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Calls to De-register PF undemocratic, UPND will not do it-Cornelius Mweetwa

Headlines Calls to De-register PF undemocratic, UPND will not do it-Cornelius Mweetwa

The United Party for National Development (UPND) government has clarified that it will not deregister the opposition Patriotic Front (PF).

UPND Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa says the ruling party will not heed to calls by some political players to deregister the PF party due to criminal allegations.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr Mweetwa lamented that such calls are undemocratic and not welcome in the UPND Alliance.

Mr Mweetwa stated that most PF Members of Parliament are new and cannot be held accountable for the crimes of others.

The UPND Spokesperson further stated that the laws of Zambia are sufficient enough, therefore, no requirement or need to contemplate deregistering the PF.

“We are opposed to any calls to deregister the PF. Whatever the PF did to the people of Zambia, are covered under the laws of this country and are able to be adjudicated upon by the laws of Zambia,” Mr. Mweetwa stated.

And Mr Mweetwa said the UPND Alliance was aware of the anxiety among the people for President Hakainde Hichilema to announce the next cabinet.

He explained that President Hichilema is careful about who he selects to work with given the vastness of the task ahead of the UPND Alliance government.

He added that for the new administration to fully implement its promises, there is a need to put up a credible team for the benefit of Zambians.

“The anxiety will soon come to an end and you will not wait any longer than reasonably necessary. The President has had to be meticulous about who he decides to work with given the enormity of the expectations of the people in the new administration,” Mr. Mweetwa indicated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mweetwa has described allegations by PF, Mporokoso Member of Parliament and leader of the opposition Brian Mundubile that the party was dribbled during the selection of the Speaker and Deputies of the National Assembly as political propaganda.

“This is merely political propaganda because the PF party failed to field any candidate as they did not file in any nomination before the close for voting,” Mr Mweetwa stated.

He noted that the UPND Alliance considered the results of the parliamentary elections that had little representation from women hence the decision to nominate a woman speaker as well as the first deputy speaker.

And Mr Mweetwa explained that the UPND Alliance legal team carefully investigated and confirmed that the appointment of Funwell Siyandenge as Deputy Inspector General of Police at State was rightfully done without any breach of the law.

He also disclosed that the government will devise an appropriate platform with a legal framework for civil servants who were wrongfully dismissed to present their cases.

He noted that the cases will be assessed on merit and appropriate actions will be followed.


  1. Don’t tell lies you are the ones who are initiating this move. You want to show it’s the public that’s calling for it. Just go ahead and deregister it and next declare it’s leaders as aliens.

  2. Let PF mourn in peace. Let them Contest the next Elections and Lose again. Happy to see them lose and keep mourning.

  3. No need to deregister PF bcoz Zambia’s former ruling parties always die with no comebacks-karma and twist of fate will devour PF. The were a de facto criminal organization though.

  4. No deregistering them…….

    just prepare the bill for their use of GRZ money , facilities and transport ………

    Make them accountable, least we forget and other parties in power abuse GRZ resources again……….

  5. In Zambia the ruling party never disappears. It just sheds it’s scales like the snake that it is. Immediately shedding scales it starts biting and preying until it sheds it’s scales again – in an election. The bites and preys are just around the corner…

  6. The Registrar of Societies is the one in charge of this. Are we going back to PF days where politicians ordered civil servants to do illegal things?

  7. Which !d!0+ is behind this deregistration ‘boo sheet’?
    This is an exercise in futility.
    Watch this space.
    Your forefathers should be turning in their graves.

  8. PF will die from its self inflicted wounds.The party just self cannibalized itself into political oblivion and its epitaph will make a sad reading.

  9. Upnd won because people pinned their hopes for a better life on the confidence the party showed in their pronouncements. Should nothing materialize from these promises, people may start ” missing” the PF just like the Israelites missed Egypt each time they encountered problems on their way to the promised land. Here lies the fear of the Upnd and the only solution is obliterate the opposition from existence. Chiluba did it to Kaunda and his Unip. Read between the lines.

  10. This is not a Upnd out cry but the national outcry let the will of the people prevail thanks upnd to wash your hands off these outcry

  11. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    You forgot to clarify that the UPND has no powers under the law to ‘de-register’ any organisation. That power is vested in the Registrar of Societies.

    Anyway the people will ‘de-register’ the PF in the same way UNIP and MMD were ‘de-registered’ and in the same UPND will be ‘re-registered’ in the future.

  12. UPND followers, don’t forget that people voted you as an alternative but not the best. Silence from PF doesn’t constitute weakness. Convict them of the crimes than just ranting. Try it and then you will fail to govern. Period!!

  13. At least, HH has shunted drunkard Mweetwa to Choma where he will be Southern Province minister. Choma central constituency MP is also provincial minister with Choma as HQ. Good appointment, though.

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