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Visual Analyses of 2021 Zambia Presidential Election Results

Feature Politics Visual Analyses of 2021 Zambia Presidential Election Results

By Lighton Phiri, PhD
Lighton Phiri is a Lecturer and Research at The University of Zambia


  1. Interesting, meaning PF can bounce back easily if UPND fails to live up to their election promises. Anything less than that will mean people would have tried them and consider that the former was not as bad as they said they were. And that UPND got their vote based on lies and will retaliate at the ballot. That’s why it’s important that the new government forget about making excuses and work doubly hard and fast to deliver because 5 years is not a long time, People have such a high expectation of you. MMD. Had the same chimwela when they came to power.

  2. It will be difficult for PF to bounce back because their popularity was bought ne using money and most the members are not principled looking at the way they want to defect. In addition as UPND take hold of institutions a lot of bad things committed by PF which were swept under the carpet will be uncovered and this will further isolate PF. What we are hearing just things small things huge ones are yet to be brought to light. Already the Top Brass are leaving the Party. PF survived during their last term by intimidation, divide and rule and big lies which the current youth could not buy and these are to live the next 2-3 decades.

  3. Who can sustain PF financially for 5 years for it to come back?
    It’s gone…
    The only unfortunate thing is we do not have an alternative opposition which is credible

  4. They can’t bounce back. In opposition they will never have an opportunity to arrange for pre-marked ballot papers. That is how they they have been thriving.

  5. @ tiki, you maybe very surprised. Unlike MMD PF had something to show for its 10 years in office in terms of infrastructure development. The corruption label stuck but was never proved, if UPND fails to prove it now then it was deception on their part to win elections. As for the debt burden everyone understands you can’t buy a big asset like a car or house without debt. Debt is something we all have to live with. MMD had great economic indicators to show including managing debt but nothing else. I’m curious to see what UPND will do outsider of just getting a good reputation with donors by showing good economic indicators. So they should work hard to lowering the cost of living immediately to avoid ending up like MMD. Also getting an IMF package will cost them the next election. Governing…

  6. It is so pleasing that after PF deliberately manipulated the voter registration exercise in favour of the so called strong holds – the whole exercise worked against them. I remember the same Author of this simple research mocked HH and praised Lungu for this canning deed. God in great..!

  7. Just the normalcy of life under a GRZ that rules by the law free of corruption and cader misbehaviour is enough to Bury PF even without half the campaign promises……

    People of Zambia yearn for a normal life, where every one has an equal chance at sucsses , free from the drama of slush funds, scandals, corruption and for a president that talks to them through press Q & A’s

    On top of that , PF have very little chance after they get billed for using GRZ money and transport to campaign………

  8. Lighton what a lazy illustration,
    And also you have used a wrong colour for pf and the right one for upnd , just wondering why? Could it be that they may choose a blue colour after rebranding.

  9. The PF as a group is gone. But individual members chameleonise into other colours to diffuse into other parties.
    UPND win was just as a surprise to there members as it is to the general public. Politics are very unpredictable at times. Most times results are shocking.

  10. @Sight. This was deliberately meant to be a “lazy illustration”. The goal, if at all you are interested, was to enable people draw their own conclusions, based on the visuals. We can only hope that you found something useful from this “lazy illustration”.

    These maps were sent out to LT long after we realised that we had used the wrong color for PF—the colour does not take away the message though […]

  11. Lazy illustrations indeed. Colours just dont match to the Parties colours. Blue for PF and what for MMD. Yaba! The author was clearly a PF sympathiser and thats why his essay here seems to be beating about the bushes and not so frank that UPND is a ruling party now. Also he praised Lungu so much that even the reduction in voter register in UPND stronghold was praised by the author. In the final analysis its clear that PF were given to taste the bitterness of their own medicine.

  12. The alleged voter register manipulation was just an imaginary creation of UPND , there was no such thing as voter register manipulation.


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