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Monday, September 13, 2021

US gives Zambia additional $6.7 million COVID assistance

Health US gives Zambia additional $6.7 million COVID assistance

The United States government has provided an additional K112 million ($6.7 million) in COVID-19 assistance for Zambia through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),

USAID/Zambia Mission Director, Sheryl Stumbras said the American leadership is rising up to meet unprecedented global health challenges.

“With decades of experience and investment in health, USAID has led the global response to health threats like Ebola, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Today, we are responding decisively to COVID-19,” she said.

Ms Stumbras has assured that the U.S Government will continue working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health partners to increase access to oxygen supplies and essential medicines.

She further said her country will also support Zambia’s patient management, the hiring of additional doctors and nurses and increase support for community engagement by providing accurate information on COVID-19 to help individuals and communities to protect themselves.

Ms Stumbras said increased global vaccination coverage is the best way out of the COVID-19 pandemic adding that it is working quickly to get safe and effective vaccines to as many people as possible.

The U.S government has pledged to continue supporting the COVID-19 response in Zambia in order to compliment government’s efforts.

This is contained in a statement released to the media by USAID Acting Public Affairs Officer, Nicholas Hersh.


  1. @ Tarino Orange…yes now you are sensing danger….and that’s Sylvia Masebo’s money….easy meat and she has a history of embezzlement….worse than Chitalu Chilufya

  2. #4  Saulosi September
    8, 2021 At 4:06 pm

    “@ Tarino Orange…yes now you are sensing danger….and that’s Sylvia Masebo’s money….easy meat and she has a history of embezzlement….worse than Chitalu Chilufya…”

    Why don’t you provide the evidence to ACC and DEC and police ??

  3. These gifting do not come innocently , they have strings attached to them no one gives anything for free but with motive if I were you I could refuse, you will not know how you are betraying your sovereignty of your country.
    We have seen a number of gifts after the victory of upnd I don’t think it a health situation, someone is looking behind seeing what you don’t expect him to aim at tricky things happen while you lay with closed eyes.

  4. Let’s hope we can see some change with all
    These donations coming in unlike the previous government.let ministry of health
    Show Zambians what we will benefit by putting the new government.

  5. Saulosi- if Masebo had dirt on her PF would have sorted her out…yes at Ministry of Tourism the courts cited her for abuse of power but they only reason they wanted her out is the corrupt elite wanted to have their way with wildlife hunting licences.

  6. More money to stop you thinking for yourselves. When are we going to donate uranium or copper to them on condition they stop interfering with our internal affairs? We are cash poor but rich in resources.

  7. I don’t understand where all his donations are occurring when America itself is having a surge of COVID 19 bubbling up in every state of America I hope this donations are for investment purposes!! Mind you, Americans will not live you country if they smell strawberries in your back yard!!

  8. Begger mentality…2021 and we still depend on handouts…like really !!!!…..is this something to be proud about…shame on you Spaka and Tarino Orange…you seem to be excited because HH has a much bigger begging bowl than Lungu…DO YOU THINK AMERICA CAN GIVE YOU FREE MONEY???…when they don’t even have money to help black communities in Baltimore and South Philly…and Camden New Jersey

  9. Saulosi – You pretend as if you were born on 12th August ….everything that happened before that you do not know…really laughable.

  10. Please clarify the worlds ‘gives’ and ‘assistance’.

    My bet is that whatever they ‘give’ has to be paid back, with interest. And to do what? Spread around this dangerous injection that does not ‘protect against covid19’ or transmitting Sars-Cov-2. Which is why everyone now ‘needs a booster shot’ to remain ‘fully vaccinated’.

  11. In the past these donations ended up in pf back pockets so as long as its used to benefit the Zambian people at large, then be grateful. Receiving the money does not mean you have to bend your own ways of doing things just to please the Americans.

  12. #13  Saulosi 
    September 8, 2021 At 6:24 pm

    “Begger mentality…2021 and we still depend on handouts…like really….”

    Even India and Brazil get assistance and donations…….countries that are much more developed than zambia……

    Unless you are dumbasses, you are not expected to exchange those donations for your independence or mineral wealth…..

    Why are some people so paranoid of the white man ???

    Shake off your slave, inferiority complex , if the west or China or Russia want to assist, let them assist.

  13. And the feeding frenzy begins! America has money to give yet the places that were hit by Hurricane Katrina are still not developed. Anglo America is going top rip us to shreds! they are hungry and what a return on their investment. Any place America has shown interest is ends up in chaos. Their watch dog Anglo-America has been laying in wait patiently for 23 years. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. they are buying our silence. they had more deaths from COVID than we did. We are such gracious beggars

  14. Zambians must protect their ( gold and now copper ) which is now considered as the new oil for the whole world .
    With electric motor vehicles in the offing copper prices will continue to rise , so better you become wiser than before, they call Africans corrupt yet they trade corruption into Africa they do nothing without it and blame it on you.
    all those gifts are being attached to the future negotiations of the same metal, don’t get those bribes, yes they are bribes that is what it means to some simple minds they have no clue to what this crooked world is up to.
    The game is to make you think that they are your best friend to the contrary it is all about what they want to take from you, they know that the earlier the better before any other country comes.

  15. You see, China they don’t give peanut like Americans, what is 9million dollars. China ma 380 millions dollars besides Americans are just after our minerals in North Western province watch the space…After getting what they want…kaya


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