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Allied Workers Union of Zambia Reacts following reports of Debt Swap Suspension; Government must follow the Law

Economy Allied Workers Union of Zambia Reacts following reports of Debt Swap...

THE Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) has advised the government to work within the law when it comes to amending, terminating or replacing a collective agreement.

Union general secretary Makai Makai was reacting to the suspension of the debt swap scheme for civil servants as reported by the Zambia Daily Mail edition of today.

He stated that President Hakainde Hichilema informed the nation that his government would be a government of laws.

“It is for this reason that we are surprised that a programme emanating from a collective bargaining process that is provided for under the industrial and labour relation Act cap 269 of the Laws of Zambia can arbitrary be suspended by the government,” Makai stated.

He reminded the government that the law provides that where a party is desirous of amending, terminating or replacing a collective agreement that party shall give ninety (90) days notice, in writing, to the other party of the proposed amendment, termination or replacement, stating the reasons thereof.

“It further provides that either party may, at any time during the operation of the collective agreement, by notice, in writing, request the other party to open negotiations aimed at reviewing the collective agreement, or any part thereof,” he stated.
Makai said it was important to understand that the debt swap scheme was contained in the addendum to the 2021 collective agreement and it was binding to both the government and the public service unions that signed it.

“We therefore appeal to the government, which is the government of laws to work within the provisions of the law when it comes to amending, terminating or replacing a collective agreement,” said Makai.


  1. It’s is it governments responsibility to take care of your personal debt. What you must ask government is to it you what government owes you so you either eat the money or settle your debt finish

  2. Most disappointing is that our friends in civil service teachers included got their loans and bought cars to show off. Take home pay came down to almost zero. Same thing happened with mine employees. They got huge loans from the banks and when the companies decided to retrench workers, banks recovered their money at one goal. Always get a loan for a good reason so that it doesn’t adversely affect your life.

  3. Anything that’s an outcome of a collective agreement must follow the same route when either part wants to reverse it. When I look at how RB used to blunder, MCS blunders, how ECL conducted himself and how HH has started blundering, some of his decisions have already been challenged in Court before even the Bible he used at the swearing-in ceremony gathers dust, I think it’s better we amend the Constitution to abolish the position of President we just remain with that of VP. HH’s arbitrary decisions will cost us a lot of money in compensations. Situmbeko Musokotwane has issued a statement to the contrary. Isn’t this the chipante pante that they were laughing at PF in 2012? Even with an induction they still don’t have a clue on how Govt operates

  4. Failed Campaign gimmick by the PF. Now creditors are demanding their dues so this has to be paid agreement or no agreement.

  5. There is no reason to be surprised that a programme emanating from a collective bargaining process that is provided for under the industrial and labour relation Act cap 269 of the Laws of Zambia can arbitrary be suspended by the government. Simply stated bangwele this still born agreement was not binding and it was null and void even before it was implemented. These crazy union leaders thrive where it does not make sense for an ordinary citizen. If you mean well you should have negotiated for a better package for all not this debt swap disaster. Stop thinking like babies.
    Real disaster.

  6. Bally is now fixing you instead of fixing the problems as promised. Mwalalapila nomba. Lungu wanted to help you pay …We will miss Lungu.

  7. The Government will do well to engage the other affected party accordingly. Surely, it cant be that difficult since they are both interested parties who can resolve this amicably. It would be folly to discard an agreement without engaging the other party. Please do the right thing.

  8. Since the debt swap was agreed to as part of a collective agreement, it was important that the new government consulted the affected stakeholders before suspending it. As it is, the affected stakeholders will justifiably look at it as a breach of the collective agreement, hence what we are experiencing now. But I agree with Deja Vu that this should serve as a lesson to civil servants who have developed a tendency of obtaining unnecessary loans. They should learn to live within their means but for now, it’s my take that the government should reach an amicable solution with the unions over the issue.

  9. Fix them and you will be fixed terribly in 2026. You have remained with 4yrs and some months. Hamududu is coming. Watch out and fulfill the promises or else one term is enough for you

  10. It was a colective agreement between the Unions and corrupt pf govt. The financial Institutions were never part of the agreement. Why should they pay for your loans which you got for consumption while the rest of the populations suffers?

  11. #9Mafikizolo. I always talk sense. I know when I point short comings in your Upnd then I talk nonsense. If I insult Lungu even without reason then I talk sense. Your attitude is what has killed Zambia. Look in the mirror before you go out.

  12. We cannot add debt to the already heavy burden of debt the country is shouldering. There are Zambians in the private sector that also borrowed, live in the same economy and have to pay back their loans. But the aspects of non remittances of deducted loan repayment from civil servants payroll should be paid back by government to loan lenders. If it was used for politics by previous individuals in government, let those who were involved get fixed.

  13. debt swap if you interpret it literally ‘it is a drain to the treasury ‘
    For government to create a broad cash flow in the economy,, these are programs that needs ro be cancelled …
    I believe whoever got a loan can still pay back, they have ample time to do so as long as they continue working ….

  14. There’s no Attorney General appointed yet so the decision will be ratified after the fact. Legal protocol aside for now until then it’s chipantepante decision making. Filokotuleya

  15. The govt wanted to swap their debts with leave days….IMF had started refusing this..since the govt will start retrenching the civil service

  16. There is no warning thing. The who arrangement was bogus as it only benefited a few.other institutions like Bayport defiled this arrangement so the unions should b ashamed of their still agreement….where is amos Malupennga to guide otherwise well done government. We need feasible and viable agreements not agreements yamu chibuku….

  17. I would choose to be separated from the government – get my cash and leave kwasila. These gymnastics are stressful. Debt swap was just a PF opium for civil servants to vote for them. It was just a still born agreement that did not make any sense at all.

  18. Nobody was tied to a rope and dragged to the bank to borrow money. Mukula mbulu ayanga namaka so goes a Bemba saying. End of the story. If you used the money on bear go to the bar and ask for a refund.

  19. I see what made people of Zambia not to vote for the last government is just because of the law was distoyed am telling you people are very clever and they will not tell the truth are sirent buners don’t dismantle the law emidietelly just like this

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