development ( UPND) Alliance government should focus on eliminating corruption in accordance to its campaign promises.

Chief executive Officer Brighton Tembo says President Hichilema’s administration will only fulfill his party’s manifesto once they completely eliminate corruption in a sustainable and amicable manner.

ZANIS reports that the CAAC Chief executive Officer said this in a statement today.

“ The country during the past regime, degenerated into a den of corruption by some government officials and their surrogate political cadres hence the need for the new government to move forward by removing all the dirty corrupt systems ,” he said.

Government should make sure that justice is secured on behalf of Zambians from those who had field days in the previous regime to amass unexplained wealth.

“Failure to secure conviction from suspected corrupt former government officials and their political cadres, will set a bad precedence in Zambia.

“ The UPND government should be bold enough to make sure they avoid failing into the trap of taking a reconciliatory path, due to pressure from the sympathizers of the former government officials, “ he added. .

Government investigative wings should also be very professional and avoid media sensation about arrests and seizure of properties of corrupt people which will eventually be given back to the same suspects, due to building up of weak cases, that easily collapse in the courts of Law.

In his inaugural speech , President Hakainde Hichilema made a firm stance against corruption warning culprits of the wrath of the law.

And Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP)Vice President Mike Mushanga said government should thoroughly scrutinize institutions such Zambia Police under Traffic, Road Transport and Safety agency, RTSA among others.

Stating that this is because that is where most corrupt activities occur, Mr. Mushanga said it is important that such institutions are thoroughly investigated because the general public has noted that these Agencies are the root of corruption.

He said the Ministry of health is also one sectors that needs to be looked at as it the most funded by government but surprisingly there are always complaints of shortage of drugs.

“We see the health sector being heavily funded but it is always sad to hear that there are shortages of drugs ,”he said.

He added that government can only start on a clean note if they quickly get hold of the people who are causing these corrupt activities .


  1. Of course cadreism must be abolished everywhere including in parastatals. But the fact that – after two weeks – the much hated cadres on the markets had reappeared is not a good sign. The police was nowhere, council officers were nowhere – so who is going to kick them out at Zesco?

  2. The labour movement now is ukwalola umwela. They are useless and only benefit officials. Our labour movement was instrumental in abolishing the One Party system.

  3. If ZESCO was a private and not enjoying absolute monopoly it would have gone under long time ago. Zesco was turned into cash cow for PF and its Senior Management and Board of Directors should be booted out. To avoid legal battles simply ask Senior Management Staff to resign on their own instead of being fired. Napsa very sad story buying hotels and constructing infrastructure at highly inflated costs, ZSIC same story. We need to start afresh or else we are doomed.

  4. The manner in which those that takeover power behave is what causes cadreism. Already rumors began to fly in the night that Victor Mundende has been fired at Zesco. In 2012 Kingsley Chanda caused the investigation of Situmbeko Musokotwane over the K15BN tax holiday awarded to Varun Beverages, is he safe? Kanganja has also been rumored as fired. So if these behaved like PF cadres it was because of the fear to lose their jobs

  5. This is nothing but more cadres seeking to be employed. Kikikikikikijukija. Owee! It is a vicious circle; a sequence of reciprocal cause and effect in which two or more elements intensify and aggravate each other, leading inexorably to a worsening of the situation.
    A job seeking expedition that has in real sense no positive consequence. Then the next Government should do the same, then next etc.
    Just create more jobs and use your brains, yangu!

  6. You wonder where these organisations were in the last govt like National Energy Sector and Allied Works Union (NESAWU)….they were happy to keep the heads down like Miles Sampa enjoying the fruits whilst others suffered immediately Lungu is voted out they start speaking out. You are part of the problem.

  7. #5 I lost interest in these people after 1991. It’s the same story. They complain about many things. But they do exactly the same things they used to complain about.

  8. He is too busy with bigger things otherwise if this was a serious national problem, he could have done something about it already.

    Parastatals are very minute for him to handle.

  9. Infact ZESCO, ZRA and Bank of Zambia CEOs and Permanent Secretaries should have been shown the exit door the moment President HH was sworn in. Directors in all these institutions could have been appointed to act as CEOs while looking for suitable people to replace them.I hope by the time they are made to account for their wrongs they will have not tampered with evidence

  10. If the new President can retain a UPND cadre as his body guard, is it credible to remove cadres from other state institutions like markets and bus stations?.
    Is is respect of the Rule of Law to ignore security procedures of the Presidency by allowing a party cadre inspect a Guard of Honour during the Swearing ceremony?.
    Iam yet to count the so called Human Rights and Governance acitivists whether they were objective when critising PF Govt because the Constitution has no provision for a period which allows violation of the constitution.

  11. Very interesting, Mr chubby chandala how can you remove cadres from markets and bus stations while you keep one at statehouse, in fact those cadres are the ruling party cadres and not PF , the PF cadres ran away immediately after losing elections, and probably continued with the empowerment businesses since they had money in their pockets.
    Upnd cadres refused to get money hoping that their government would immediately give them jobs.
    Now they have replaced the empowered cadres from PF who are now business men and women

  12. The word “caderism” doesn’t exist. I looked it up in Oxford Dictionary. Once again Zambian journalists pilling stuff out of their behinds!

  13. Remove Food Reserve Agency(FRA) Director Chola Kafwabulula. The man has stolen and turned an Important Agriculture Institution into a LAW FIRM. Agriculture Experts like Chamatete, Musonda, Mangenda, Sakala etc are being sidelined . We had great management and science brains at FRA like Mr Mumba, Edify Hamukale,, Morrison Kunda and others who were tactfully removed from the organization for speaking the truth even without any offence. Intelligent brains in their prime were thrown out of FRA. President Rupiah Banda was misled and we ended up losing some of the best brains because of people like Kafwabulula the current Director. There is terror at FRA, people live in fear of the incompetent Kafwabulula. Please Remove this man

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