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Stay in your lane, Ministers urged

HeadlinesStay in your lane, Ministers urged

President Hakainde Hichilema has urged both cabinet and provincial ministers to work towards the realisation of the planned developmental goals, for the good of the people.

The Head of State said he will not hesitate to make necessary administrative changes for the new administration to remain on course and achieve its objectives should there be any inefficiencies in the running of public affairs.

President Hichilema noted that the Zambian people have given the new administration the mandate to deliver on their expectations which must be met with hard work, determination and commitment.

The President was speaking in Lusaka today when he officially opened an induction meeting for cabinet and provincial ministers at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

“This induction programme will therefore lay the foundation for enhancing your performance in public office. The induction will also strengthen our collective responsibility and accountability in the management of public resources for improved service delivery,” the President stated.

President Hichilema further noted that as the highest policy making organ in the country, cabinet operates on the principles of collective responsibility, confidentiality and declaration of interest.

He said therefore that as the new dawn administration, it is bound by the policies, decisions and programmes that will be made collectively.

“It is imperative that as people charged with the responsibility for policy and strategic direction of the various sectors, you ensure that policies are coherent and consistent with the overall government policy,” he advised.

President Hichilema further urged the ministers to provide the necessary leadership to ensure productive work relationships with permanent secretaries and officials in their respective ministries and provinces.

He also advised the law makers against taking up administrative functions such as human resource matters, procurement and finance as that would be going beyond their mandate.

“As policy makers keep in your lane in providing policy direction and ensure that the policies of the new dawn administration are comprehensively implemented. I have informed the nation that our administration will strictly follow the rule of law and this should be our way in discharging our duties in these public offices,” President Hichilema stressed.

The Head of State said he is convinced that at the end of the induction meeting, the ministers will have better understanding of how government business is conducted.

“I, therefore, expect all of you ministers, going forward, to strictly adhere to the laid down procedures, processes and practices that the presenters will share with you,’ he indicated.

And Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti said the main objective of the induction meeting is to among other things accord the ministers a chance to fully understand government’s procedures, processes and practices.

Dr. Miti added that the induction will also help enhance the effectiveness of ministers as they are charged with the responsibility of providing policy and strategic direction in their respective ministries and provinces.

“This induction will further help the new ministers to dos and don’ts in public services and also enable them to settle as they take up their new roles,” he noted.

Meanwhile, in his vote of thanks, Minister of Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu noted that the vision and intentions of President Hichilema for the people of Zambia can only be fulfilled if all the new administration adhere to his instructions.

Mr. Mwiimbu pledged the minister’s commitment of hard work as they take up their new roles to ensuring that people’s lives are uplifted.

“The instructions you have given us are cardinal. As a new administration, we pledge to work and ensure that the welfare of the people and the country at large is improved upon. This induction will enable us to ensure that we do not transgress as we relate to your officers and members of the public,” he said.


  1. The standards keep going higher and higher, make sure you set the bar so high, so that this country never again be subjected to mediocrity .

  2. Man of Action or Man of Speeches….looks like Man of blah blah blah blah…expect Speech after Speech for the next 5 years and extended overseas trips with large entourage…now he is doing his business of stealing as a President of Zambia…and that’s what he’s been fighting for…for the past 20 years…HH is worse than Lungu when it comes to stealing


  4. Benchmarks need to be set and our leader need to be made accountable for the time we assign to them to work in government. This is a step in the right direction. Check and balances, if you do not perform it is best you are relieved of your duties so someone willing to push the agenda they are assigned does it.

  5. There we go again started lecturing already.

    You just open the Parliament.

    “The Committee on Oversight and Reform is the main investigative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. It has authority to investigate the subjects within the Committee’s legislative jurisdiction as well as “any matter” within the jurisdiction of the other standing House Committees.”

  6. The vision is very clear so the there won’t any “Madimbeka” where some ministers would pick up a all to say Ba PS, I have to make a trip to this place and place touring so that I can raise funds for this and that project. It used to happen in the previous Administration. The President has set the yard stick and every one has to follow, the PS’s and their technocrats and the politicians will keep to their lanes. In the previous administration all control systems were set aside, cadres would supply air and would be paid handsomely without fear of being charged. people who were connected to the system used to drive cars with cash stuffed in the boots. We were made to watch things happen helplessly as though we were not stakeholders in our public affairs. Contracts used to sold in bars…

  7. The vanquished take time to ease from throbbing pain after a beating and thus will remain sore and in denial of that they got a good beating! So rant on @ Saulosi and sooner than later the bitterness you suffer will overwhelm you that you’ll have no choice but to reach out for a cool glass of water to wash it away! You have the freedom and right to remain bitter for as long as you like or tone down awaiting opportune time for constructive criticism.

  8. I’m not sure if those faces are of disappointment on their aspirations or shock in that their hard work will not be rewarded with lucrative deals and quick route to wealth like PF or HH.

  9. Let the sour lemons on LT keep getting more sour while HEHH gets to laying the foundations of one of the greatest GRZs in our history………….

    We have work to do……..

    On this one…..its

    Bally 2: 0 critics

  10. Let them know so that it is easy for you to fire and make reshuffles when they go out of their lane… no sacred cow in the fight against graft

  11. I can’t wait to meet HH in states. It will be sober and boring meeting with us.
    We will miss alchohol and PF musicians Edgar used to bring with him to USA, that was partying bro!

  12. This was a brilliant idea by President HH. Every Minister has been given a chance to familiarise with how Govt works and there will no excuse for transgressions. HH has made a Statement that his Govt will have a Zero tolerance towards Corruption and malpractices. As they say to be forewarned is to be forearmed. All Ministers must remember this becoz HH is capable of sacking them.

  13. Do appoint people and keep threatening them that you will fire them, these are adults and mature and different from the uncultured PF ministers. They know what they are supposed to do. Job si wama kuyofya yofya banthu.

  14. Don’t threaten ministers like they are children, just do the orientation without threats, it is against universal Human resource management to be threatening people, they are not your slaves

  15. People know you are the President , have you heard any respected world leader threatening his ministers, we don’t want you to be like the immediate past President who was the weakest the country has ever, including collapsing in front of his soldiers but don’t exaggerate your powers by threatening people. Just be civil, you don’t loose anything , you must have done your due diligence before appointing them

  16. President Michael Sata has revoked the appointment of Dr Simon Kamwendo Miti as Zambia’s Ambassador-Designate to Switzerland. In revoking the appointment, the President directed the Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Joshua Kanganja to furnish him with a full report regarding Dr Miti’s employment status in the Civil Service.
    This was contained in a press statement released to the media by the president’s special assistant for press.
    Dr Miti has been on forced leave since 2009 following investigations into the financial scam which occurred at the Ministry of Health during his tenure as Permanent Secretary.
    President Sata has further demanded for an update from law enforcement agencies on the matter.
    Source LT – 15th Nov 2011

  17. Let them start working fast fast looking forward to fuel at K5 per liter, Millie meal K50 per bag, Free education all the way to university, All Zambians must become rich not one should be poor, sell of the presidential jet, Ministers will buy and use cheap vehicles not VX come on belly fix it..

  18. All I can say is please no Luxury SUVs, that is the ultimate litmus test to know whether people are genuine in not abusing public resources.

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