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Finance Minister holds 2022 budget talks with ZAM

Economy Finance Minister holds 2022 budget talks with ZAM

Finance Minister Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane has held 2022 National Budget consultations with the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM).

During the consultative meeting held at the Ministry of Finance Headquarters, Dr Musokotwane reiterated the need for industry to play an elevated role in Job creation, Value addition Tax compliance and Import substitution.

Dr Musokotwane was accompanied by Director of Budget Joseph Nonde.

And Zambia Association of Manufacturers President Ezekiel Chisenga Sekele has said his organisation is happy with the plan by the new administration to promote industrial production, value addition, and mitigate the incumberances in the business environment in Zambia.

Mr Sekele welcomed the governments proposition to enhance the formation of joint ventures between Zambian businesses and international investors in order to create jobs and enhance the quality of goods and services supplied to Zambians.

He assured the Minister that ZAM stands ready to work with the Government in creating jobs and wealth for citizen’s, both corporates and individuals.

A detailed submission was handed over by ZAM to the Minister for review and assessment.

The ZAM president was accompanied to the Ministry of Finance by ZAM board members Bridget Kambobe, Richard Franklin, Rosetta Chabala, Chipego Zulu Chileshe and Eugene Chungu.

The Minister took the opportunity to announce that the 2022 Budget would be presented towards the end of October, 2021.


  1. Good development. Better than the corrupt approach from the former Edgar China Lungu government! KZ, wake up, you can learn something! Oh no, I forgot, you are not interested in doing business the honest way!

  2. MMD at work.
    MMD still has 20 of its member in the new cabinet. It shows that the party is still resilient . What it lacked after RB was leadership at the helm. Mumba failed to lead . So his leutenants left him for good leadership. They have a new leader in Hakainde. This is the real New Hope MMD under the leadership of Hakainde. VIVA MMD

  3. Where is Mumba and his NEW HOPE MMD? He inherited a party with members in parliament. But today ZERO members in parliament. Then he says he will provide checks and balances…kikikikikiki

  4. Look at the names of Zam board members : All Bembas & 1 foreigner. Boma ilangane po – new dawn alo!

  5. Most institutions are actually still mostly Bembalized , next we need to de-Bembalize all Government institutions – we cannot be paying tax for a Bemba tribe alone. Lungu took us for fools and he wanst even Bemba but let’s be honest – loads of Bembas benefited from this cos they cud also have stopped him but they eat with him. Therefore when he goes down – they do down with him.

  6. Zambia can do even better if they engage more of the local resource management rather than rushing to IMF first use what you have and probably it can work better, self confidence is good to promote what you have.

  7. Please make sure their changes in government quasi parastatal companies, why are we still finding the same PF cadres in these institutions??? It can’t be business as usual

  8. ( We voted him out. )
    Look at the cabinet HH has put into place after all those days of delays , if you are so critical tell the head of state to do what you want , how many names have you seen in that cabinet try to think deeper what causes all these things to be relevant to this country.
    Look at the national football team, look at it critically and do a private research you may come to what is the reason.

  9. A President who rushes to the international community world bank and IMF has already failed….. As Zambians we need to engage locals for everything. IMF, world bank and American money will not did develop Zambia. Year in and year out we Americans and other business people come here to make money to go and develop their so called developed nations. Zambian money has developed many countries in Europe and America. But surprising enough year in year out we finance ministers going to Berg for money from America and Britain people who do not have copper,,,,,all we need to do is make money from our copper and gold here than always bergging for money from Europe and America. We need to reform from the bergging syndrome.

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