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Former Archbishop of Lusaka warns leaders against disregarding the voice of the people

General News Former Archbishop of Lusaka warns leaders against disregarding the voice of the...

Former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu has warned leaders against disregarding the voice of the people.

In his homily during a mass held on State House grounds today, Bishop Mpundu said the results of the August 12 general elections which ushered into the Presidency UPND Alliance leader Hakainde Hichilema is a reflection of the change that many people especially
the youths wanted.

He said Zambia is a rich country with plenty of resources that have however been abused by elected leaders.

Archbishop added that Zambians said NO to impunity in the elections in a peaceful manner because they are peaceful people who deny being divided into tribal lines.

He said the mass at State House was aimed at celebrating the liberation of Citizens adding that President HICHILEMA now has a monumental task of delivering his promises.

The clergyman further pledged to support President Hichilema and called on citizens to follow suit.

He said the church leaders need to be in the forefront and guide politicians by providing a moral campus. Archbishop Mpundu said the church should always tell leaders the truth.

And President Hichilema thanked Archbishop Mpudu for always standing on the side of the people.

He thanked the church in the country for the leadership.

President Hichilema said much as the state is open to all churches he will still attend services at other Churches.

The President assured the nation of peace and unity in the country with Christ at the center of his administration’s leadership.

He said GOD used young people to deliver change in the country and define the negativity brought about during the general elections.

Mr. Hichilema however said peace, unity, and stability are insufficient if people remain in poverty and unemployed.

He said no one should go to jail for criticizing the UPND and Alliance government.


  1. #Bally,listen carefully to what the Archbishop said: Do Not ignore the voice of the people & one among the many voices is the recovery & prosecution of all those who stole public money fr the Zambian people in the defeated pf regime..we want that done..without fail!

  2. Archbishop Emeritus Mpundu should also not be seen to be dividing the Catholic flock. Why is it that it was he, the retired Archbishop of Lusaka, who was called upon to preside over the Church service at State House and not the current Archbishop of Lusaka Archbishop Bishop Alick Banda? We only hope this had the blessings of the Zambian Bishops Conference. Otherwise, the service should have been presided over by both the former and current Archbishops of Lusaka. Retired Archbishop Mpundu should avoid taking sides in matters of Zambia politics and diving the Catholic flock. I have personally known Archbishop Mpundu for many years, but have not always agreed with his partisan stance.

  3. Our hero among many is also the Chipata Diocese Bishop. I don’t know his first name but he is father Lungu or is it Bishop George Lungu. He refused a bribe given to the church by the Lungu government during the run up to the 2021 elections. The bribe came in the form of a loan to support the churches. But Catholics and SDA quickly turned the offer down. United Church may have received the money. Such men are rare. You will not find them among most Pentecostal clergy with due respect.

  4. Really @ Jay Jay?? I would say, too soon to say! Even now, if you appear not to support
    UPND you will suffer a barrage of insults from UPND supporters. Imagine what will happen in a year. Watch the space!

  5. Brave Bishop or senile old man? You should first find out why he hates Lungu…yes Lungu may have done wrong things, but this not the reason this pastor drtestes Lungu

  6. Yet another church leader who gets involved with politics. GO BACK TO YOUR CHURCH and keep quiet

  7. I have a problem with Archbishop Mpundu. He seems to be too partisan for a man of his status. I have been a Catholic all my life and I am yet to come across a top-ranking Catholic clergyman who behaves like him.

  8. The Observer, please be aware that some Bishops are PF supporters who even encouraged their parishioners to vote for PF
    When did you hear Bishop of Lusaka take a stand like the Bishops of Chipata and Mongu?

  9. @FCB
    Name the Bishops who are PF supporters. My point is, Bishop Mpundu should have served mass at State House with the current Bishop of Lusaka, Alick Banda, to avoid the appearance of partisanship. Anyway, there was probably no need for Mpundu to hide his partisanship. But for him to drag Mary Immaculate Parish into this like he lives or serves there also smells fishy.

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