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Anti-Corruption Commission Investigating Secret and illegal Account at used to Siphon Millions of Kwacha at Finance Ministry

Economy Anti-Corruption Commission Investigating Secret and illegal Account at used to Siphon Millions...

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says it has received a total of 87 reports of suspected cases of corruption since the just ended general elections.

ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe says of the 87 cases, 55 relate to high public interest cases some of which involve politically exposed persons.

Speaking during a media briefing at the ACC offices in Lusaka today, Ms. Chibwe explained that the Commission is investigating a senior public official at a quasi-government institution in a matter involving the alleged purchase of 12 motor vehicles worth K33.6 million used during the last general election campaigns.

She said ACC is also investigating a matter involving an alleged secret and illegal account at the Ministry of Finance purportedly used to siphon millions of Kwacha.

Ms. Chibwe further said the Commission is also investigating former senior government officials at the Ministry of Health for allegedly awarding contracts for the purchase of COVID-19 protective equipment to businessmen without following procedure.

“This is a new case and is different from the Honey Bee case,” she said.

The ACC spokesperson stated that the Commission is investigating two former senior police officials into illegal trading of mukula trees that were transported to unknown destinations.

Ms. Chibwe said investigations are underway against officials at the Ministry of Local Government into alleged illegal awarding of contracts for roadworks worth over K10 million to two private companies which did not execute the works in Central Province.

She added that ACC is also investigating the alleged illegal purchase of six houses in one of Lusaka’s low density areas and owning property which include a fleet of motor vehicles suspected to be proceeds of crime by a senior public official.

Ms. Chibwe explained that a former government official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being investigated for allegedly acquiring seven houses and other property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime in one of Lusaka’s low density areas.

She said an investigation against one of the senior managers at a development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) is underway for alleged abuse of company financial resources which were used to pay for school fees both locally and abroad worth over K1 million.

She further said a former ward councillor of Lusaka is being investigated for the suspicious purchase of a named bank together with all of the bank’s assets worth K300 million.

Ms. Chibwe disclosed that officials at DMMU are being investigated for allegedly buying an unknown number of Toyota Land Cruisers using COVID-19 funds and other resources meant for disaster relief for political activities in the last general elections.

She explained that the cases were reported to the Commission by members of the public after a change of government.

She has since appealed to the public to take advantage of government’s commitment to the fight against corruption by reporting suspected cases of corruption.

The Commission has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for his stance to allow the investigative wings to work without interference.

Ms. Chibwe noted that President Hichilema’s pronouncement on zero tolerance to corruption gives the Commission impetus and vigor to confront the scourge of corruption head on and continue developing and implementing enhanced strategies to stem out the vice in both public and private institutions.


  1. Ms. Chibwe noted that President Hichilema’s pronouncement on zero tolerance to corruption gives the Commission impetus and vigor to confront the scourge of corruption head on and continue developing and implementing enhanced strategies to stem out the vice in both public and private institutions.

  2. I still stand with KABIMBA on this. Why is this Ms Chibwe acting now, and if someone used to interfere who is that person? We also have a case called “obstruction of justice”.
    Why should the ACC be waiting for anyone to tell them when to do work?. Meaning if the president is corrupt this moribund institution also would be corrupt.

    So since we have a president who isn’t corrupt I feel it’s just wise that the ACC officers be replaced with those not corrupt.

  3. Lungu was in the process of legalising corruption……..

    The bill PF face from their use of GRZ resources might be beyond them……..

  4. Zambia used to have TWO organisations fighting corruption, the ACC and another one – I forgot the name – which was abolished by PF upon coming to power. And ACC was the weaker of the two, and is still very small and weak. If the president is serious about fighting graft, then he would be wise to strenghten the ACC, and have some clever young IT people involved, who know their way around in bitcoin etc.

  5. All culprits must be brought to book. Still there is a worry that this agency will forever be a rubber stamping toothless bulldog. They will never act on their own unless someone tells them to go ahead with an arrest.

  6. Some one is saying that why did ACC act in the past. Approach, interference by the former president and former political heavy weights.

  7. Since Lungu was in the process of legalising corruption…….., how confident can we be, with current ACC Management still in control when they are used to getting instructions from Lungu and his ministers?
    What is the probability of them fairly investigating Lungu, if yesterday, they were his “yes” boys? The best would have been first to clean up the Head boys at ACC (Not the experts) and bring in serious people. Otherwise all those 55 or 87 will not go anywhere. And they will focus on small fishes. I like to hear about the account at the ministry of finance….it might lead us to the big fish.

  8. THE BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES ACT Cap 387; A person shall not, without prior approval in writing of the Bank of Zambia –
    (a) acquire any beneficial interest in the voting shares of a bank; or
    (b) enter into any voting trust or other agreement;
    that would enable that person or another person to control more than twenty-five per centum of the total votes that could be cast on any general resolution at a general or special meeting of the bank: Provided that this subsection shall not apply to a company which is publicly listed on a securities exchange in a jurisdiction outside the Republic acceptable to the Bank of Zambia. How then does someone get to own a bank?

  9. LT can you expose how rotten these PF chaps were abusing Zambian resources. Let the Zambians know of all their doing. We should not only restrict the information to courts. These thefts were happening in broad daylight. Lets have people see what type of leaders they overseeing the country’s resources.

  10. The entire top management of ACC & DEC must resign on moral ground they can’t tell the nation that their eyes are opened after change of govt. They were part to crimes by hiding them under the carpet.Remember, they claim to be independent and receive no instructions from nobody including the president. President HH let those not blind fold you they are not ethical and lack integrity.. HH use other people to fight any alleged financial crimes not those commissioners because they are sell outs.

  11. Round them up n throw them in the gallows. Justice for the people of Zambia. Don’t forget that chap at Zesco who built a 2 km wall fence.

  12. Let’s not continue investigations only but
    Proceed to court.unlike last time when ACC
    Man chickened out when case went to court.

  13. This crimes should not be announced in the public domain because you are alerting those involved to hide evidence or just flee the country to avoid questioning I think this kind of crime investigation should be discreet until all the conclusively evidence is provided!!!!

  14. All PF members must explain their sources of wealth starting with former president. Why is ACC investigating when some of these crimes were reported by FIC and were mentioned in the Auditors General’s office. What other evidence do you need? Also what is the Auditor General doing – it must submit it’s findings to court and Zambians we need to know how those entrusted used Zambian resources.

  15. Kaluwa Elisha – PF was a kakistocracy govt …the former Home Affairs Minister Stephen K was a former Kotondo Street Currency Dealer, PF was rotten you honestly think ACC would investigate anyone with a President who would go to ridicule and pressure them at the airport.

  16. If HH is serious about fighting graft …you need to get new faces at ACC and DEC, these Directors know how to play to the gallery

  17. Auditor General Report is available plus FIC and your own work during the past 5 years. You know the culprits. Why is ACC wasting time. Please start the court process. Zambians need their money back.

  18. The ACC is not fit to fight corruption. To the ACC holding a news conference such as the one reported in the above article is fighting corruption. The ACC is useless.

  19. #17 Zambia First… The Zamtrop is not the same as SITET. SITET stood for investigation into economic subortage. The other one was a secret account used by the MMD for somethings.

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