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Kasama Airport to boost northern circuit tourism

Rural News Kasama Airport to boost northern circuit tourism

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Royd Chakaba has expressed confidence that the completion of the Kasama Airport will help boost tourism in the Province.

Mr. Chakaba said having a functioning airport is a step in fully actualizing the full tourism potential in the province.

Mr Chakaba was speaking in Kasama yesterday, when he visited the Kasama Airport to monitor the construction works, adding that there is need for the contractor to work around the clock and ensure the airport is completed in the shortest time possible.

“As a province we are blessed with vast tourism potential which we are ready to boost through the use of the airport” he said

The Permanent Secretary, highlighted Kasaba Bay, Kalambo, and Chishimba Falls as some of the tourism sites which are of historical importance in the province hence the need to make it easy for people to visit the areas.

He has since reaffirmed the government’s commitment towards fostering development in all sectors of the economy.

Earlier, Road Development Agency (RDA) Regional Manager ,Simon Chimwando said the project was awarded in 2014 with an initial time frame of 2 years at the cost of K141 million.

He explained that the project has been delayed due to challenges such as finances.

He however, stated that works are progressing well with physical progress of 87.7 percent.

“Some of the works that have been done on the 3.6 kilometers run way include mobilization, clearing, stabilization, mass earth works among others” he said

He has expressed confidence that the contractor will deliver quality works.

Meanwhile, Anhui Shuian Construction Company Assistant Manager Kelvin Duo has attributed the delayed works to financial challenges.

” We are trying our best to ensure the project is completed however, the flow of income has affected the progress” he said


  1. Once upon a time, this monitoring or inspection of construction works was a president`s task, IMAGINE !! Thank God we are in an era where that job/task is being done by the right people.

  2. Meanwhile, Chinese Anhui Shuian Construction Company Assistant Manager Kelvin Duo has attributed the delayed works to financial challenges.
    ” We are trying our best to ensure the project is completed however, the flow of income has affected the progress” he said

    I wonder why these PS have not been sent on leave …these people were channelling all the funds met for the contractor to PF campaigns why is the contractor not being paid ..you expect the airport to be completed with what?

  3. Just Google Royd Chakaba name and you will see a pattern were most contracts in the region are awarded to Chink companies and these are inflated contracts …please investigate all these PS and get rid of them.

  4. Kasama a tourism hotspot? Am I missing something? What feature would be worth traveling to Kasama for? Can’t think of anything

  5. I have visited all provincial capitals in Zambia. Kasama is the most backward, undeveloped provincial capital in the entire country. It says a lot about people who have been put in place to develop this town. It’s evident not a single one has had a heart for this town. Few of the previous, even current, appointees are originally from Kasama. Probably why it’s so undeveloped. I believe this town needs an appointee who has love and is passionate about developing this town. I doubt the newly appointed leadership of the province will be up to the task, gladly waiting to be proven wrong.

  6. Barotseland Patriot – I know what an EXIM bank contract is and I dont encourage them as there is zero value brought in to our construction industry as everything is outsourced. You will be surprised that some of these contracts are GRZ contracts…you will be surprised that the bid writers for these firms are the same people who process these tenders.

  7. When you talk about Northern province don’t just talk about Kasama, kasama is the head of Northern province you have a number of tourist attractions , it is the same province you find Lumangwe falls, Mumbuluma falls Lumangwe is more outstanding being the biggest Zambian water falls , unlike Victoria falls which is shared by two countries .
    In Northern province you have the great Kasaba bay, you have Chishimba falls to name a few.
    If you find money and time go there you will be impressed by such a tremendous sight.
    Lumangwe the magnificent water falls right in Zambia in Northern province, this water falls doesn’t run dry through out the year.

  8. Kasama Airport will be like Ndola Airport: a beautiful airport but no airlines will ever have a regular scheduled service. So if you would want to go there you’ll have to take the bus. But that is the point: nobody wants to go to Kasama!

  9. I checked the proposed itinerary of Zambian Airways for the first year of operation: Kasama is NOT on the list of destinations. If the National Airline doesn’t even want to fly there, then I have my doubts on the prospects for the airport

  10. There is plenty to see in the NORTHERN CIRCUIT than just Kasama as a city. It is like saying all tourists who come to Zambia want to see LUSAKA CITY! How silly is such a statement!? It is the same thing with the Kasama Airport. Don’t you think by building a good Airport in Kasama would open up that region to tourism, since there is plenty tourists attractions there too, then tourists getting on a bus to there? Vic Falls ain’t the only falls in Zambia, imwe bamambala!


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